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  1. Lisi1963


    I'm considering doing the 5 day pouch test. Will report back how it worked!
  2. I often recommend the meetup route - at least you are doing an event you enjoy, and it's easy to meet some terrific women, befriend them, and marry one of their brothers! People always smile when I give that advice.
  3. steam chicken wings (and legs) first, and then bake them in the oven - they get super crispy and delicious and are far less fatty.
  4. original measurements - 52-46-54 4 months after surgery - 46-42-49 current measurements - 44 -40 -45 Will fit into some size 18's but not all of them, but definitely too small for a 1X - so I'm in no man's land right now.
  5. I weigh myself every morning, and the scale talks to the computer and charts it for me. I find the automatic graphing reassuring - no lying to myself there!
  6. I lose so much every time I wash my hair that I've started washing my hair less! the quality of my hair has also gone down - it feels more brittle, less soft. Could be coincidence but it definitely happened after the surgery. I am gritting my teeth. My NUT seemed unconcerned and told me it would start getting better now (at the 6 month follow up) I have noticed no improvement. My hair line is definitely receding Not much real term I can do. Just waiting for it to pass.
  7. congratulations, you should feel very proud
  8. and I now drink Lactaid - made a big difference to what I can drink! (never was lactose intolerant previously, but too much dairy is definitely tough on my digestion now)
  9. It's been a hugely positive change in my life. No regrets at all.
  10. Best of luck. This is a really common surgery - at least it is in my circle. It's tricky for a month or so and then, freedom! Wishing you all the best
  11. I've had people tell me that I shouldn't lose more, like I'll slip away or something - where I'm not even a true size 18 yet!
  12. If I drink/eat too fast I definitely get knots. Also, I can't manage water - crystal light, tea, most liquids are just fine, but water at any temperature makes me choke for some reason. That's also a quite common side effect. so if you can't manage water, try flavoring it a bit, t hat might help too.
  13. There are a few times in my life when I knew precisely what I weighed - when I was trying to fall pregnant (201-205 pounds for like 7 years) , when I first met my husband (75 kilos/165 pounds when I was 21) and when I got married. I got married when I was 24 and weighed 88 kilos - 193 pounds. I am now below my wedding weight, and weigh pretty much the same as I did when I was last in my mid 20's - well over 20 years ago! It's a funny feeling, wonderful and a bit anxiety provoking at the same time.
  14. the rule of thumb I see everywhere is 65% of your excess weight, but it really depends on the individual. And goals can move! So start with somewhere that seems doable to you and start aiming for there. Edited to ad: - there is something about time that just triggers me. If I say I want to lose 20 pounds, I think, yes I can. If I say I have to lose it by April (when we have a family wedding) all of a sudden I feel panicky and that it's too hard. So I am confident that I will reach goal, but I'm not setting a time for when I do it.
  15. I do both soup and cereal often, but if I drink with meals I get terrible heartburn - so that's a no. Though that being said, now that I think of it, of course cereal is food and liquid simultaneously. It's just that it's never bothered me.