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  1. Well I went to my gastric bypass surgeon and we are going to wait until I have my sleep study on the 22nd of march before we send in my information. That way I have another thing on my list ;-) anyways how does an appeal work if they deny? Do u appeal it or do u get a lawyer?
  2. Wow I didnt know insurance companies would pay for tummy tuck??? Thats so cool who do you have?
  3. so when you cook dinner does the kids ask and wonder why you are not wating with them? I have talked to my kids about it but they dont understand that I would be able to just eat anything I want or just eat to eat? they are 10 and 4
  4. In what ways did your surgery change your family? Does the whole family eat better now? Do they exercise with you? What can we expect, how does it change things?
  5. So is there only 1? Can we start more? Maybe something from our state, like state bird, or animal that lives in our state??? I think that would be fun??
  6. Oh that is so cool. So how does it work? Do you get on the list to have the sockmonkey come visit you? I think its so cool. Is there more then one?? How long do you keep him?
  7. My BMI is 40 and I have medical issues to go along with that. I should weight between 101-131 so Im up there.
  8. Ok so how do you know how much weight you are going to lose? How does the doctor set your goal? I mean can you lose too much weight? Did you have a weight goal in mind or did you have a size?
  9. I told my husband he will know what I weigh after I have the surgery
  10. My mom knows what I weigh because Im really close to her and she wont judge me. But I dont want anyone else knowing. I mean I feel being being 216is alot for me and everyone looks at me and says you dont weigh enough for the Gastric bypass. They think that u have to be 500+ pounds to have that surgery. I just wanna be healthy and feel good when I look in the mirror
  11. I dont tell my husband how much I weigh Im embarrassed. I dont think he understands how much my weight effects me. He knows how much I have gained off and on but I dont really think he understands that Im trying but the weight isnt coming off. He is backing me on the surgery but he thinks I can change my eating or excersie more and it will just come off. He didnt even know what I weighed when I was 160 because I thought I was over weight :-) and now at 216 Im really not telling him. I dont think men look at their weight the same? Sorry guys but its true most men will take off their shirt and not think twice about their bellys hanging out where us woman wouldnt dream of getting into a bathing suit with out covering up. Its frustrating havig to hide my weight. I dont want to go out of the house and I dont want to come out of my sweat pants :-) it will be so nice to get up and put clothes on that fit and I look good. Ahhhhhh I canty wait until Im approved
  12. Do you communicate with you husband or wife? I mean do they know how much you weigh? Do they know the stress you are under being over weight? Do they understand why you are wanting/have done the surgery? Just seeing how many people let their other half know their weight?
  13. Im lost what is TT lol what was sent?