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  1. I have 2 questions. I need some suggestions on how often I should check my weight loss? I don't want to become obsessed with it. 2nd, how do I get the weight loss ticker on my profile?
  2. I had my Lap-Band surgery this last Thursday the 27th. I am doing pretty good, I just have pain when I get up from sitting or laying. I have a couple of concrens though. I am constipated and I did't know if that is normal from the pain meds, I didn't use any pain meds in the hospital (morphine drip) and I have taken my meds they sent me home with just a couple of times. I just feel really bloated. Second, I have 1 small incision on my right side under my breast and it is a little swollen around the incision, I am not sure if it has been like that the whole time, I just noticed it last nigt.
  3. Hi, my name is Adrienne, I am from Missouri. I am having Lap-Band surgery in 1 week! After being overweight my whole life and losing and gainging on different diets I felt that this is the best WLS for me. I am so excited and can't wait to start this new journey!
  4. I am having Lap-Band surgery in 1 week, I am really struggling with the liquid diet I am on and I am really close to cheating, I amd sick and can not get anymore liquids down without vomiting and am having really bad migraines. I was wondering if it would hurt to eat just a salad, just so I can have something besides liquid on my stomach.