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  1. Hey folks!  Classes have started up again and I'm barely even home!  It'll all be worth it when I'm employable right? LOL!

    1. tmcgee


      Great to hear from you again, Eluna! There are too many people who used to come here that were important to me and whom I miss.

  2. The kiddos and I yesterday, I dropped them off for their first ever summer camp away from home. Medium T-shirt, size 27 vanity jeans...I think that equates to a 6/8 (or at least that's what I wear in old navy shorts). My new favorite photo.
  3. Eluna

    Surgery today!

    My astigmatism is too bad, they can make them for my eyes, but it feels like I have a square rock sitting on the really bad eye. I can wear one just fine in the other eye though.
  4. I split meals with my daughter. We both love seafood and neither of us eat much. (she's in the profile photo with me)
  5. a tablespoon of sf instant pudding gives it a creamier texture, I use sugar free davinci syrup in mine (chocolate and sometimes a dash of hazelnut---but they quickly overwhelm the taste IMO so beware!) I would stick to no calorie/no nutrient sweeteners (like splenda) until checking with the doctor to see how additons may fit with the preop diet you are on. When I first started drinking shakes, I found that super SUPER ice cold helped me to not gag at the first sip. Experiment with texture (icy, plain, extra flavor), temp, consistency (thicker or thinner) ect until you find a way to get them down.
  6. Oh man I have been wanting some chicken liver or beef liver, but....I don't know how to cook them!! I should look into that for the *next* time my husband is on a work related trip. He won't even fathom the idea of touching them. They don't even sell them here (precooked) as far as I've found. I know fried would be an indulgence, but I could peel off that breading and blot the oil off them! They are an excellent source of iron too.
  7. I started out just walking, now...I just do whatever I'm in the mood for. Some days it's just getting in my fitbit goal steps--without any purposeful exercise otherwise, and others I go play tennis for an hour or two. The most effective exercise is one you'll do. I won't keep up with a running regimen, my knees won't let me (though I did try, and try and try and try again before I decided that my knees were the boss of me!) I am, however, in more of a maintenance stage right now. I'd like to lose more, eventually, but my surgeon and I both agree that without my stomach skin, I'd probably be at my goal weight, so I'm not actively trying to get any smaller, but rather maintain my 135 to 140lbs.
  8. Mine has cycled through so many changes this past year. It was already falling out after having some pretty bad high blood sugar, then I had my surgery a few months later and it "bounced back" but then started falling out again of course, around the 3/4 month mark or so. Then it has been super frizzy and coarse for a while, (in my profile photo I had spent about an hour flat ironing it!) and now today it's about mid thickness---not quite as full as it used to be, but not as thin as it has been, and...starting to go back to a more normal for me texture. It's always been frizzy when it rains but for a while there I was using the flat iron every time I washed because other wise my banks would shrink up to about an inch long! Now they are tame after washing and air drying again. crazy hair is crazy!
  9. This is also how my insurance requirements worked, my representative whom I spoke to when I requested the surgical center I chose was very encouraging and told me that for THEIR purposes, I needed to not gain, and needed to lose at least 1lb. to show that I put in some sort of effort. Of course I got diabetic ketoacidosis midway through and lost about 10 lbs so I didn't have any issues with that requirement. However, EVERY plan is different. Even different setups from the same company, they can vary by region with the same name.
  10. Eluna


    We're going to Cincinnati for a few weeks this summer, with a side trip to my mother in law's lake time share in Tennessee, perhaps with some visiting family near by too. I usually bring at least one carton of almond milk (the kind that can be out of the fridge until opened) and a few protein bars and a few baggies of premeasured protein powder. Mostly for those times when we didn't plan meals out well enough and I just can't find anything suitable to eat at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. This has only really happened a couple of times on some really back roads mind you, but it HAS happened that I've stopped somewhere that had NO jerky, no nuts, no lunch meat, ect. I wound up having my protein powder in whole milk....and i'm lactose intolerant! It wasn't an enjoyable ride home, but I had to have SOMETHING after hiking for several hours. (I think there had been a bus come through or something, but hey, it HAS happened!) I like to have a back up. I also bring my vitamins with me, usually a container with enough for the trip and a few days. (I even carry a few in a baggie in my backpack to campus daily just in case I forgot them in the morning.)
  11. Eluna

    Steak or not?

    I eat steak about once a week in the summer. During the "off" season, if we go out I typically get steak or shrimp, especially in a good salad!
  12. Eluna


    I really like this stuff, BUT, I eat too much of it so I don't buy it anymore. The berry has 11g of carbohydrates per serving. http://www.larabar.com/products/renola
  13. You look great! It's hard to look down and NOT see anything but belly (even if it is mostly skin now!) I have moments where I look down and feel like I'm still 220+ lbs and then my spouse will be like....dude, you're wearing a shirt that used to be tight as a GOWN!
  14. Isn't that the greatest feeling!?
  15. I just get a tightness, I've never had anything come back up though from being over full. At first I measured and ate exactly what I wanted from that measured portion, if it was all of it fine, if it was 2 or 3 bites fine. Now i measure my meat and veggies, and I eat most of my meat (If it doesn't "chew" properly it goes in a napkin!) and then I eat the veggies until I feel satisfied. If it's a casserole type dish (not that we have those often, my husband is not big on food that touches), I'll pick the meat/protein out first, and eat around the carbs--Even though I "counted" them on my fitness pal I may only take a few bites total. It's a give and take, you learn what your body will tolerate.