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  1. Happy super bowl Sunday! Tomorrow morning I go in for my pre-op surgical appointment for a tummy tuck, breast lift & augmentation, and liposuction. I'm a full time stay at home mom to three and seven year old boys, and have care set up for myself & kids (and husband!;) ) for the first 10 days post op. Seeking advice on helpful questions to ask the surgeon & care coordinatior tomorrow. Anything you wish you would have known or asked? Any tips or suggestions to make things as easy as possible for everyone? Thank you for your help - it's greatly appreciated!!
  2. So, insurance denied my claim for them to cover the Panniculectomy. I super bummed as this would have helped lower the cost, and I was planning on offsetting the childcare help with this savings. I had my PCP draft a very specific letter outlining rashes, prescriptions & OTC medications tried, affiliated pain & impact on physical and mental daily living. The denial was based on lack of detail & illegible notes - I think he just forwarded his scribbled notes to the surgron's insurance coordinatior. Anyhow, I'm trying to stay positive. The surgery date is one month from today! Did anyone else have insurance issues? Thankfully it was smooth sailing for my VSG (other than it taking *forever*!). Any tips?
  3. 37 now (cringe) & had VSG 19 months ago. I'm down 122 lbs & am literally almost half the person I used to be! How was your first post-op holiday season? I'm remember that being tough mentally, physically, & emotionally. Hard to believe food had (and still has to some degree) over me! I still see my WLS psych once a month to keep myself on track. Backsliding terrifies me! Feel free to send me a message with any questions you may have.
  4. Yikes! Did you stay overnight at the hospital or the in house surgical suite?
  5. Greetings! Much like my VSG procedure, I am both excited and terrified for my upcoming plastic surgery. I feel like it will be the cherry on top of my 110 lbs.-lost sundae (thirty pounds below my surgron's estimated end weight). After deciding on a plastic surgeon I'm going to have a breast lift & augmentation (I was a 40H, now wear a 32 DD (mostly skin shoved in), and was told I'd be a B with just a lift. I want to be a C+\D- like when I was in shape in HS. Also I'm having a hip to hip tummy tuck, with lipo to eliminate a muffin top (plus some lipo on my stubborn saddle bags that haven't gone away with intense workouts). All in one, five-hour procedure & I'll be staying one night post op. My question is: what advice do you have to make this procedure as seemless as possible. I have 3.5 & 7 y/o sons plus three large dogs, so I know I'll need to hire help for 3-4 weeks post op. That aside, did you continue hard core workouts up until surgery to strengthen your core? What supplies did you find most useful immediately after and a few weeks out (after tubes are removed)? Thank you for your advice & guidance!
  6. Yay Wendy!!! Congrats! I remember getting my date and everything finally sinking in... Cheryl - I'm sorry for your parental situation. Mine was similar. My mom especially, who has always been small, was convinced there was a non-surgical alternative. I guess the main difference is that they were aware from the get go, and they eventually came around once they realized a few things. Explaining the procedure again & quality of NMH, and that I need this "tool" in order to have true success. She didn't understand that food was (is- it never truly goes away) an addition for me, and behavioral modification alone hadn't worked over the years. Do you still see you WL Psych? Taking them to a session may beveneficial if they're open to it? Good luck - it sounds like they're just concerned and unfamiliar.
  7. Lexuskela- for what it's worth I was sleeved 6/27/14. Almost eleven months out I've lost 115 - 20 lbs below where they estimated I'd be - without an exercise routine (I know, I know - slap wrist!). Knock on wood there haven't been any negative side effects. For me, meeting with the surgeon determined my final choice. He prefers bypass for diabetics or people with more complications. For me, he thought the sleeve made the most sense & I've been thrilled. Feel free to pm me with questions.
  8. Congrats on getting your date!! We're almost exactly a year apart. I came in at a size 22w, and today am a medium size 8/10. Life. Altering. Dropping 113 lbs with great support (medical & personal) and no (knock on wood!) post surgery complications is an amazing feeling, and I'm so happy you're on your way!!! This practice & surgery, like so many others, changed my life. You're in great hands & almost to the losers bench!!
  9. Hi Cheryl! Be sure to stay on top of BCBS IL PPO. I called them everyday to check the status (I had surgery 6/14, and Stephanie submitted on my behalf from Dr Nagle's office). I lost almost a week because the BCBS rep I was speaking to was looking at the wrong computer screen. My advice is to just try to get to a supervisor, explain your situation, and as politely as possible make sure you're getting someone who will click an extra button for you.
  10. Congrats John!! My sleeve was last June - great time of year to have the surgery imo! Pierce, just ask any questions you have about the procedure & what they do day of (who will be there, who is involved, i.e. him, in checking in with you post op at the hospital, etc. you'll do great!!
  11. Wendy - that's awful! What a snafu on their part. FYI- Always get your parking ticket validated at the info desk - it lowers the cost to $14. Everybreakingwave - My info session to surgery date was five months. Personally, I wonder how many people who attend the info session end up getting the surgery. There are a lot of "hoops" to jump through (for your benefit/success, and insurance qualification). It gets more personalized the further you progress, but I never felt as if someone was holding my hand throughout the process. Although if you are nice & personable people will take you under their wing and may be able to help speed things up. Overall, you have to be on top of everything in order to have a "quick" surgery date. My prelim consultation at North Shore felt like it was more hands on. NW is more of a machine due to a) their reputation as the best, sheer volume of patients (they are also one of the few centers of excellence to accept Medicare. That being said, I went back to NorthShore twice for post-op support groups, and they were CLUELESS. No one at the front desk or patient coordinators could find any info on meetings (which seems like it would be straightforward, right?!). I left my cell number, and when they called I went in & the info was from a year & a half prior. All I can speak for is my personal experience which is: North Shore: more "hand holding", convenient to those north of the city, less organized, lower success rate (based on my WLS pdychologist's practice experience - which is heavily used by both hospitals) Northwestern: more of a factory line approach, best regarded doctors/dietitians, high success rates with organized post-op meetings, have to drive to the city & pay for parking. Again, this is based on my own personal experiences with the VH NorthShore location & Dr. Nagle, Laurie, & Kaitlin at NMH.
  12. Thanks Ladies! I was *hoping* this was just one of those strange phases. We've started keeping sugar out of the house which is difficult with 3 & 6 year old kids. Usually a protein bar will quench my sweet tooth (which almost always happens late at night), but this junk food craving has been out of control. I appreciate the suggestions & support! I know this is a lifestyle change, and I thought I was doing well. Sigh...
  13. I'm nearly eight months post-op VSG, and a few pounds below my "target" weight. This is the number my surgeon said I'd likely end up at, but the dietician wants me in the normal BMI category (which means losing another ten lbs). Anyway, I've been pretty good about my postop diet. Zero alcohol or carbonated beverages, 80-120 grams of protein daily, low carb, low sugar, not much fast food, etc. Over the holidays it was scary how quickly a little taste of sugar (christmas cookies were my nemesis) made me crave it like crazy. Lately I've been craving my old comfort foods: fast food cheeseburgers & fries, pizza, coke zero, cookies, candy... I'm not sure what is happening since I've had an occasional craving here and there got these things, but they pass. This has been non stop for over a week now. I'm petrified because my will power isn't solid, and I'm a stress eater. Has anyone else experience cravings coming back all at once (with a vengeance)? If so, how did you overcome the cravings? Thank you for your help & support!