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  1. I am on Celebrate vitamins, after trying to do the prenatal and otc brand. My surgery was in April and I was definitely having vitamin issues. My hair is falling out and other signs of poor nutrition. I got the 90 day supply multi vitamin, calcium and iron package and I'm into my second set of 30 days. My hair loss has slowed, not stopped, but so much better!! I feel better and people tell me often that I look AMAZING what a wonderful word to hear. I'd highly recommend Celebrate to anyone and everyone. Also I had a vitamin panel at my surgeon a few weeks ago, after about 30 days on the vitamins and I showed a deficiency of Vitamin D so I bought that also from Celebrate. Everything else was good, which made me very happy.
  2. Thank you, you should keep a photo wls journal too. It really helps seeing the differences. Good luck on your journey!

  3. Thank you so much! I also feel 10 years younger. It is amazing really.

  4. you look great, I love the progress pictures

  5. wow you are doing great, awesome change

  6. you look great, at least 10 years or more younger

  7. Hey there we must have a pretty close surgery date, mine is 4-3-09. You are doing great

  8. Great job!! It's my first really big goal too and I can't wait to get there.
  9. eva0714

    44th birthday

    July 14th, happy birthday to me
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    Welcome to the site
  11. I agree Phoenix, it's great to see you back, I've missed reading your posts and now I'm going to go make myself a protein drink.
  12. I had a rough start in just having some small complications after surgery. But now that I'm healthier and stronger and down close to 60lbs I don't have one regret. I can't quit smiling, it's like I've swallowed a hanger :-)
  13. This thread is too funny, love the joke. Dangle away my dear sir, dangle away
  14. Thank you all for all your lovely comments, it feels great
  15. My 3rd month anniversary was July 3rd, I've lost 55lbs