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  1. Ok reading your presentation I want to congratulate you to have the courage to face your demon and take in consideration a big change. I will suggest like a echo that the band is really NO NO option!! not good results and really prone to infections. Gastro sleeve look your best choice. But let me tell you. You need to work on your bad behavior (drinking), when you are commit to it you have to stop to drink and smoke in case you do. Really bad bariatric DOC will not approve you if you still do it. best of luck and let us know how it goes!!!
  2. thank you Guys, Raddy I go to the GYM and lift light weighs, I do Body wraps every other day, I swim when I can I think all those thing help me, but is also genetic and age a big factor. I didn't do any skin surgery my skin bounced back I do have some area of disaster but... not bad.
  3. I'm back !! After 3 years 


  4. Hello everyone, if you read me is because you are looking for answers or support!!! I had my surgery 3 years ago and I'm still vary succesful I love any minutes of it. After the honymmon is been a challenge and lots of disapplent to keep off that body weight. The sicret for me was simply establish a weight goal and give me a frame to stay in, fir example no more to 5 pound to gain no less that 7 pound to loose. This frame keep me out to gain weight in 3 years. As today my Weight is 159 pounds but is flaucuating up and down in my frame. I'm happy and I keep my self ingage with sports like Gym and sweeam at the beach and dance salsa. I Join a pro team of salsa and is a great work out !!! SO YOU CAN DO IT !!! BUT YOU NEED TO WANT IT REALLY BAD !! food wise I still selecting what to eat and I still listen my pouch( stomach) is still talking to me ... it is my best friend. Ohhh last year I got married and I'm super happy!! My husband last week got his gastro sleeve and right now I'm currently help him to educate him and emotionally support him !! He is doing fantastic. Day of surgery he was 309lb tomorrow after a week out he have a first doctor visit with a weight in will see !!! I can see the difference already !!! MPS I post some new pic of me now.
  5. yeaaa super happy for you .. my European friend, buona fortuna!!
  6. my work scrub are to big ...and my pants are not lasting long , in 2 weeks period I lost a size and half !!! but let me be strait i'm not complaning at all !!
  7. To day I wear a special pair of jeans ( my dad one ) I lost my dad 3 years ago .. And to day I'm finally fit on it ...what a great feeling !!! Wow !!!
  8. Sorry I didn't realize that I culdnt say that word I aplogize !!!
  9. Work out time hubby ask me to day ...( where did it go you @*#?) lol and I. Say ( gone !!with the rest of my fat!!) lol time for some squat !!!
  10. Awwwww what a owner be on your idol (in blashing ) thank you !!!
  11. To day ..I wear a withe jeans size 10 and a M purple silk shirt and a purple short boots I think is cute