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  1. post op protein powder

    I like the Unjury chocolate splendor the best!
  2. One month left

    I found out today that my surgery date is June 10th. I also noticed our stats are very similar too!
  3. Getting Anxious

    I felt the same way until today. I got my date today for surgery June 10. Now I'm saying Whoa that's soon! LOL! Time will pass. You just gotta ride it out.
  4. I just found out today!

    Surgery will be June 10th for me! Full of all kinds of emotions!
  5. Tricare Finally Approved!

    Congrats! I'm so happy for you!
  6. New and nervious <3

    Welcome! You're in the right place.
  7. Newbie, Pre-Op scheduled for April 23, 2014 - Hi!

    That's great to hear! I was a little upset about having to change. Thanks!
  8. Newbie, Pre-Op scheduled for April 23, 2014 - Hi!

    Welcome! I live just south of Memphis so I guess we are neighbors. I started out with Dr. Weaver but had to change due to insurance.
  9. Hello Everybody

    Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome!
  10. Hello Everybody

    Well, I've jumped on the bariatric surgery train! My thoughts and emotions have been all over the place but I have finally decided to get the gastric sleeve surgery. I have done everything that is needed to send it to insurance for approval....just waiting on records & clearances to be faxed to surgeon so everything can come together. I am doing this mostly for health reasons. I can no longer work, am on disability & have severely limited mobility. This is due to a 'failed' knee replacement, pulmonary hypertension and depression. I am 50 years old & this is the only thing I can do to try to get my life back. I have been reading the posts here for about a month. Everyone seems so nice here, I just wanted to introduce myself. Choo! Choo! Here we go!