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  1. Bama

    Post op

    Yes! The answer to the question, is it in my head is yes. I've had more body image issues post-op than pre-op. Before my surgery I was just fat and didn't have any expectations. Post-op I I started having expectations and it messed with my head.
  2. Bama

    Did Detox

    I spent 5 days in ICU the first time I try to detox on my own. My heart and BP was very unstable. The second time I did 5 days detox and now am in recovery. I still say it SOME of this could be averted if the pre-surgery counseling was taken more seriously.
  3. Bama

    Hey y'all!

    Thanks everyone!
  4. Bama

    Hey y'all!

    Thanks everyone! There is no secret to long term success other than doing the basics they tell you to do in the beginning. Protein, water, exercise, weight training, being apart of some type of community (other than online), vitamins, etc.... I've gone through a lot of the common post-surgery topics listed in these forms. Divorce, transfer addiction, weight gain, complications, etc....the only way to get back on track is to get back to the basics. I'm concerned about the lack of emphasis on the psychological affects of this surgery and in my experience the joke of the pre-surgery counseling session in which he asked me do I abuse drugs/alcohol, which I didn't, and then we sat awkwardly for about 10 minutes in silence and then talked about my fear of snakes for 45 min to fulfill the hour requirement. Never once getting into the reason I used food to change how I felt. I know this surgery is to address the physical and medical dangers of our obesity, which it can do in a relatively short amount of time, but when the medical community ignores the fact we are mind, body, spirit, and only addresses the body it's not fair to evaluate the success or failure of the surgery based on one dynamic of a person. None of us set out to eat ourselves sick, be morbidly obese, not be able to see our dick, knees, or feet, etc...something went terribly wrong along the way and unless that is addressed history is being set up to repeat itself. Then if a person gains weight post-op, the medical community's scapegoat is, "Well I guess they didn't want it bad enough." Yes, I still dump on sugar. Which is a gift, because I loved that red glowing gorgeous Hot and Now sign down at the KK. If I can be of help to anyone, feel free to reach out to me. You are all superstars in my book and I like hanging out with the winners.
  5. Bama

    Hey y'all!

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've been on here. I hope everyone is doing well. This place was a big help to me following my surgery. I hope you find the help I found. Here's some progress pics 7 years later. That my niece in the wedding pic. LOL.
  6. This place has changed a lot. Looking good around here. 

    1. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      I agree.  I have found this forum to be a big help ever since I joined around the time of my surgery.

  7. I'm in spartanburg and would be glad to help where I can.
  8. Bama

    rps20140814 155430

    Great! Keep em coming.
  9. Anyone want to chat? Its Monday 8-11-14 about 10:05pm. I'll be in the chat room if anyone cares to join me.
  10. Bama

    Avi And Greer

    Good lookin couple!
  11. Bama


    Shoes.....Look at that waist! Great job
  12. Bama

    new me 3

    WOW!!!! Great job.
  13. Bama

    Down 100 pounds!

    WOW!!!! Great job.