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    Video games- WOW, D3, Sims franchise. I also like to draw, though I haven't in some years. I also make really cute felt ornaments when the mood hits me. I also really enjoy thrift stores and finding old 80s toys and I occasionally collect My Little Pony from the 80s if the price is right. I also love Monster High dolls.
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  1. Thanksgiving Recipes?

    So sorry I am behind on replying it's been crazy. Well it's larys salt and butter mixed together, then you rub that onto the turkeys body. Then I rub brown sugar (I use the Splenda version) on top of that, then drizzle honey over the entire bird. Then you roast/bake it as you usually do. I hope you can atleast make it for Christmas since I was delayed in replying before Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday!!!
  2. I tried baking with Splenda, its too fluffy and airy for pies and cakes, it simply changes the entire chemistry make up of what it was supposed to be. I am hoping someone with experience here can point out what can be used to make sugar free/low sugar friendly for me and my diabetic husband? I usually make buttermilk pie, chocolate chess and apple pie, but they all call for sugar and as we all know it's not good for us to eat such things. I don't want to blindly buy different things and end up wasting my money or ruining a good pie. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day
  3. Thanksgiving Recipes?

    I love Thanksgiving, it wasn't a traditional event growing up, mom did make the turkey and sides when dad was in town (he worked on barges). I have become really excited about doing the spread for our 8 person household as I got older. My best friend showed me how to glaze a turkey like they do in Honey Baked Ham last year and it is out of this world. I do have to use the Splenda brown sugar for the glaze to keep it pouch and diabetic friendly, but you really can't tell the difference. I loved eating yams, but I think this year we will do something else so I am not tempted.
  4. This and That update

    So I had my anniversary on the 24th of March, YAY! I am down to 153 lbs from 260. I feel wonderful and the doctor says my labs are perfect and I look great. She did tell me that I am now considered "normal" and have a normal metabolism and if I don't watch myself I can fall back into old patterns and can gain weight. I thought this entire time I was in that catagory. Every day I hear her tell me that now and I keep thinking its going to bite me in the butt. I don't want to fall prey to old food habits or being lazy. I wish I had someone local to be like my big sister and keep me in line and vice versa. Anyway on another note, last month I had severe pain in my right hip area. The OB checked it out and said I have a sold component cyst on my ovary, he's removing it this Friday. He's already checked it for cancer, it's not cancerous, THANK GOD! But please pray for me for a speedy recovery. I know I will be recovering for 7-10 days, but I don't want to miss all of that work, as I am not getting much work currently due to a lack of contracts to begin with. I also have 3 fibroids on my uterus, but he told me that if they are not annoying me, he will just leave them there. One last thing- how do you know if your pouch has stretched or is still as it should be? I have noticed some foods I can eat only a teeny amount and it feels so full and heavy. But other times I will eat and it seems to never get full. I worry that I did something wrong and it's all messed up now. I thought the doctor would look at it with a ultrasound or something to check on it, but she didn't. I tend to over worry, but really it does sometimes seem like I can eat forever, but other times it's like telling me to back away from the table. Oh- can anyone recommend some sort of sock that helps with fluid retention? I have tried the diabetic socks and they just sag and fall into my shoes. I have been having bad ankle retention and I really don't know what is the cause of it. Thank you.
  5. 35 and no idea where to shop for clothes!

    I have to agree with the thrift stores (Goodwill, Savers, CHKD and the like) Goodwill also gets the clothes that Target can't seem to sell and they try to sell them. I've gotten clothes with tags still on them from Goodwill. Especially if you're in the still losing phase, my doctor warned me to not get attached to any clothing while losing. The only thing I actually am attached to is a corduroy jacket I bought in the fall, its a medium and still isn't too big. With that thought in mind, you're just trying to get through to the next size, so just buy a few items to mix and match. I am 40, but I still wear t-shirts my 10 year old daughter would wear, disney and fun colors and pictures. I won't wear short shorts, or anything trashy, which seems to be all the style now in the stores at the moment in shorts. With the thrift stores you can find modest lengths of shorts and skirts, as well as dresses and things. Always try the clothes on in the store if possible, I bend over in front of the mirror to make sure its not too short or too low cut and I try to think what I own at home that would go with the stuff I am trying to buy. I've walked away from some really adorable clothing knowing I didnt have anything to match it at home and I'd only need to wear it for a month or less.
  6. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Today I went to the Goodwill and I bought a size 14 bathing suit. It was exactly what I was looking for in the way it lifted my boobs and hid my butt. I haven't been good at working my butt muscles so there is a little flaired skirt on the bottom. I've been wearing size 12 jeans and M size shirts. So much changed since last year I was in 24/26. Everyone is looking amazing here on the posts. Keep up all that fabulous work!
  7. I satisified my desire for Pasta with .....

    I will have to get me one of those machines! I have been buying the Quinoa pasta, as seen here I found them in the gluten free area of Krogers, my dietitian said they were fine for me in small amounts. I just use a handful when I make some, toss in some meat and sauce. They also have angel hair too.
  8. Northern Virginia pal

    I wish I lived closer, we could do it together. I had my surgery last year in March and I am still learning. I do visit Fairfax sometimes during the summer, maybe we could become pen pals and maybe have lunch when I am there. Good luck with your big day!
  9. Id love to make a friend here that is on the same journey as i am in my area. We can go to the gym and shop together as well just be my sure we can learn from each othr about this new life we have.
  10. buying sugar free syrups

    All of the stores ive gone into has a very limited selection. How do you all get your syrups without breaking the bank? Ive looked online, but the variety packs are flavors i dont want. I just would like some help figuring out how yall do it. Thanks.
  11. When I first had the surgery in March, I realized all of my winter clothes would be too big by the time it rolled around again so six bags went out the door. I have been trying to stay with just buying 2-3 items at the thrift or on clearance when I felt like something was too big and needed replaced. I am now a 14/16 where I was a 22/24. I thinking I am "shrinking again" as I call it, and the 12/14 pajama pants I just bought fit me perfectly. I am now in a medium scrub instead of large. I am away from home currently due to work and had to replace my jeans already, the ones I had were 16/18 and were falling off my butt. I am super excited though, when I get home my mom has a friend who is well to do and older and has a entire upstairs devoted to clothing that she is cleaning out. My mom is giving me all of the clothes the woman is getting rid of. On top of that a couple at church just brought to my husband 6 bags of clothing for me to go through as well. I heard it's various sizes, so I might not need to buy clothes except bras and underwear for quite a while. I will only be home for a few days before I have to go back out to work, but I will be digging through clothes the entire time I am home.
  12. Stuffing Excess Boob Skin into your bra?

    I am having the same problem. I was measured at a 40d but the around strap is too big so I went to a 38c but with all the skin I muffin in the cup. I'm not really happy with that since if I bend over it all falls out like jello in a tipped bowl. I'm liking the 3 dollar bras at walmart, but finding one that fits is such a pain. I find the genie bra I think its called that works good too but its not very sexy, I'm thinking of just sticking to sports bras for the most part just to keep it all together.
  13. Itchy EVERYWHERE!

    I have had the same thing, I itxh on the bottom of my feet and back and left buttock as well as random places. I read somewhere it has to do with low protiens.I found if I eat more protien rich foods it helps. I called my doc and they told me to just take benedryl, so I take one at bed time. I also use gold bond anti itch cream when its too crazy and I can't take my benedryl cuz it makes me tired. Good luck and I hope it passes soon, I'm hoping mine does.
  14. I got on a scale today, 179 now. I was a 16, but those pants are baggy on me now. I guess its time to go shopping again. Goodwill here I come!

  15. Halloween costumes!

    I have a panda suit that I've had since I was 16 (Pammy the Panda from Shirt Tales cartoon if you're old enough to know that show) I love the tail on it so I might wear that, or I will go to the thrift store and see whats there. I won't be home to take my daughter trick or treating, but my job likes to throw parties, so we might have one out on the road. So I will just find something cheap and easy. I want to buy colored wigs for fun, maybe I will be a blonde for halloween just for silliness.