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  1. I completed the survey as well. If you send her an email she promised to share the results of her research.
  2. The catheter was not pleasant. It burned when I urinated for 3 days after it was removed. Luckily I had it removed the day after surgery and was able to go on my own. The poor guy next to me had to have his reinserted (not a WLS patient) because he was retaining urine. As sore as everything was I could not imagine having to have one reinserted so soon after having it removed. I felt for the things could have been worse.
  3. Welcome to the group and thanks for sharing your story!!
  4. Good luck with your surgery tomorrow! I hope you feel better prepared now after all of the great advice here in these forums. You will do great I am sure! My surgery date is right behind you, 4/8/14. I am in the exact same place as you are with getting prepared. Luckily my surgeon gave me a pre-op shopping list so I knew exactly what to buy before surgery and what I needed to have waiting for me when I get home. Take care!
  5. Question about timing............. For those that have already had surgery, do you remember how long it took to get an answer from the insurance company and then to set up your pre-op visit and surgery date? Thanks!
  6. I will definitely be packing protein bars/shakes for the trip just in case I find myself not being able to get enough protein in. Getting in enough fluid will definitely be something that I need to stay on top of. We will be walking/hiking pretty much daily on this trip so I could dehydrate very easily. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get an answer/approval from the insurance company quickly!
  7. I am glad to hear everything went so well. The patient coordinator just called me about an hour ago to say that everything was ready to go to insurance yesterday and it was sent over to be submitted. Hopefully the turn around time will be quick and the person actually sending it to the insurance company doesn't take their time. So far they have been very good and have walked me through every part of the process. One question for you....I have a vacation planned at the end of May. Because of some work commitments the earliest I can have surgery is the end of March. Do you think you could have gone on vacation 8 weeks post surgery?
  8. Hello! Createchange....I see you used Dr. Sonnanstine, how was your experience with him and his office? I am hoping the submittal to insurance happens this week and then I can schedule my surgery date. So far I have had nothing but a positive experience with Dr. Sonnanstine's office and the staff have been great. I started this process back in October. My insurance required 4 months of monitored diet with the dietician which I have completed and I have done all of the other tests (upper GI, abdominal ultrasound, pysch evaluation, etc.) as well. They forgot to schedule the H. pylori test but I have it scheduled for next week so that shouldn't hold anything up. It is not an insurance required test anyway. I would love to hear the good, the bad and the ugly of your surgery! What type did you have? I am going for the sleeve gastrectomy. Thanks, Tony