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  1. I didnt realize that was not new. I wonderhowi missed it before? Maybe i passed it up because of the cost?
  2. I didnt like the other stuff so much, it was ok. But, i have such a difficult time drinking (or eating) that i wanted the most bang for my buck. There is no way i would be able to drink both....i figure im better off doing it all in one shot. Protein and vitamins all at once. Im four years out, i have not taken any vitamins for any longer than a few days at a time....that is when i make some resolution to start doing better...it lasts a few days and that is it until the next time. Im the worst. I had a revision on dec 10. I felt good and didnt get sick after eating until a few days ago...i was pretty excited and hopeful. That said, for the last few days i have had a hard time. I have been getting horrible cramps after protein drinks....i tried two different brands of protein and also soy milk and cow milk...same result. It is miserable. It feels like food is getting blocked in my throat ....NOTHING like before the surgery....a lot better than before....but, still not good. Im so depressed. I was only asking because i wanted to make sure this was the right kind of protein and right kind of vitamins and it was really worth the extra money to get everything i needed down in one sitting.
  3. I just bought some of the powder and i like it. It has the daily vitamins mixed in with it. Is it really as great as I am hoping it is? I figure Cinwa should know the answer to this for sure....thanks in advance.
  4. I have had an ulcer for years. I was always sick....after i would eat a couple of small bites i would either puke once, puke for hours or wish that i could. It didnt matter what i ate....this has been going on for years. Medicine didnt help. I would some times have horrific pain or just nausea and heart burn....i never, ever felt good. If i did...it was ruined when i would eat. I have had five scopes and dialations in the last year and it never helped. Not even short term. I just had surgery three weeks ago to cut out the ulcer and stricture area....i was told that sometimes the blood vessels just dont recover from surgery...like you can transplant a tree...usually the roots take off and do fine...sometimes they just die. I guess mine died. Three weeks later, besides for surgical pain and the pain from cellulitis (that i got a week after the surgery) i feel pretty good. No puking at all....or nausea. Yay. Good luck....
  5. This is what they did...but, of course they started the surgery laparoscopic but ended up having to open my up to finish. It appears my pouch (or maybe my old stomach?) was stuck to my liver because of the adhesions and/or scar tissue. So, i have a huge scar...again. I went home on friday and then was back in on Sunday with an infection. Now, i have a a wound that needs packed by a visiting home nurse. All things considered....i feel so much better. No more puking. No more nausea. Of course, im just eating a little bit of soft food but before this surgery i would have been throwing that up and feeling terrible. Besides for the pain from the infection and the actual surgical pain and fatigue...i feel much better....it has been almost three weeks since surgery...i have not gone this long without being sick for four years....it seems sad to me that even with a ten inch incision and cellulitis .... I feel better than i have in YEARS. I hope i continue in this direction.
  6. They are trying to convince me that they need to train someone at home to do it. I refuse. I cant even change my kids bandaids. There is no way anyone here will even come close to touching it. They seem annoyed, but that too bad. It is nasty. My hole is only the length of four staples. That is how many they took out to ooooze the infection gunk through. Omg, it make me gag to even think about it. When i stand up, you cant even tell there is anything wrong except i have a "tag"....about an inch of the gauze coming out. You cant tell there is a hole, until i lie down and it separates....it is like one of the plastic change purses. Are you using the idoform packing stuff? They say that really helps. Are you back to living a normal life? Working. Mobile. Driving? I am not. Im sore, achy, tired....annoyed, mostly. Sigh. Feel better soon,
  7. I had surgery, the intended to do it laparoscopically. Ended up, my pouch was attached to my liver because of adhesions, so they had to open my up to clean up the mess going on in there. I was discharged on friday night. Got a fever monday night and had an infection. I stayed at the hospital until friday night again. I now have a gaping hole in my stomach and a nurse coming twice a day to pack and wrap it. The pain had been awful during the infection period...but it is getting better now. I have to start the liquid, pureed, soft diet just as if i had gastric bypass. I didn't realize that before surgery and it stinks. That said, i have not been sick at all and have not thrown up once. Thank god, it would be unbearable if i had to throw up now. This has been the first time in four years that i have not been nauseated or vomiting, probably because im eating chicken broth and yogurt, but so far so good. I hope you feel better soon.
  8. Hi. I had a revision surgery to correct ulcers, strictures and adhesions on dec 10. I ended up having to have an open surgery in addition to lapro....anyway, my huge incision got infected two days after discharge and i ended up back in the hospital for five days on 4 iv antibiotics. I was discharged on only one oral antibiotic and with a wound nurse coming to my house twice a day to clean and pack my wound. Im curious why you dont have the same. Could you qualify for a nurse with fancy packing stuff and antibiotics? I hope you get better soon.
  9. Im four years out and cant eat any meat except an occasional crab leg....sometimes chili....thats it.
  10. Exactly how i am feeling..... My original surgeon is assisting the new one. He is retiring on friday and he didnt want to do it himself and then leave me. When i had my original surgery, it turned into four surgeries in four days....so, i believe the new doc had his hands on me before too. Im freaking out a little bit because i work in rehab and i know what can happen after surgeries gone wrong.....either from infection, mistake, error, you name it....crap happens. Ugh, so scary but i am really sick of being sick all of the time. I was reminded of this today while i was puking in the bathroom at Walmart on my last day to christmas shop .....sigh. Thanks for the supportive words.
  11. Does anyone have any experience with this? I hate to call it a revision because it isn't like I am revising it to lose more weight, which is what I always think of when I hear revision. They are just going in and resectioning my gastrojuadlum (whatever it is). I'm a nervous wreck because four years ago when I did my original surgery it was a nightmare. I have pretty much been sick ever since surgery, puking almost 4-5 - 6 days a week.... Sometimes a few times a day. I'm ready for that to be over but I'm scared to death of surgery because of what happened last time.... Plus I had a hysterectomy last year and had many complications then too. Anyway, has anyone experienced this or anything like it? I had owned them write what they were doing.... Since I can't spell it on my own.
  12. I was wondering if it was possible to go from a bypass to a sleeve....i did not think it would be, but something i would consider if possible. I cant believe i was able to to stump you, cinwa....you always have the answers for me. I see this is posted on the wrong board if the admin wants to move it...feel free. Thanks.
  13. I posted this someplace else too, but it didnt get too much traffic. Im wondering if any of you old-timers have any experience with a resection. I am thinking of having it done due to an anastomotic stricture/ulcer that has likely been there since shortly after surgery. It has also been called a marginal ulcer. Basically, food will not go through....it backs up and i proceed to vomit pretty much every day. For four years. Sigh. That said, i do not do surgery well...and im pretty much freaking out about it...but i am more freaked put about the idea of puking every day. Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Yup, you are right. It doesn't sound right. It is a low fiber/low residual diet. Basically, from what i understand....the food has to be able to get through the pouch. Bulky high fiber food wont...so it sits there and everything backs up behind it...clogging my pouch and esophagus....
  15. You sound way more sick than me. My labs have always been ok. I have not ever needed any supplemental nutrition. I know it is terrible but i believe i get my calories in because i can eat garbage like candy... my theory is that sugar dissolves and can get through the small opening...eventually. I do drink coffee but that is basically the only fluid i can tolerate. I have been drinking Alo Water and love it but it isnt very diet. I just came back from another EGD/dilation and was now instructed be on a low fiber diet. everything i am not supposed to eat because of the bypass is what i am supposed to eat because of the stricture. so, white bread, white rice, pancakes, butter, desserts...all of my favorite things.