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  1. Kim, I just wanted to say thanks for this post. I've not been on the forums in a long time and thought I'd pop back over to get some motivation lol I'm the same way about not wanting to ever ask for help, no matter how much I need it. I totally agree that being vulnerable is the more courageous path, but it's still very hard to be so. I'm coming up on my 2 year post surgery mark. Have gained back about 10 lbs and I'm trying to get myself back in line, doing the right things. Like you, I know what to do (heck, I knew what to do when I was 275!) but there are those stressful days when
  2. thanks for sharing! Those are the procedures I'm looking at having too, so it's nice to read firsthand experiences
  3. I don't force myself either. I know lately I've not been good with getting enough food in, but I don't feel hungry and I just don't think about it. I make sure what I do eat is pretty healthy.. I probably need to pay more attention than I do lol
  4. I really need to do this.. my back has been twinging lately. Glad he helped you feel better!
  5. Cool, that's what I'm sorta in school for lol (I say sorta because I'm already a coder so my motivation to finish the darn degree is waning.. only a handful of classes left and I can't be arsed to register for 'em lol) The sex I can't speak to lol unfortunately haven't taken the new body out for a test drive yet but maybe soon lolol Congrats on the loss! That's great.. I'm not a "fast" loser either I know I feel great overall and that's what matters Keep on keepin' on!!
  6. I have to go buy pants today, my boss was joking with me yesterday and told me to go get some that fit (she's had the surgery too and we're close like that lol) My fave outfit at this point is my "skinny outfit".. a black pair of skinny pants/leggings (thicker than typical leggings but snug like that) and a long purple sweater that fits just perfectly. The pants contain my extra tummy skin so I look extra skinny lol I'm at a weird size, 16's are big (the ones I wore to work yesterday were 16s) yet 14's don't quite fit yet. Well, most jeans in 14 do.. but dress pants for some reason I
  7. lol I use the Torani sugar free pumpkin pie syrup AND the sugar free pumpkin creamer in mine what can I say, I likes the pumpkin! For some reason, it's even better with my protein powder in it, the flavors work together somehow. But I will say, when I'm out I'll do a skinny vanilla latte from SB. Not a bad compromise
  8. It definitely gets better fairly soon.. that first week was so not fun just rest, try to walk, and don't fight the meds if you need em. I'm of the mindset that you stay on top of the pain, take the meds at the intervals you were prescribed even if you "feel okay" for those first few days to a week. It sucks when you wait too long and then have to wait for them to take effect.. I learned that while still in the hospital actually lol had the bed rails in a death grip and the nurse (nicely lol) scolded me for waiting so long
  9. I lose at about 50 carbs a day, I don't go much below that really. But I aim for about 80 grams of protein a day, I sort of watch my calories but they stay pretty consistent at around 650 a day lately. The carbs, at this point I'm in a routine that they usually stay 40'ish most day. I don't have to think about it much, I just know what's good and what isn't at this point. And I guess I'm a boring eater lol I stick with the same foods in different ways for the most part.
  10. I did change my diet pretty drastically. But for me that meant just upping my protein by a lot. I wasn't eating junk food before, just way too many carbs. I think it helps to start small, make a small change, you start seeing results and that motivates you to make more changes. When I kept track of my eating I realized I was getting next to no protein each day so changing that made a huge difference. And I agree that making the changes now, slowly but surely, will only help you in the long run
  11. I may have jumped in too soon, but I was feeling lonely so I put my profile back on OKC. Talked to a few interesting people, met one and there weren't fireworks.. met this second one and hmm. We met last weekend and he's asked me out for next Saturday.. fortunately we have the same "kid" weekends lol I'm just nervous because I didn't tell him about the surgery, and I'm still fairly early out. He knows I've lost weight but we didn't go into how. Next weekend we're going to a Halloween party at his sister's. There will be alcohol. I don't want to drink because I've been told it will hit me so
  12. another vote for OKC.. have a second date next Saturday with a guy I met on there recently, My last relationship started there. Met a few good friends that way too. It's free and feels more "normal" than POF lol though you'll find some of the same guys on both sites. I don't hate POF it's just you have to do more filtering there I think lol
  13. yeah, that's like comparing apples and oranges. She purposely ate badly and way too much to force herself to gain weight, so obviously her body doesn't hold fat easily to begin with. Because, like probably all of you, no WAY was I eating 6500 calories a day like she did! Geez.. I kept a food diary so I know I wasn't. So yeah, easy to say for a thin person to intentionally gain then lose that she just knows how those of us who eat fairly healthy yet still gain weight feel. Ugh. How annoying. Karma will get her.. she just wanted to extend her 15 minutes at the expense of others.
  14. lol I'm the same way, eating the same foods day after day. But I'm not sick of them yet, so I'm just going with it. Though I'm wondering if getting, after exercise, about 300 calories a day is a good idea lol I just can't fit any more food in during the day, it feels like I'm living by a schedule of when I can eat and when I can drink.
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