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  1. Oh Boy! My favorite Duckie had a birthday. My friend, my pal Duckie enjoyed another B-Day. Happy B-Day my Duckie friend. I love and miss my Duckie. I'm so glad my Duckie is doing well!
  2. Hey all. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I'm doing fine, surviving and refusing to give up. I'm working part time at the Levi's-Dockers store at the Ontario Mills. Even with my wife working as a day care director, it's still pretty rough. For those who don't know, I've been out of work/under employed for nearly 3 years. Just to give you an idea of what my family and I have gone through - Shortly after losing my job, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. It took a year of hell, but she's 100% clear. To pay for our COBRA, my truck was repossessed, filed bankruptcy and las
  3. Hey all. I need to sell some of my computer stuff. I have two laptops for sale, a color monitor (not flatscreen), and an Emachines desktop. 1) Gateway Solo 9550 - Works very well, but needs two things - new hinges and keyboard (the left shift key gave out). Parts can be had on Ebay for $30 (I don't have the patience to do the repairs.) 1 GHZ processor, 500 MB RAM, 40 GB hard drive (no bad sectors). Display in perfect condition. I will leave all the software on it - Windows XP Service pack 3, MS Office 2007, and other fun, interesting applications. 2) A "piece of history" - A Toshib
  4. Ya know, my wls surgery was nothing compared to the crap I've gone through since my gall bladder surgery last month. I developed a hematoma under one of my incisions, and the pressure burst through one side. What a mess! Went to the ER, and when the doc examined it, the damn thing started to bleed like a stuck pig! Jeez, it looked like I was shot! They had to suture the damn thing up. For some reason, they are so damn slow to heal, I look like a mess. Otherwise, I'm doing good. Love ya all!
  5. Thanks my friend. Not been around due to the over the top drama that was going on! Looks like things have finally calmed down!
  6. Thanks for the hug, I can always use them! Oh well, you know me! Remember - it took me two years of fighting just to get the wls! I guess I'm a "late bloomer"!
  7. Was taken to the ER Monday morning after a horrible night of severe abdominal pain. Inflamed gall bladder and stones. Sucked that baby out via lap and spent the night in the hospital. Came home yesterday. Got a good nights rest, and feel much better after taking a shower and shave. Taking it easy today, no real pain, may do run some errands later.
  8. I would love to come, and see the "gang", but gotta work. Love to all of ya!
  9. for they are simply stupid! I would suggest "justifiable homicide" myself, but then it's simply not worth the trouble for those two idiots. Simply tell them it's your decision, and you simply don't want to hear anymore. If they continue their trash talk, you may want to consider filing a "hostile work environment" for the crap they are perpetuating. It's none of their business what you do, and their trash mouth is making things worse. If they still won't stop, give me their number! I LOVE to mess with people like that! Keep your head high. Your doing what they won't, and are so
  10. Not been here in quite a while, and I don't recognize ANY of the names here! I've gained a few pounds, but that happens, and doing what I need to do. (Being out of work for as long as I have, and you can't help but put on a few.) Still feeling great, and loving it. Just want to say - from one former fat-butt to the next - Hi! Keep the faith, positive attitude, go forth and enjoy your new life!
  11. Kelly, sorry if I hit a nerve. I understand it's more than just "sex organs."
  12. Hey Kelly! Your ac/dc?! What's the matter, can't decide which way to go? Girl, I'm kinda jealous, you have the best of both worlds! love ya!
  13. Kim; As the "comic" of this wonderful group, there is SOOOO much I could say, but won't, mainly because you don't know me, BUT, I will say we love you just the way you are. Everyone is right, you have to take what people say with a grain of salt, and get yourself out there, squeak and all! I can't see how anyone here can be judgmental, after all, we were/are all "fat" here, and had more than our share of misguided, ignorant judgment.
  14. Duuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiieeeeee! Rrrrrrraaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnn! The Improv was nothing short of incredible! It was so much fun, and the audience was great. I love doing this, it is such an incredible feeling and natural high. What was really scary - I was the first one up! A close family friend and our son was there, and totally enjoyed the show. My son said I did a great job. whats so cool about this, is you can say anything - totally over the top, and people will hang for more. I can see how I can use this as a weapon (and therapy) for the bozo's who wronged me, and th
  15. After all these years, finally changed my pic. You can see the full size in my photo album. This is from my first appearance at The Improv on 3/3/10. Oh Yeah!
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