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    I am a wife, a mom to one teenaged daughter and I am owned by six 4 legged fur babies. I am a devoted baker, reader of romance, have been graced with the shoppaholic gene and I work full time in the health insurance inustry (the patient care side, not the $$ side).
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    Dr. Robin Blackstone
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    Scottsdale Healthcare - Shea
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  1. I was just hospitalized for Diverticulitis in May and I was shocked to get the Lovenox shot every morning I was there. I was told it is pretty much the standerd now for inpatient and surgical patients because they are resting and off their feet more then normal and the risk of blood clots increases. The first 2 did not hurt at all but the third one burned like mad for about 2 minutes. No rubbing allowed and I had enormous bruises .... I can't imagine having to give them to myself but I gues thats what the hubby is for lol
  2. I will be heading to BB&B this weekend with my 20% off coupon to buy me a body pillow! I am a side sleeper and anything else is just not possible! Thanks for the tip!
  3. 2 months to go!!!!

  4. Hey Chevygirl ..... So sorry to hear about the health problems you are dealing with. Hopefully the surgery will set you on a path to better health. As for your insurance, you might call them and find out if they cover weight loss surgery or if its excluded from your policy. If its excluded, its a rough if almost impossible path. If it is covered, you will have several criteria that will have to be met (for most insurances anyway). They will probably require multiple comorbidities or a high BMI for it to be approved. I know for mine it was 2 comorbidities (diabetes, high blood pressure, reflux, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis .... to name a few) with a BMI of 35 or a BMI of 40+ if no comorbidities. Then once I established I had that, I had to prove obesity for 5 yrs previous, have a letter of recommendation from my PCP, have a psych eval and also do an 8 week supervised weight lose plan (Weight Watchers worked for my insurance, others require a doctor managed plan) ..... there are several hoops to jump through and every insurance varies in their requirements but the very first is to make sure your policy even covers WLS. Once you have established that, your surgeons office will help you with the rest .... most are pretty good with the hoops as they deal with them all the time. You might also want to make sure the surgeon and center you are going through is a Center of Excellence. Most insurance companies require that as well. Hope things work out in your favor ..... and good luck!!
  5. Thanks Derkkila ..... I have 2 more months of waiting and it's tough
  6. Hi esam! We definitely should chat .... we will probably be seeing each other down the road through the group sessions and such. Not sure how to private message here but if I figure it out, I will send you my info. So nice to have found a buddy to share this with!
  7. I am in Gilbert .... and will be having Gastric Bypass in June ....... would love to go it with others in the area !!!
  8. I am scheduled with Dr. B in June (2014). Not only was she HIGHLY reccomended by multiple sources including past patients and other surgeons/doctors but the whole practice is a Center of Exellence and top docs in the valley. I have yet to meet her yet .... my initial was with her NP but i hear great things about her ...... I am confident I made the best choice possible!
  9. Hi All ... just thought I would stop lurking and post now that I have been approved by my insurance co (BCBSofAZ) and am offically scheduled for my WLS. I am now in the "prep" phase and trying to learn as much as I can as fast as I can so I can be successful. Can't wait to explore the forums and meet others that are in the same place I am ... and those with the wisdom that have already started their journey ...... so "hi" ...... and I am so grateful that I have been blessed with this opportunity .......
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