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  1. For the better part of 2 years (it's been a year and 1/2 since surgery) I've been actively losing weight. I've had slip ups, I've taken it easy sometimes, occasionally I don't work out etc. I'm 3 lbs away from my own goal (doc never gave me one and never asked me what it was) and I don't know where to go from here. The last few months I've been obsessed with the scale and I'm always excited when it reads lower than the day before. I've lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks. Now I get on the scale and I think.... Now what? I was a size 24/26 and 300 lbs at the start of this, now I'm a size 6, 4 depending on brand. 148 lbs. BMI considered overweight but "normal" BMI wouldnt look good on me. What happens from here? It's strange not having something to strive for. Lost.
  2. Honestly, mostly what bothers me is my panni. I don't really care that my thighs are flabby, my arms I really couldn't care less about even though I have bat wings. I just don't want to get the panni taken care of and still have the extra skin above it. I'm in a size 8 right now which I'm absolutely OVER the MOON about. I was wearing size 14 that I bought a month ago when we were on vacation and just for grins and giggles, I thought "hey, lets try a size 10. Hmm.. those are big. Size 8? NO WAY!" so honestly I'm completely comfortable staying where I'm at now... but having the panni removed and a little nip/tuck on the tummy would be fantastic and make me feel normal and be able to fit into clothes like any normal person would. Doing a little research, it looks like I'd need an inverted T tuck because I have a lot of excess skin above the belly button. *sigh* Guess I'll just bite the bullet and talk to my PCM.
  3. I know that some, if not most people tend to either set a goal weight on their own or sets one with their doctor. I did neither of those. Of course I had grandiose fantasies about being 125 and all that but reality is here. I have lost 140 lbs and currently weigh 158 lbs. I am literally 10 lbs away from having lost 150 lbs. I always said to myself "I just want to lose the extra 150" but now honestly.... I'm NERVOUS! Why? I don't know. Really. It should be exciting! but I think mentally, I had prepared myself to stay in the 140's because I think I look good at this weight. I think honestly if I lose anymore past 140'ish, I'll start to look skeletal. Can you decide where you want to stay or does your body just do it's own thing? It's almost like I just want to stall things where they are. I know I should lose more, to fit into the "normal" BMI range but I like myself right NOW. Does this make any sense? lol And then there's the extra skin and it's removal to think about that will further alter my body. Thinking of speaking to my PCM soon about plastics. My insurance (tricare) covers them I believe, but not sure what the conditions are. I may be screwed if I need a loooooong list of things that the extra skin caused that I may have needed treatment for because well, it's annoying but it's caused no health problems and I really cannot bring myself to be dishonest about it, or cause myself pain to get what I want.
  4. 1 month prior to Gastric Bypass - 298 lbs Now (1 year and 10 days post op) - 167
  5. It was some time ago, I want to say maybe 2 years ago that someone posted a thread that was a list of things equal to amount of weight lost. For example, losing ___ lbs is equivalent to the weight of a ____ (insert random object). Does anyone know where I might find it? I know there's been a bit of shuffling around since then and I am capable of using the search function but I honestly don't have the foggiest idea what I would even search FOR lol I'm hoping someone might have it bookmarked or visited it recently
  6. LOL! I would LOVE to buy you and your husband lunch (or a pickle.) Again, LOL!

    You are a great person. I am proud to be your friend. Stay in touch. (If I can figure out this private message thing, I will send you my cell #) Again, God bless, my friend! :-)

  7. I'm 9 months out and I've lost 112 lbs. I feel like I haven't lost sufficiently and have been within the same 5 lb range for the last month. I'm working out at least 3-4 days a week doing an hour on the treadmill for 3-3.5 miles. Then I do 20 minutes with weight equipment. I admit, I am lax in my protein (still can't tolerate shakes, and a protein bar is difficult for me to get down since they're way sweet to my palate. I'm using "pure protein" bars that have 30 grams per bar). Sometimes I don't get all my fluids. I also admit that lately I've grown addicted to unsweetened decaf iced tea. Half a lemon and some sweet & low and I'm in heaven. It seems that this way I tend to get my fluids in and I lose weight more quickly but I'm not entirely sure it's completely healthy. Ideas on that? For the sake of honesty and at the risk of being flogged, yes, I will at times partake in pasta and breads but I've never overdone it. I have not come across anything that makes me dump ever since my 3 procedures in the first 3 months to stretch out my opening, which would constantly have me throwing up anything more thick than baby food. My main problem is that I STILL do not feel hunger or fullness. I only know fullness when I literally feel food backing up into my throat and it's not until after that, that I feel like I'm going to explode. I take my time, chew chew chew, occasionally I'll break the rules and have a drink with my meal, which I'm working hard to overcome because I don't want to stretch out. Sometimes I'll go a day without eating because I just don't think of it. Sometimes I'll eat more than I should through the day because I'm paranoid I'm not eating anything and overcompensate. This is quite frustrating. Don't get me wrong, it's terribly nice to not feel that gnawing hunger that some people describe, but it would be so much easier if I KNEW with certainty when I'm hungry or full. Some days I only have to eat very little to feel the food backing up, other days it's like a bottomless pit. I know the body takes time to heal, but has it ever been heard that some people never regain those sensations? When I questioned my surgeon about lack of hunger or fullness cues, he said there's no such nerve that was cut and give it a month or so. This was a long time ago. I'm terribly afraid that I'll one day throw away my concern for my lack of hunger or fullness cues that I'll regain my weight. I can't afford to fail at this. I don't WANT to fail at this.
  8. Not for the USAF reserves either. For something of that proportions you'd need a medical waiver almost directly from the President. It's a matter of being able to consume enough calories in such a short amount of time and still being able to function on the rigorous schedule they're on in training. For OP: I wanted to do the same thing but knew it was an automatic DQ (disqualifier) so I'm currently pursuing a criminal justice degree. Have you gotten your surgery yet? If not, call a recruiter and say "Listen, I'm overweight but I want to join. Work with me and I will make your effort worthwhile". My ex-bf was severely overweight and he wanted to join the USMC and his recruiter worked him out HARD. You'll have to find a recruiter who won't brush you off. You need to find someone that will have the desire to work with you. Those are far and few in between but trust me, they do exist. Good luck sweetie.
  9. Peekaboo! Not sure if you'd get a notification about my response to your comment on my profile page so I'm leaving you a note here. Of COURSE I remember you! How can I forget another fan of the pickle lady? :o) We're coming home in June and July for 2 weeks. I'd love to get together if you're not opposed! Congrats on your surgery success and thank you so much for...

  10. CABBIE!! I was actually JUST thinking about you a little bit ago! Congratulations on your weight loss, you must be ecstatic! Are you still in Jersey? We're going home on leave in June and July and we'll be in NJ for two weeks. I'd love to get together at the pickle lady or for lunch lol.

  11. You were very kind to me at a time in my life when I most needed it. Thank you, my friend, and God bless.

    PS -- A day after our military killed Osama bin Laden, please do me a favor and tell your husband that I said "Thank you!" for his service to your nation. Again, God bless.

  12. Hi, my friend! I doubt you remember me. Like you, I am also a fan of the Collingswood Auction "Pickle Lady." :-) ... I saw that you had your surgery. Congrats! I am proud of you. I have lost 200lbs since my surgery two years ago. I now weight 170lbs. (I will post pictures soon.) I just wanted to congratulate you on your success. I also wanted to thank you for being so kind to me...

  13. When I stepped on my scale yesterday and saw a double whammy. Not only did I officially lose 100 lbs but I made it to ONEDERLAND!! wewt! wewt! >cue Jersey fist pump music<
  14. Hubby has been on 12 hour shifts at the shop for a month now so things here at home have been crazy and neither one of us is getting much sleep. Oh how I envy my son right now (he'll be a year old in 3 more days!!), he's the only one getting sleep lol Last night hubby came home with 4 bouquets of flowers and a giant stuffed hello kitty and this morning I woke up to a lovely protein stacked breakfast made by hubby and son. Totally feeling loved Well, I'm now 6 months out and I've lost a grand total of 90 lbs! I've dropped from a size 22/24 to a 14. I've actually started taking pride in my appearance now. It's a strange thing, but a happy one. Hopefully by my 1 year, I'll have lost the next 50-60 lbs and be at goal. I still never have a chance to work out, but I've recently ordered a proper pair of workout shoes and a nifty set of workout pants and as soon as the military sees fit to allow my husband to be at home for a few more hours, perhaps I can slip out to the gym. I know it's not an excuse, I can work out at home with my 'walk away the lbs' dvd but I have an ongoing war with the neighbor downstairs because of his one man concerts that shake picture frames off my walls. He complains about my son waking up and crying in the middle of the night and his crawling on the floor (his ceiling) is a major disturbance to him. To avoid the (100th) argument, I'm biding my time until he moves out (read: evicted) soon or I can actually get to a gym. I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines day!