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  1. I just had an iron infusion 2 weeks ago. No issues. Hooked up the IV, got some fluids started, switched to the iron and it was done. Easy peasy. No after effects. I did make sure I was properly hydrated, as I do know it makes it easier to find a vein. I also have hereditary hemachromatosis, and had so much iron that I had to have 4 draws done to get rid of the excess.....that was one too many, as I then ended up with an iron deficiency....go figure....
  2. Yes, you always have water with you! I rarely leave my house without a water bottle.
  3. Thank you! Not sure of my weekend work schedule yet, though.....
  4. Glad you decided against it....besides, lobster is not considered a mushy chewable food, no matter how much you chew it! Check out the site "the world according to eggface". She has a ton of recipes posted for early stages. I'm not sure what you have tried, but Nashua Nutrition offers samples of every protein powder they sell. I tried many, but ultimately landed on Syntrax Nectar (not milky, mix with water, more like Kool Aid) or Syntrax 2.0 (mixes with water or milk). You can order online or take a ride up to Nashua. GNC will take back opened products if you don't like them. I thinned my shakes out a lot with additional water and they went down easier. I also liked to add ice....I thought they tasted better cold. You will get through the week onto mushy food but you will still need the protein shakes for nutrition. Good luck!
  5. Oh goodness! No!!!! Dr Ameri did my surgery as well, don't deviate from his plan!
  6. Dr. Darius Ameri has a GREAT support group. We meet every other month in Winchester. Call his office in Stoneham for the information. His whole team is wonderful!
  7. I'm a teacher. I took two weeks of work off, and that was butted up against a week of vacation for a total of 3 weeks. I was tired the first week but was fine. 2weeks for me would have been pushing it.
  8. Get a second opinion. I highly recommend Dr. Darius Ameri. Office in Stoneham, operates out of Winchester Hospital. I chose him over NSMC and Lahey Hospital.
  9. Nashua nutrition offers samples of every protein they carry. I think they are around $2 each. Great company to work with. Your tastes will change after surgery. I found that the thinner the shake, the easier it was to drink. Also, try the Syntrax Vanilla and Chocolate....I think they are easy to get down and really don't have an odor to them. Good luck! It is worth it!
  10. I just completed this...good to bring all those basics and good habits back to the forefront. Good luck!
  11. Hi all! I haven't been on here much, but wanted to share my pic from this morning (ignore my daughter's messy room...). Celebrating 3 years of better health! And of course, it was Patriots Day at school today! If you are just starting out, hang in there, follow your program, and you will be successful!
  12. My daughter had RNY at age 19. Her life was miserable at self esteem, no social life, etc. Her knees and feet hurt all the time. Surgery was the BEST thing she ever did for herself. If you are ready, and you pass the psych exam, are ready to make lifelong changes, then I say go for it!
  13. Yes, I'm cold ALL. THE. TIME! I cannot stand for any cold air to touch my body. I carry a sweatshirt with me to the pool in the summer!! Don't scrimp on paying good money for a winter coat. Mittens instead of gloves. Scarves and hats. Lots of layers. Lots of blankets on the couch and the bed. I am almost 3 years out, and I don't think it's going to get better....
  14. Not at all! I just eat the protein first! My husband does most of our cooking and always adds extra protein to his stews and soups. We eat "blended recipes" all the time. As for salad meals, I do the the protein first, although I will stab some veggies on my fork as well. I don't get the same enjoyment out of a salad meal, so I don't gravitate towards them.
  15. I bet it was the spices.....try ground beef instead. Some people can't tolerate it, but I think I lived on anything with ground beef for a long time!!