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  1. thanks for keeping us posted, good luck
  2. welcome brad, good luck on your journey, you are in the right place
  3. just wanted to update you guys on my roller coaster life. I started having numb legs and sore toes at the end of Dec.I Was put on TPN so I had a Picc line that ended up getting infected at the end of Feb, I spent 4days in the ICU and 4 days in the Telemetry unit with Septic shock. They found a blood clot in the arm with the infected picc line and I now have a picc line in the other arm. I was at the GI Dr today to schedule an EGD due to difficulty swallowing and they asked me if I was treated for my H.Pylori? I told them I have never had that and they said when I had my endoscopy in may it was positive for H. Pylori and they were going to tell me at my follow up visit, I was never told about these results and neither was my primary doctor or the doctor who did my gastric bypass in October. I am beyond frustrated and I am not going back tothis GI Dr, I need to get a breath test to see if the H.Pylori is gone and I need the EGD to see if I now have ulcers from the H.Pylori or a possible stricture. I am a nurse and I have been very patient and kept mysense of humour throughout this ordeal, but I could write a book about the many things that have went wrong since my surgery, but no one would believe it!
  4. Good job, your results are fantastic
  5. Thanks for sharing your pictures, you have done well, what a change!
  6. So saw the neurologist yesterday, I was in full scottish crying mode, so it took a while for her to understand what I was saying. I can usually put on an American accent but I guess the pain and lack of sleep had done me in! So the plan now is to double the neurontin and do more testing
  7. Gaviv- sorry you are going through such a tough time I don't have a magic cure or answer but I just wanted you to know that costco sells the big bottle of MOM for the same price as the other stores sell the little bottles. Hope you get a miracle... Angela
  8. I called my bariatric surgeon for a pain specialist consult on Monday, he spoke with pain dr and called me back and recommended the neurologist. The surgeon even gave me his personal cell and pager number if I couldn't get the neuro to see me right away. I wrapped my toes in the lidoderm and no relief
  9. So far since my last posts I have tried the capsicum? Cream, lidoderm patches and neosporin with pain. Non of these have given me any relief For pain I am currently taking the 1 Percocet q4 and the neurontin that the dr prescribed, plus 2 norco q4-6 hours that my sis gave me. I know it's wrong to take someone else prescription but I'm desperate. I have been trying to make an appt with the neurologist I saw in the hospital, they will be back in town today, I call my surgeon pretty much everyday and am told to give it time.
  10. Gaviv- my surgery was in oct, I had a follow up at one week. Then one month, my weight loss was stable, then at Xmas I got the flu, went back to clear liquids, then started feeling numbness and tingling in my legs and feet, I called my surgeon and was told to start b1 and continue with clears, by jan 9th I could barely walk and was admitted to hospital by my primary care physician, no one would listen to me that it was a nutritional deficiency that was causing all my problems, I was followed in the hospital by a neurologist who refused to believe it was due to my surgery and poor nutrition, after I was discharged I made an appt the next day to see my surgeon and I was admitted to the hospital I had my surgery at, he had never been updated on my condition even though I had asked for all results to be sent to him, I was in the hospital for a week, asked to see the dietician twice, the food was horrible and no one seemed to care that I had no appetite. Since I've been home I have been forcing myself to eat each meal because if I don't my condition will never improve and I will be stuck with a picc line forever. I am going to a support meeting on Monday and I'm hoping this will help, I am responsible for getting myself in this condition and I shouldn't have let things get this far. I am a nurse and should know better.
  11. I have had some problems but I do not regret my decision to have gastric bypass surgery.
  12. Thank you all for your replies, I will definitely look into the topical creams and ask about a referral to a pain specialist. I did read somewhere that it can take a long time for neurontin to work. I feel so pathetic and helpless, and I just want the pain to go away.
  13. @ spunkycat, I was also seeing a neurologist when I was in the hospital, I am going to see her again hopefully next week. My surgeon saw me on Monday then told me he would see me in a month. When I asked him about work he said it can take a long time to resolve. I am 3 months post op and he said that's when he usually sees these problems. I feel like he either sees this a lot or he is just as perplexed as me. A month seems like a long time for a follow up.
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