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  1. I totally agree with BandedLadii. I hired them & it was a total waste of money. Their communication was awful. I lost my appeal, to find out afterwards that it was because of where I live. They should have known this before they accepted my case.
  2. Hi Destany! If this is your first appeal, then time is on your side! I have seen from others that it can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months, with the short time being the norm. I hired Lindstrom as well, still waiting to hear on my last chance. Good Luck!! The Lindstroms are awesome! I bet you'll get your approval sooner rather later.
  3. Hi & welcome! Your situation sounds similar to mine in that I have BCBS FEP and BMI < 40 last 2 years with no major co-morbidities. Currently and for the last 6 months or so, it has been @ 41. I have depression, GERD, & osteoarthritis but my ins (BCBS Anthem Va) does not consider those major enough to justify surgery. I am seeking VSG approval. I did not get much support from my PCP nor my surgeons ( go figure!) & I think that may have much to do with why I've been denied. I hired Lindstrom Advocacy & right now we're in external review. They have have been extremely helpful, their website is wlsappeals dot com. (not affiliated in any way). Their president, Walter Lindstrom, tells his wls story on the website. His wife Kelley is very helpful. No cost to call them & they are very forthcoming with the possibilities available to you, i.e. they'll let you know if they can or can not help you. They are very reasonably priced. You are fortunate in that you are young! I'll be 58 next month. I hate to be a Negative Nelly but I wanted to let you know. BCBS is excellent insurance IMO but I think they can be sticklers when it comes to wls. Good luck & let us know how it goes!
  4. Congratulations Eluna! That is so awesome and inspirational. When I see posts like yours I get so impatient and want surgery tomorrow!
  5. I am just starting the whole process, having gone to the seminar Mar 19. I had my first PCP appt (ins requires 3) & she's very supportive. As a matter of fact, she plans on doing VSG in the near future. My BMI is 38; I have 2 comorbidities GERD & depression) I have always been an exerciser but my knees are no longer cooperating; I've been heavy for the last 15 years. My first surg appt is Monday & I'm very excited! Our 20th wedding anniversary is in 2017...I want to be able to fit into my gown again by then. That's just one of about 15 reasons why I want to do this. I'm hopeful that once I lose weight I'll be able to commence running. I'm so glad I found this forum. There's a plethora of information here! Thanks to everyone who shares their learning experiences.