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  1. I'm experiencing this. I need to bring orbit. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Being a recovering alcoholic and a food addict in current recovery, daily fighting not to fall into addiction transfer, this really resonates with me. Hopefully it will be affirming for some of you.
  3. I prefer folgers flavors over Torani
  4. Looks great!! I'm waiting for Great Clips to open so I can get mine done!
  5. You might be a WLSer if... You get very possessive of your children's' toddler size plates and eating utensils.
  6. Any great recipes for chicken wings marinade? I'm for sure dipping them in Tobasco and bleu cheese but I also was wondering if anyone had a unique marinade idea that wouldn't include me going to the grocery store lol
  7. today...girls night out....never dreamed i could fit into a size 12 dress....holy smokes
  8. Lol I love brain is fried but I'll try to think of some good ones in the morning
  9. My stupid mother keeps pretending to worry about my health and that now that I've had wls, my immunity is super low. Rolls eyes
  10. So this measles outbreak has me wondering...I'm a RNYer (8 months post op), and I'm just wondering since we WLSers have so many things change post op does that mean we can't absorb meds like vaccines post op? Please forgive my ignorance. I just really want to know. I had uterine ablation 12/30 and the pain meds did absolutely nothing to stop the cramping so I wondered with our malabsorption issues if this also comes into play?