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  1. Newbie

    thank you
  2. Newbie

    Van thank you for your post and you are very right about the risks of major issues having the surgery with untreated sleep apnea. I am suffering through the kinks but plan to continue to wear it. I honestly can't believe the major difference in the quality of my sleep. I actually awaken rested in the morning.
  3. Newbie

    Thank you I contacted them and they are supposed to send me a different mask but based on the look I don't see where it will be any different. I will continue to use it based on its benefits I just hate the thought of possibly scaring permanently on my face.
  4. VSG Veterans Do You Follow A Lo-Carb Diet Post-Op?

    Kim thank you for the suggestions I will definitely take heed to what you have shared.
  5. VSG Veterans Do You Follow A Lo-Carb Diet Post-Op?

    yup 4/14 so send skinny vibes my way. "Push" is this challenge based on heavy lifting or what does it entail? Good job reaching your surgeons goal weight that's huge.
  6. Need a buddy?

    hey did your appointment go on Wednesday with the surgeon?
  7. Newbies with a May/June Surgery date?

    OMG our stats are so close! First and foremost I am turning 40 in September lol can't believe I'm hitting the big 40 but at least I will be a healthier smoking hot 40 year old ha! I am 5'2 and I weigh 233. My goal weight is 140. I'm in Atlanta area.
  8. Newbie

    Welcome to you as well. Are you on a supervised diet and if so how long is it. My 6 months flew past so fast I can't believe in a little over 2 weeks I will officially be a sleever.
  9. Newbie

    Thank you Boz
  10. Newbie

    the quality of my sleep is hands down better. It seems I am developing an ugly bruise or outline of my mask around the bridge of my nose. Any suggestions on how to prevent this? I have loosened the straps or head gear but it still there.
  11. Christmas 2012

    yes you have kudos to you and your success.
  12. 3 months out

    the day I can wear boots that can fit around my calf will feel like heaven. You look great!
  13. 35002 4191773451304 29227770 N

    You look Fab, congrats to you!
  14. Baby announcement

    Congrats to you on Baby Heinen. Being a mom has brought me so much joy. They grow up so fast. I look back now and say to my husband as our son prepares for BMT in the Air Force where has time gone. Our 2 daughters are in college and our son is the last one he's 19 and leaving to pursue his dreams in the Air Force. I am happy but sad as what on earth do we do now our entire lives have been our children lol. This is going to sound really odd but we really like them. We love them as our children but we like them we enjoy our time with them greatly. We have friends that are just anxiously waiting for their kids to leave home but we always had a blast.
  15. 14 months post op :)

    you look great and your skin doesn't seem saggy or excessive at all. I am praying my skin bounces back as I lose the weight. Is there anything you would recommend to help in the saggy skin area?