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  1. I am coming up on 3 months. No hair loss yet but I am going to buy hair extensions. There is no way I am going to go to work with a bald spot. It's expensive but I am saving up.
  2. I have read various threads on gallbladder surgery but I have missed a lot of work with these gallbladder attacks so my surgeon wants it out on Monday. I am only 7 or so weeks out from my surgery and my gallbladder is already messed up!! Ugh! Anyway, I am an attorney and cannot afford to miss more work. I am slammed with work. For those who have had it, do you think it is reasonable to return to work Thursday? I don't have any trials or anything major so I will just be sitting. Am I out of my mind?
  3. That looks really good. On another note, what do you use on your hair? I am approaching the hair loss phase soon and your hair looks really good - did you lose a lot of hair? What do you do?
  4. I am so irritated. So my weight loss surgeon is about an hour away. I chose him because I felt he was the best in the State and I am happy with my decision. I had revision from lap band to RNY 7 weeks ago. Anyway, on Monday at 1:30 am I woke up with a pretty intense pain that started under my right breastbone/rib area and went all the way to the back of my right shoulder. The pain intensified throughout the day. It seemed to be classic symptoms of gallbladder problems. I couldn't get down to my surgeon so I went to my PCP. They found I had a fever of 102.4 and was pretty bad off and immediatel
  5. I am 7 weeks out and have only felt "full" twice - which was weird because I had eaten the same thing three days in a row, everything measured. Who knows. I wish I felt full. I never feel hungry per se, but I also never feel satisfied if that makes sense.
  6. I don't have nausea with food per se, but I had nausea for literally 5 weeks straight after my surgery - it would not go away. I am 6 weeks out now and it's finally pretty much gone. I think it's just your body adjusting to the changes. At least that is what I told myself for 5 weeks and luckily I think that is what is was!
  7. I am 5 1/2 weeks out and have had chronic nausea since the surgery. It is just now finally easing up. I still get waives of nausea but it's not nearly as bad as it was. I honestly couldn't function those first few weeks and thought I would be dealing with it for the rest of my life. My doctor said give it about 6 weeks and he was right, it finally is starting to disappear. If you can take medication for it that might help. All the prescription drugs interacted with a medication I take so I couldn't take anything which was really hard.
  8. Thanks for your thoughts. I cannot take any prescription anti-nausea medications. I take a medication for anxiety and the combination causes heart irregularities. I can use a scopolamine patch but that doesn't do much. I quit the estrogen after 3 days as it did nothing. I cannot take oral contraceptives - they make me incredibly sick. I am also highly prone to motion sickness and had hyperemesis throughout both my pregnancies (I had morning sickness for 9 months). I have the Mirena IUD which is localized so it doesn't make me sick. I think the nausea is easing up a bit. My doctor had me get a
  9. I am a month out too and I have only lost about 20 - it's hard when you read about these big losses people experience in the first few weeks, and you don't lose that much. I am just going to follow the diet exactly as it is put before me and hope it comes off. I agree it is frustrating. I am one of those people who wants everything now - waiting is hard. So this is definitely an exercise in patience.
  10. I had to have the lap band out and then revision to RNY - it took about 4 1/2 hours.
  11. I am three weeks post op today. I went home from the hospital on a Saturday and was doing great, but the following Thursday I woke up to the worst nausea I have ever experienced. This resulted in an ER visit the following day. Since then, I am chronically nauseated. I have read every single post on nausea, and I am starting to freak out that I might be sick forever (I keep reading about PICC lines and malnutrition). I am struggling beyond struggling with my protein - it makes me gag - (guess that is why the nausea creates a vicious cycle!). I get about 64 ounces of water a day -- I sip con
  12. I am two weeks out. I know the surgery can be an emotional roller coaster but is it normal to get mad really easily one minute and crying the next? I can't control this at all and I feel bad for my husband because I keep yelling at him. I have an anxiety disorder that I take medication for and I am worried perhaps it's not be absorbed, causing my extreme mood swings, but on that same note I am reading stories of people who suffered this post-surgery. Anyone experience any of this?
  13. I had a revision because I developed achalasia due to the band and if the band was filled at all I would wake up chocking on stomach acid. Since my revision I have woken up at 4am sharp every morning coughing with stomach acid in my throat. My doctor said if the acid doesn't improve I am probably going to have to have some sort of GERD surgery but with a thoracic surgeon because of the procedures I have already had. Has anyone else had to have a thoracic surgeon do Gerd surgery on them? To the best of my knowledge the surgeon goes in and wraps the top part of the stomach around the lower part
  14. I am two weeks out from my surgery. I know I need to ask my doctor which I will do, but when can we start taking an iron supplement? I ask because pre-surgery my ferritin levels were 8, and my pcp wants me on 3 60mg iron pills a day. Granted It was 8 a year ago and the iron supplements didn't budge the number. It's never going to go up with this malabsorption.
  15. You sound like me. I had surgery June 11th so we are about at the same point. I can barely move. I am so sick to my stomach. I am sticking to clear liquids at the moment or I throw up and I have already ended up in the ER once. I just want to give up too. I guess we just need to hang in there the best we can. But this is really hard.
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