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  1. Ok so I was constipated for the first 3 weeks. Then in the last week I've had a BM twice. The first one was the most excruciating, painful, horrific experience ever...until today! Toilet-Armageddon! I won't go into details but lets just say I almost called 911!! I definitely need a stool softener, that's quite obvious. SO the question, or questions rather are: Has anyone experienced this before postop? Is it normal? Do I need more fiber? Will stool softeners solve the issue? Can I even take stool softeners VSG postop? I posted a topic yesterday about the effects of mental and emotional fear when it comes to returning to eating...now I'm fearing the physiological effects! Any help? Thank you all!
  2. So my soft foods phase starts tomorrow, Tuesday 6/10! I'm excited and then I get fearful. Just when I'm excited again I feel extremely sad because I don't WANT to eat again. I don't understand what's going on in my head and I'm hoping someone can relate?? I've been warned of psychological changes and have been dealing with mood swings for a month, but I didn't think there'd be an emotional wall in my way of eating again. I was searching for soft food ideas online when I had an overwhelming urge to cry. I understand my whole relationship with good has been put on its head so is this par for the course?
  3. Yes, after the 3lb week I had a 6lb week and the week after that was 5lb! So at the end of the 4 weeks I've hit 27lbs lost. That's almost a lb a day. I'll take it!
  4. Jolls- that truly is impressive when I look at it like that! Those are great losses! Thanks for the advice. It was a momentary lapse in my thought process. I tell ya, when I was being educated about what was to come I can truly say the whole process already has been much different than expected. Spunkycat- I understand what you're saying about diet. I truly don't see this as a diet. If I made that impression I suppose I failed to elaborate my thoughts precisely. I was just comparing my new life with the agony of dieting and I suppose you are correct; these two lives are in no way the same. The yo-yo days are over! Thanks for the encouragement. Tmcgee- I guess I AM ahead of the curve when compared to most...I'll retreat back into my easy chair now and enjoy the next two weeks with my puréed food
  5. How you feeling today? Hopefully better. You know I had many gas issues but not much cramping, although it did come and go slightly. What I found worked brilliantly is peppermint tea. When I say peppermint tea, I mean all natural, NOTHING added, $8 a box peppermint tea. I'd give it a shot. It was the only thing that soothed me from 3 days post op until now when I got the intestinal/stomach cramping and gurgling.
  6. Interesting replies. Thank you all! I'm pretty surprised with the consensus that 2lbs/week is expected, normal or typical. I suppose all those testimonies about people losing 40-50lbs the first month were WAY excessive. It's ok, I'm over it already. Especially since I just saw my cousins for the first time since my surgery unexpectedly and their eyes bulged out of their heads when they saw me. It was hard to explain HOW I was discouraged by losing 'only' 3lbs. So y'all are right and I'll be fine. Thanks for indulging my silly concerns.
  7. Ok, so it's two weeks post op. I decided to do my 'weigh-ins' on Mondays so the first week was 6 days but the second has been 7. The strange part is my week 1 loss (on a short week) was 13lbs BUT week 2 is only 3lbs!!! So I understand it took longer to put it on, I need to be patient and all the other phrases I see on here. BUT, is it REALLY normal to lose 13 one week and 3 the next?? I'm making my protein goals, liquid goals and I'm sticking to my ALL liquid diet. Tomorrow starts my puréed period for two weeks but I'm freaking out cause now I'll be consuming MORE, so will my weight loss be LESS?? Sheesh, 3lbs! I did that on the other 5 million diets I've tried in my life. So go ahead, call me inpatient! But I'm just freaked out. Is this normal? I know, I know, I know I'll be laughing at this later, when I have skinny people problems, but this moment in the here and now, I'm confused, inpatient and worried...
  8. Trust me, I feel your pain! Today is my last day of liquids only and I'm already getting my meals puréed for tomorrow. Not only that but it starts having a regular 3 meal a day schedule which will be nice. I've just had about enough cream of chicken soup to last me forever. Keep up the good work and follow the rules!
  9. Thanks for the response. I just realized you had your VSG 7 days before me and have lost 57lbs. How many of those pounds were preop? Or is that ALL from 5/6 forward?
  10. Ok so my post title is more of a statement of my problem, my symptoms and the possible relief! I just want to put it out there to all my WLS folks, HOW did you help yourself through this and how LONG did it take to get over? Any advice or suggestions would be extremely welcome. 4 days post op, suppose I should not be complaining?
  11. I'm on day 4 and the shoulder pain from gas has subsided but the esophageal pain is still there with EVERY SINGLE SIP! According to this post you should be at like day 9 or 10 right? How u feeling now?
  12. My surgery was 5-13! I'm glad yours went so well. Now it's all about walking! Getting that gas out...OUCH!
  13. Thanks all for the kind words. Surgery went perfect, although coming out of anesthesia was worse than I've ever experienced. It was hell on earth Tuesday and Wednesday! Now it's Saturday and most of the gas has subsided and I was really quite positive I was going to die haha!
  14. You got this brother! My surgery is on Tuesday, 5/13 and I'm not sleeping at night either. And I've been through a few surgeries so I'm not what you'd call scared or nervous but any surgery has some anxiety in tow, so believe me I can empathize.
  15. I'm nervous but never been more excited in my whole life! Tuesday May 13th is my surgery date for my VSG. I feel like I should be doing 100 B&A photos and starting a blog and starting my 'journey' YouTube channel but I'm just overwhelmed right now that I haven't started doing it yet. I know if I don't do it I will regret it enormously! So for now this is it and perhaps I will post again 24hrs out! Bye y'all! OH YEAH, QUESTION! Where does everyone get the lb counter at the bottom of their pages? Thanks!
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