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  1. Momentarily perturbed!

  2. Hi all! I have a question that may have been asked before, but I will ask it again. As you lost weight, especially those who have been overweight since birth (like me! :-)), did your perception to fit into spaces change? What I mean by this is.....okay, I go into the docs waiting room and look at the chairs and know I won't fit into them, or, going down the asile of say a bus, do you still turn sideways, thinking you wouldn't fit straight on? How long did it take you to adjust your perception to fit your new body? Did you sit in seats, etc. just to see if you now fit? I am really curious about these things and hope to answer these question myself someday soon. :-)
  3. I'm wondering when, or if, the doctor will be answering my question....

    1. BugdocMom


      If you submitted to "Ask Dr. Callery" it can sometimes take a while. If it is something you could use some non-professional advice about, you may want to post it on the forum to get some feedback while you wait for an "official" response from the doc

  4. Appointments, appointments, appointments....

  5. I screwed up and got lost in Ann Arbor......failed to get to the meeting. Second try will hopefully be on next Thursday. :0(

  6. Wednesday is the "official" start of my journey! :-)

    1. Lynne1970


      Good for you. Good luck with your WLS.....

    2. Zachy4u


      Congrats!!! You'll do great! It's a blessing. :)

  7. I had agoraphobia a while back. Going out anywhere, I would start sweating, shaking and then I would have to have a BM. When I would go to the restroom, I would calm down just enough to finish my task and get out of there. I was able to overcome most of this, and now get bright red cheeks and sweaty at the checkout, and once in a while, I still have to go to the restroom, but am able to go to the store by myself if I want to. I had to do a lot of things on my own for my husband (we are separated now) when he was in jail and then went to prison. I drove to see him, 90 miles away, and was frisked just to meet with him for an hour. I am quite proud of myself for how much I've grown over the last nine years or so, so much that I will be attending the first meeting for WLS alone and am not bothered one bit! :-) There is light at the end of the tunnel, and maybe having a child to care for, will be the turning point in your agoraphobia and you will find that focusing on his or her needs will trigger the change. I even found that some of my other fears, ones I've had since childhood, have lessesed. Keep up the hope! :-)
  8. Hi Nestingdoll! I use the MyFitnessPal app for android and it has a barcode scanner to scan a food's barcode. I can't say that itis 100% accurate, but it is there. I like myfitnesspal because I can sign in on my computer and it will bring up my entries from my app. I then print them for my recording of my 6 month weightloss attempt before surgery. I can also note my fasting blood sugars and insulin injections, as well as my excercising. One thing that does bother me, as that when you put in your excercises, it adds the calories burned to your available intake. For example, I have say 850 calories left for the day. When I enter my water aerobics and burn off 703 calories, it then adds it to what I have left to eat and then bring the calories left amount to 1553! I only start with 1800 per day, so then I feel like I am cheating! :-) So what I do is not add the excercising until the end of the day, simple enough!
  9. You look absolutely fab! That is what I am hoping to be able to wear someday.... a simple pop-over the head dress.....not a muu muu! :-) I have already bought some patterns that I hope to shrink into.
  10. I will be there and thought I would ask and see if anybody on TT would be attending too! So, anybody, anybody? :-)
  11. I will be attending the there anyone else on TT who will be there also? Would you like to chat?
  12. I have gained back 6 pounds. I knew it would because I haven't been able to go to my water aerobics. First off, mother nature visited me, so I figured that since I had a bit of time off, I would do a tattoo. That was a mistake. It seems that because of my Diabetes, my tattoo caused a skin infection. It is getting better and the tat is almost healed, so hopefully I can get back to the pool on Monday, even if I have to wear a vinyl glove in the pool! :-)
  13. Well, I bought a big canister of the EAS vanilla complete the other day. I was suprised at how "gritty" it is. I am sure it is because of the fiber they add. I have tried it various ways so far, but my fav is one scoop added to 8 oz. of unsweetened almond milk and a packet of folgers good! Sort of like some of those fancy lattes at McD. :-)
  14. 17 pounds in 1 1/2 months with diet and exercise! Yay!

  15. Does anyone know if there is a "ribbon" for WLS? Or even just a color for representing WLS? I would like to get a tattoo after my surgery and think it would be cool to have a special color. Any thoughts??? :-)