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  1. Hi Res Ipsa, Thanks for the note and kind words. I lurk around the forum every now and then to see how folks are doing but don’t post much. I’m doing well- hope you are. I’m still holding pretty close to my goal weight of 150. I put on about 5lbs over the holidays so am now hard at work to get back to goal.
  2. My 5 year surgiversary came and went earlier this week but today is the first day I’ve worn real clothes and done my hair since having a hysterectomy on 8/15 so here’s my annual update. I share this each year in the hopes it encourages others wherever they may be in this journey. If you’re not having surgery due to fear of regain or what all you won’t be able to eat after surgery- please don’t let that deter you. My goal weight is 150lbs and I’m currently about 5lbs over that. I’m blaming it on surgery swelling but have tightened down the diet until I’m back to 150lbs. I manage my weight thro
  3. Welcome back @GAviv. The kids are beautiful! Glad to see you back in the game. Regardless of circumstances- when you were at you’re healthiest and now, on your way back there, you’ve always been a source of inspiration here at TTF and we’re all here cheering for you!
  4. 8/14 came and went like any other day. I totally forgot about my surgiversary! I’m posting because I remember in the early days how scared I was of regain and how I relied on this forum for info and encouragement. Weight management and healthy food choices continue to be a daily focus for me. I stay right at 150. If the scales go above that by even an ounce, I lock down my diet until I get back to 145ish. I eat pretty much anything I want and can tolerate (tolerate being the key word- I still have a picky pouch) but in moderation. I still drink a protein shake every day for breakfast.
  5. Hi everybody. I’ve been away for awhile but always lurking. Just wanted to stop by and tell you all how fabulous you look! @Cardamom77- so funky! @Jen581791- so classic and summery! @CheeringCJ-that tiny waist! Looking good ladies!
  6. Love this! I don't mind at all. I felt like a princess that day as every bride should.
  7. Today is my 21st wedding anniversary. Hubs has loved me through thick and thin - literally. I think it was Julie who posted a pic in her wedding dress awhile back. It inspired me. So here it is - straight out of 1996 and it still zipped!
  8. Hi Sleevalicious, thought I'd check in and see how things are going? Any success getting the scale to move?
  9. Sleevalicious, When the pounds start creeping on, and they do, I devote a week to a very strict diet of a protein shake for breakfast, a protein shake for lunch and a protein shake for a 3pm snack. I'll eat some cheese and nuts mid-morning between shakes and then I'll have a hearty dinner. I can't eat dense meat but I can eat ground beef so I eat a lot of taco salads and tacos in romaine lettuce boats. Sometimes I eat a parfait of berries, walnuts, yogurt and chia seeds. Good luck - don't give up - the scale will move again.
  10. TT Friends, This devotion spoke to my soul this morning so I thought I would share it in case there are others here who could use this encouragement. http://info.proverbs31.org/when-words-leave-you-wounded?ecid=ACsprvs6plEdTFFb1H9WifbJ-4SVq5oupwmzwLWbcpXZiMIrMk15FNkYdtFoHyXRbIJ9H-verelw&utm_campaign=Daily Devotions&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=55814081&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-8Fc4NpcWsu7uT2Tr0o-IDPoHQJ9iHgso-ImWBSPWY-vOSTYmJ7jldmlsqSdLQZ0HNSY5QW6KDflppTibvOgW5FtHEIdA&_hsmi=55814081
  11. Try not to get too concerned. It eventually stops falling out and usually before the thinning becomes noticeable to others. And it grows back. In fact, I think my hair is thicker now than it was before surgery due to the vitamins and protein.
  12. Thank you! 45 to be exact.
  13. Thank you Cinwa. It was fairly common in years 1-2 post-op for people who don't see me often to not recognize me at all. Honestly, I'm very glad to be past the "OH MY GOD HOW MUCH WEIGHT HAVE YOU LOST?!" phase. It was an awkward time.
  14. Just remembered that today's my 3rd surgiversary! I went from 270ish to a lowest weight of 139. My surgeon wanted me to be around 150 which is right where I stay now (although I prefer more like 145). Attached is the pic from 2013 that pushed me over the edge to WLS when I saw that my hubs could barely get his arms around me. The other is today (not the best pic- today's clothing choice was function over fashion). To the newbies- the "secret to success" is keeping an ongoing commitment to making healthy choices every time it's time to eat. It's not always easy but it's so worth it.
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