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  1. smileykid

    Medicare coverage

    Does anyone know if medicare covers WLS? Or any of the skin removal afterward? What about the supplemental policies/ THanks
  2. smileykid

    Kane center/Suburban Surgical in IL

    Yes, I had my surgery with Dr. Guske. I attended the informational seminar at the end of September 2013 and had the surgery December 3, 2013. All of my approvals went very quickly - but I made sure I was pushing everyone to get them done quickly. I also didn't need the sleep test as I already had a c-pap. From the informational seminar I asked for whichever Dr. had the first open appt. - I think I waited about 3 weeks for the first opening. I was very happy with Dr. Guske. I had the gastric sleeve.
  3. smileykid

    The feeling of being judged/embarassed

    I told only a few close friends, my kids and sister & brothers before the surgery. Many more people know now. I don't know if the kids told my ex or not - but I really don't care what he or his wife thinks - that's their problem, not mine. So far I have been lucky and everyone has been extremely supportive. I have not, however, told my Mother. She always had negative things to say about my weight and I expect that she would have negative things to say now. When she wanted to know how I am losing weight I told her it didn't really matter how, as long as I was happy with it. And that's my answer every time she asks. She has badgered my sister for information and my sister tells her it's really none of her business or to ask me. I figure it's not her business any more than it is my ex's business.
  4. I only buy as I lose. I usually go to Goodwill or thrift store - not in them long enough to spend a lot of money. Then I donate them back. I won't buy ahead. Before the surgery I would buy something anticipating losing 5-10# and never happened. Gave away too many clothes with tags still on them. Guess it's kind of like a superstition, if I buy them ahead I won't need them or won't get there.
  5. smileykid


    I've always been hot - even before gaining weight. Now I'm always cold. After last winter I didn't think I'd ever be warm again. Used to always have a fan in my office - now I need a heater!
  6. smileykid

    Dancing as exercise.

    I linedance 2-3 times a week. There is a selection on MyFitnessPal for linedancing, dancing, etc - just put in how long and it calculated the calories for you.
  7. 10 months out and falling into an old habit. Eating baked goods. I don't have a problem at home - don't keep the stuff there, but am suddenly having a problem at work when people bring goodies for birthdays. One lady keeps mini candy bars in a bowl by her desk - they never bothered me before the surgery, now it's like a magnet. I think part of it is we are slow at work, therefore boredom sets in and the old habits are coming back. I am getting 80-90 grams of protein a day along with at least 80 or more ozs. of water. I'm not hungry. It's mindless eating. Not sure how to turn it around again. I'm getting really frustrated with myself. Any suggestions?
  8. smileykid

    Never will I ever again

    Never again will I wear elastic waist pants!
  9. smileykid

    That moment when...

    You are soooo right - it's the little things - like getting on a plane and not needing a seatbelt extender, getting in your car and having to move the seat closer, losing right past those clothes that still had tags on them, being able to walk and dance without getting winded and just feeling better in general! It's fantastic!!
  10. smileykid

    When did you?

    My surgeon did a full blood work up at 3 months. They need to make sure you are getting enough of everything from your vitamins. I had to add additional D3 and calcium. I would absolutely have the blood work up. I felt better knowing everything in general was ok.
  11. smileykid

    eating slowly

    Thanks so much - I'll try them all.
  12. I am 4 months out and having a problem eating slow enough. I end up eating too fast then feel full and bloated - like the old days. I don't need or want the old days back. Any ideas on how to make myself slow down?
  13. I'm from Carol Stream, IL
  14. smileykid


    WOW! I thought it was just me also. It started in the hospital and continued for 4-5 weeks. Didn't seem to have anything to do with when or what I ate or drank. It stopped after that.
  15. Rascus, Are you sure it comes back? Mine is thinning also at 2 months out and it's been scaring the heck out of me.