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  1. switching brands is probably a good idea. it's been better since the medication but it's still not great. i'm afraid to go off the medication incase it's even worse without it. but i guess that would be the real test on if the meds are helping or not thanks everyone for taking the time to respond.
  2. ever since I've started regular food I've had this horrible acid. I've never had it before and it's been quite a misery. I've tried tons of stuff and currently are taking 4 prilosecs, 3-4 anti-nausea pills, and eating rolaids like candy. Over the weekend I even added kaopectate. every single thing that enters my mouth tastes like stomach acid. it's constant! it makes eating and drinking not pleasant at all and quite difficult. the nausea kicks in when i try to move around. i'm maybe getting in 3-4 cups of fluids a day. and barely any food. and the even more frustrating thing is that i can't move around without feeling like i'm going to vomit so i'm not losing any weight! i've talked to the doctor's office 3-4 times. i have a follow up on 9/23 but they said they'd squeeze me in if i need it. i don't know what more they are going to do and i haven't moved up the appointment because i'm 1 1/2 hours away and i get horribly car sick! i've read that some have had acid and that it typically goes away at 3-4 month mark. my surgery was 6/27. i guess i just needed to vent and look for some words of encouragement! is there anything more anyone can think of to try? this past weekend we tried ginger ale, ginger tea (it was horrible) and just a snip of raw ginger. didn't work.
  3. For the last two weeks I've had the most miserable acid reflux. I've never had it before in my life and I've got to say that I don't know how people live with it! I've been sick on my stomach, unable to get in food and/or fluids, and just generally feeling nasty! I started eating Tums/Rolaids like candy. Neither seem to work. Also taking some Pepcids. Taking Zantac twice per day and taking a 14-day course of Prilosec (which is over finally tomorrow). The ONLY thing i could barely choke down was milk for a good week. Finally I'm feeling better. I've had TWO whole days without vomiting or feeling like I'm going to! And I've been able to drink some water! But during these two weeks I was stalled . But since 6/27 I'm down 31 pounds so I guess I shouldn't be complaining. Where should my calories be? My NUT gave me some stuff that shows protein and fluids but not really calories. I'm on regular foods. Doing some aqua jogging now that I don't have to vomit every time I move so hopefully a little exercise will kick the weight loss into gear too!
  4. i've had mine for over 20 years and in that time as my weight went up so did my pressure. i'm currently at 19 and probably needed another adjustment because i was only sleeping in about 2 hour increments. since i've lost now nearly 30 pounds, i feel it's working better. i sleep now at least 4 hours and sometimes even a straight 6. as i lose more weight, when i start waking up more, i think i'll have to get my readjusted. over the years they didn't make me do a new study for adjustments - they loaned me an 'auto-pap' where it adjusts itself. then based on the data they recorded, they adjusted my normal machine. i was told once that every 25 pounds or so can make a difference. before wls, i did ask if i could possible get rid of cpap. they said it was possible, but since my pressure was so high, not likely. most likely my weight made my apnea worse but there were other issues to have me at a 19.
  5. i think my fitness pal is great! if you click 'goals' and then 'change goals' and then 'custom' you can change those things to anything you want. or you can use the 'guided' method which i think makes 'standard' assumptions based on weight and height.
  6. This morning I was eating a little leftover dinner for breakfast and I felt a pile of phlem head down the back of my throat. I tried to cough it up (got to love the cpap) but with no success. when it hit the little bits of food in my tummy i got sick and threw both the phlem and the food back up. all day then i've felt a little queasy on my tummy. is pepto allowed? i think it would help.
  7. i'm three weeks out too 6/27 and we have near figures! i've lost 23 pounds so far. i'm having the hardest time with fluids. i'm down to milk. so that' shad my calorie count up though i'm eating 'soft' foods. and i haven't figured 'full' out either. it seems i go from eating to 'oh my gosh, that was way too much feeling' in one bite. so maybe that is my new full. i don't know. seeing doc tomorrow and i'll ask
  8. for some stupid reason this seems to my normal way of vomiting. my trick - sit on the toilet hugging a trash can! but the shower works too!
  9. just keep telling yourself "it's only today" that's how i made it through the pre-op liquids!
  10. my husband kept quiet thoughout the planning process. we are both kinda private people. but he has friends online that the communicates with and i found out that he told 'everyone' while i was in the hospital. but it was nice to come home to lots of well wishes! husbands should not be left unsupervised!
  11. i agree with what everyone has said. i'm just barely 2 weeks post op and i have no regrets. i am eating mushy (and tired of them already) but i have another week before the doctor visit where i should be transitioned to solids. m program was pretty liberal and i've been doing really well. i can already stand longer and walk longer and the excitement of that is far outweighing any of the things i was worried about! keep positive, say a prayer or two, and it will all be worth it soon!
  12. i've never had any major surgery either and i was really nervous too. i just kept trying to keep myself busy and do things ahead of time that i could. i also kept telling myself to stay positive. a good attitude helps tons too. you'll be fine. take a few deep breathes and try to remain calm!
  13. i am only 2 weeks post op and i am still pretty burpy. what has helped me is that i ridge along to the post office each evening with my husband. it seems the car ride jiggles it out of me.
  14. i'm in the same boat with Jolls. I had the blood thinners in the hospital and i'm so badly anemic that I have to take prescription iron but they sent me home with 42 (2 times per day for 21 days) of those blood thinner shots! i asked about it and they said that the people with bmi over 60 (mine is 66) blood clots are a bigger possibility and they just want to make sure to keep me very thinned out!
  15. my husband is more ocd about the scales then i am. i know things are still super fresh and i'm sure there will be plenty of ups and downs. until i'm on regular foods i don't even care if i weigh. i've spent my life living and dying by the scale. long ago (probably too long ago) i abandoned the scale. i think too i was in denial of how big i was getting. so when i'm ready to restart my life on normal foods then i plan to weigh weekly for accountability but i'm not going to weigh daily. I think Jolls is right. Hide them. give yourself time to heal. focus on getting your protein, getting your fluids, increasing your activity and THEN break the scales back out!