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    Army wife and mom to 4 kids. Love traveling, reading and scuba diving.
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    Dr. Marquez
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  1. I am from Creston Iowa but as an Army wife we move and I am in TX currently.....
  2. Not hungry at will be not even head hungry.....
  3. I was 4/22 and Im feeling better....still days w/ little energy. Little sore but doing well.....hate EAS ready made choc pro shakes!!!
  4. Doc called last week....apparently a new robotic machine made its way to TX...not even available to purchase yet and all the docs are lining up to try my doc must have got it to try on the 22nd so she called and moved me from the it's even closer....been busy shopping off my post op list....
  5. I did not have to take at test....just a 20 min talk the the Doc....I was worried though....please don't let me
  6. I'm in TX and I have surgery 4/23.....thanks for writing your helps me to prepare....
  7. It feels good to get attn. from someone else. It makes you feel better. Attractive. Desired......but it will bring So many problems to your life it will be nearly impossible to focus on how you should be one after having an affair ever says "That was the best thing I could have done for myself, my mate, my kids." Its not worth the loss of self's not worth the damage or the wounds it will inflict. If you are unhappy in your marriage/relationship---do not muddy the waters with infidelity. End one relationship before you engage in another.... Push away and stay clear of that me I have lived this and it is hell. Don't add more issues to your life and risk failing...
  8. I think because I had turned in logs of past diets ranging in time from 3 months to 18 months that may have fulfilled the evidence of attempts and pat adv said I may have to do a 2 month sup diet as Tricare was being a bit difficult but she talked to a diff Tricare nurse who approved it right away and did not know why the other nurse held it up so mine was submitted on a Mon afternoon and I think it was Thurs afternoon it went through.
  9. Anyone from Bell County or even Texas? Surgery soon. Would like someone to start this journey around the same time and commiserate with....
  10. I've started going through the whats this the right thing? what if I cant do it? what if I fail? what if something goes wrong? I just got approved today but do not have an op date....hoping it's in April.....It would be good if we all were about the same time so we walk this journey together......
  11. My packet was submitted on Monday afternoon. I kept checking Tricare and it never even showed up....I was getting worried. So I finally called my Pat Adv. today and confirmed that she had gotten confirmation they received my file. She said she had been back and forth w/ them regarding it and they wanted more documentation of something so she sent it. She said my Physician's letters was one of the most comprehensive she had seen and was confused by the hold-up. She said she has never been given a hard time by the Tricare people--that one of the other advocates in the office typically have to deal w/ the difficult nurses. She said that I may have to do a 2 month supervised diet w/ my Dr and if I wanted to be proactive and seek additional records from Drs regarding my loss attempts....I explained I never really coordinated that with the Dr and additionally my Dr had changed several times between military, civilians and different states/countries... I asked her to keep me updated. She called back this afternoon. I really thought it was gonna be bad news...but she said Tricare had finally called her back (she's not allowed to call them) and talked to a different nurse. The nurse asked for the addl info and my adv said it had been sent days ago....the nurse was dumbfounded as to the hold up and said it should have been approved days ago. I'M good to go!!! I have my pre-op on the 7th! I'm blessed to have started the process at the end of February and have approval at the end of March.
  12. According to this it does not state a diet time
  13. Well, I pd for my own psych eval today so I could get my packet submitted to Tricare today rather than wait for Tricare and the Dr office to go back and forth for wks...I will get reimbursed whenever Tricare gets it together....but anyhow I had to visit the nutritionist, have a psych eval, an ekg and a prelim visit w/ my patient advocate today told me that yes Tricare does deny surgeries so now I am sweating bullets....I meet the criteria w/ the BMI and the co-morbidity but idk what to think.....I turned in a log of diff diets I have tried on and off for the last 25 they my still make me try another 6 month one. Some on here have had to and some have not....Mattie was told at first then she had a convo by email where she was told she did not have to have so....let's hope no.....
  14. I just finished all the requirements today and already Tricare is being difficult. Apparently, they did not like the code my psych eval was filed under so it was kicked back. I called and they told me that the Dr's office has to be more hopefully they can input a code that Tricare likes and I get back to the business of waiting and approval.....just nervous about being given more hoops...
  15. I always thought you were a sexy redhead....

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      Love ya girl!! I cant wait to go through this journey with you!! And all the TT ppl are AWESOME!!