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    reading, music, movies, my kiddos, painting, tattoos, hiking, being a smart a$$, COD: Advanced Warfare, Marvel comics, Superheroes (except Superman, he sucks).
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  1. 11 months post op

    Thank you! I'm hoping my stomach will get a bit better. I have a breast lift scheduled for end of July then I am going to give my stomach until 3yrs post then get a tummy tuck if its needed.
  2. i'm alive! sorry with school i get too busy to get on here a lot. I just added new pics to my post op album!!! If you miss me add me on facebook. I am on there more regularly.

    1. bondkatt


      Hi, I wrote you a message under one of your photos. Congratulations on your success, you really are an inspiration!

    2. tmcgee


      Looking FANTASTIC! Good for you!

    3. Brooke Danielle

      Brooke Danielle

      Glad to see you back! You look great:)

  3. post op

  4. Who Sets My Goal Weight?

    At first I set my goal weight to the top end of a healthy BMI then I moved it to the "ideal" weight for my height. Now I feel good with where I am and I dont want to go that low on my body I feel 135 looks good and once I get my plastics done this fall I hope to settle between 130-135.
  5. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Today is my 5yr wedding anniversary. I surprised my husband by setting up a vow renewal at the little seaside inn we got married at. My out if is a size medium dress and top I scored at Marshalls (psst... The whole outfit cost under $30!)
  6. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Easter outfit. Size med dress from Target and a size small Old Navy open sweater. Completed the outfit with my pearls and nude Coach peep toes.
  7. New relationships and pre op process...

    My husband had the same fear. It probably isn't so much insecurity as fear. You are hopeful about surgery and your future. He on the other had just met you and is starting to care for you deeply. He is more than likely afraid you will someone better. Just keep communication open let him be able to voice his fears without getting defensive. My husband had both his ex wife and an ex girlfriend lose weight (without surgery) then leave him so he was very nervous. He has voiced concerns about me losing too much or not eating enough but I have to remember he is coming from a place of love not nagging lol. Good luck!
  8. I'm still alive I swear!!! Busy busy busy with college and getting prepared to deliver a speech at the Maine State House in front of half the legislature.

    1. tmcgee


      Good for you! Love the new avatar!

    2. LouisianaLady


      Wow! What an opportunity! You go girl!

  9. What Are You Wearing Today?

    So today I am wearing..... My new tattoo!!! It says Eyes closed we're gonna spin through the stars. Its a line from a Dave Matthews Band song. Plus I'm wearing size 7 bootcut jeans and a men's x-small NASA tee.
  10. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Size 7 jeans, rue 21 med tank and size small old navy cardigan. Happily maintaining at 138 right now and going for plastics in the fall!
  11. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    ****warning possible tmi***** Hubby and I discovered last night while "doing the deed" that I am light enough he can stand up and we can keep going without missing a beat. Never in my life have I been small and it is so fun and exciting on many levels.
  12. Versed

    They gave it to me as I was crying and having a panic attack and five minutes later I was cracking jokes. I don't even remember being wheeled into the O.R. lol
  13. 7 months post

    It feels very freeing/gratifying to feel good in my own skin. The mental work is a lot harder than I anticipated but I stay aware of any obsessive tendencies. I don't want to become obsessed with getting as small as I can. I like myself now and if I didn't lose another pound I would be fine.
  14. 7 months post

    Thank you all for your encouragement and support. You all are my second family I really do love you guys!!!
  15. 7 months post

    So here it is my new bathing suit! It is actually navy but photographed weird. Kenneth Cole Reaction size medium. Its not a bikini but shows a heck of a lot more skin than I ever have before. Please excuse the dirty mirror and messy hair its 10pm and I have been up all day with a crazy 4yr old....