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  1. Sitting in the ER

    Changed my diet up and I'm feeling GREAT! I've been getting my dog out for walks several times each day. Cooking for my DH. shopping today. I'm going to make some pumpkin bread for my neighbor. It's gonna be good.
  2. Is it all worth it?

    Yes! It is hard work. Your new tummy will be a tool that can help you if you use it right, but it doesn't take away the changes you have to make. Read ALOT, work with a NUT MORE, make SURE you can commit your heart, soul, & mind to it, cuz it not a diet, and then .....WOOT...... Best thing I've done for myself and the people I love in a long time!
  3. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Took my dog out for 2 yes, 2 walks. Total, meh only a half mile, but I felt well enough that I asked to go for a walk!
  4. Sitting in the ER

  5. Sitting in the ER

    Feeling well enough to help my roommate Google her condition LOL Should go home as soon as DH can get here
  6. Sitting in the ER

    Is there a way to monitor potassium at home?
  7. Sitting in the ER

    To the pharmacists etc in the group, is there a way for IV potassium not to hurt so horribly?
  8. Sitting in the ER

    Ooooh power aide zero I just discovered that as a favorite water enhancer! The others are all favorite things so it's just a matter of eating. The last week has been rough. DH was very ill. So my diet went to subsistence mode, can't do that anymore.
  9. Sitting in the ER

    It may be causing these neurological episodes! I may have found a clue! Weight loss has decreased frequency & severity. Usually once my pup warns me now I take a long nap and wake up fine. Before it was a race to get me to the ER before I was dead weight I would be completely unaware until it ended and then would be in a state of panic. But now maybe it's been potassium all along and I can quit havng episodes all together. That would be amazing!
  10. Sitting in the ER

    Low potassium. I was down to 2.5. So, until I get my swallowing under control, it's iv potassium for me which is miserable but I think I only have to stay overnight. The numbness is starting to fade and I'm handling my swallowing better already, so fingers and toes are crossed that I go home tomorrow! I have a whole shopping list for fruits and veggies that are good potassium so I don't get a return trip. Thank you everyone, it's so nice to have company during these littles detours. I got a new Bmi today of 26. I'm so excited. Almost there.
  11. Sitting in the ER

    Found a link and DH is shopping. Now I have to arrange a jail break. I get ice now, but my night nurse is a great big Texan gentleman, I don't think I can take him.
  12. Sitting in the ER

    Something I can throw in protein smoothie without retching? Anyone?
  13. Sitting in the ER

    So far I have dark leafies like spinach, squash, white beans dried apricots potatoes with the skin, which fruits are best?.
  14. Sitting in the ER

    I have uber low K+ sigh IV K+ is awful. Time to change up the diet some more. Cuz there is no way I can do K+ pills
  15. Sitting in the ER

    These docs & nurses are just getting slammed. They really deserve a medal.