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  1. Same here. I track protein and carbs pretty closely (about 90g protein, under 100g carbs). The rest is pretty low overall, but I didn't eat much sugar or sodium. Calories are about 1200-1300 regularly for my daily intake.
  2. That's frustrating. So, the doctor's office is saying the insurance company is wrong in what they are asking you to have them submit for approval? I'm sorry, the insurance company should know what they want. Sounds like your doctor's office staff is dropping the ball. The letter is a good idea, I hope sending it to two people get the process expedited. Is there another possible bariatric center you can use nearby that you can tell your existing doctor's office that you'd be more than happy to transfer your files to if they can't get their stuff together? I'd lose my mind. That's frustrating.
  3. Yup, as difficult as it is to hear, stalls are normal. A lot of us on here hit stalls a few times throughout our journey. Just stick with your diet and you'll pull out of it.
  4. Wow, I love living in my own house again. It has been SO nice having space again! The animals are happier, it seems. One of our cats is an angry sort and pees on stuff in protest, but hey, we've only lost one rug to him so far. I guess that's a win? The dog is doing really good, too. She's found her choice spots to lay down so she can see everyone and be with her people. She'll be a year old this weekend...when did that happen? My health has been in the crapper overall for the last month or so, but it finally hit a pretty substantial downturn starting a week ago. Reason: I'm stretched way too thin and I'm trying to do way too much. Two jobs, a volunteer board position, being a mom, being a good wife, keeping up on our house, going everywhere to visit everyone. My body has decided to rebel with a pretty massive cold and my back started taking a negative turn again, so I'm now back dealing with constant chronic pain. It sucks and my husband and I had a talk last night and he told me that he is very worried about my health and the fact that I don't allow myself to just stop and rest. Yeah, he's right. I hate it, but he's right. So, that said, I'm giving my notice at my second part time job either tonight or tomorrow. That decision was also propelled by the fact that last week, I got crap for letting the assistant manager there know I couldn't work one of the days he scheduled me on because it was a regular day off on my availability already (also he gave me crap for not being willing to start coming in earlier in the evening now that I lived closer....screw my family, they can make dinner themselves) and I had already called in sick on Tuesday and yesterday, I went in to talk to the GM about what I should do and she gave me a guilt trip because she was having a hard time covering my shift for yesterday and she had an event that night, but I can't come in because I'm sick. Then she said I needed to call in the night before if I was going to be sick (I'm sorry, I can't predict how I'll feel 24 hours from now, but okay, if you want to play that game....historically, I have colds for about 7-10 days, so I'll be out for a week and a half....?). It reminded me why it's been 16 years since I worked any sort of retail job. They really don't care at the end of the day. I'm fortunate to be in the position that I don't need the job, so it makes me feel awful for those who are there and that is their only income, so they have to take this on a constant basis. Sorry, I don't need that in my life. Peace out, ya'll. So, I'm giving them my notice based on my health, but the real push was the fact that they treat their employees like peons and make them feel like mud on their shoe. At the end of the day, I miss spending time with my family. It's really sad when your 5 year old gives you a big hug and tells you that she'll miss you so much and wishes you could be home at night to read to her at bedtime. Or spend time with her. Or listen to her silly story. It's also difficult when I get home so late at night that the lights are off and everyone has already gone to bed because, well...people have to get up early (as do I) the next morning for their job or school. It's really tough physically. It's really tough emotionally. If I'm going to attempt to maintain my sanity, something really has to give. We'll see how it goes. I really enjoyed having the extra income every month, but I'm also eyeballing a potential promotion here at my office and if I can manage to get offered that job, I'll be making a lot more than my side job gave me over and above what I make now. I'm hopeful. We'll see.
  5. I didn't have them done at the same time, but I did have my gallbladder removed in 2006 due to painful attacks and it ended up having a bunch of stones in there. I was back at work a week after my surgery, but I wasn't 100% for probably 3-4 weeks. I did have dull pain for several weeks. Everyone's experience is different, but I do remember the doctor saying the dull achy pain is pretty standard.
  6. I ended up taking 6 weeks off, but honestly, I could have gone back after 2 and been okay....tired and moving slow still, but okay. I had a hard time sitting for long periods of time while I was home, so sitting in my office chair wouldn't have been comfortable at all. It depends on how your healing goes, too. Some people bounce back in a few days, others many weeks. Everyone is different. Hope it is smooth sailing for you.
  7. Yes and no. Being a scientist, it hasn't been much of a barrier being bigger and going for jobs or promotions. When I was in more customer service type jobs, absolutely. But now, it's about my work product and results that I've had with my career. And we have a pretty good number of female management and executive staff around here. My current supervisor and her boss are female, the supervisor I would be moving under is also female. Our Executive Officer is female. It's not something I've really thought about since I started in my career 12 years ago. Now, do I feel like I can dress in a much sharper looking suit? Absolutely. I love wearing my pin-striped suit when I have to give presentations and briefings. The variety of business attire is a lot better being a normal weight. I've always felt like a wallflower and have let my work speak for itself. I do have the ability to present and sell myself, though, when the need arises. I'm a pretty massive introvert with the ability to play an extrovert (hello and thank you, lots of theatre and drama growing up). For this, sure it has an element of charm, but if you don't get what they want you to do, I don't feel like I can charm my way out of that. Best I can do in that sort of situation is say that I am willing to learn any skills I do not possess in order to fulfill the job duties. And I've been able to have examples of such ability. So, yeah. Charm does help, but ability to adapt and improvise gets me pretty far in my office.
  8. NSV for me. It has been "suggested" that I apply for a new supervisor vacancy here at my office. If I want to stay here and promote, the opportunities are very minimal (working as a scientist in an office full of engineers...yeah, gotta jump on those as they come). So, maybe I'll finally be able to promote to a supervisor, which I've wanted to do for the past few years. We'll see how it goes. I'm working on the qualifications statement and updating my application information in the system today. The extra $2000 a month will be a godsend, let me tell you...
  9. We're getting the smoke from what's going on in your area, so I am very up to date on the fires over in your neck of the woods. I'm so sorry they are raging and hope further containment happens. It's been crazy to see all of the CalFIRE folks meeting at my local Panera where I stop for my morning cup of coffee on the way to work. Also, a few friends of mine have been activated and sent over to emergency command up the street to help assist in the fire response. It has been a whirlwind. I'm surprised none of my staff has been activated, but hopefully these will start being contained and put out. I hope you are still safe. I'll also echo what others have already said: having raw veggies, nuts, sugar free jerky, that sort of thing will help you out. Snacking is a nervous habit I have, also a stress habit (I snacked A LOT over the last 8 months with what I've been going through), so surrounding yourself with "safe" snacks isn't too bad of a thing. Stay safe and please keep us posted!
  10. Ouch! I hope the pain has subsided by now.
  11. This is SO true! I can't imagine (and don't want to, frankly) if I was carrying that extra 130 or so pounds on me. I was feeling very tired and sluggish. Right now, I'm tired, sure...but I can move around and actually have more energy. And the back pain...yeah, that would have put me out for the count, that's for sure.
  12. We are finally on the other side of our massive 2017 "table flip" that we started at the beginning of the year. We got the keys to the new house a week and a half ago and moved in/cleaned my SILs house over the past week and a half. Right now, we are done with her house, all of our furniture is inside the house (not in the garage), and we are slowly starting to put things into their homes. I have a few things to put up, like my hutch for my desk and the shelves/books for our bookshelves, but hey, we've got all the time in the world to do that, right? My back has improved a lot. I still have bad pain days, but I have arthritis and degeneration going on, but it's now maybe once a week instead of every day that I have bad days with pain. I have been asked to stay on the gabapentin just to moderate the nerve impulses and get me stable. I guess that's progress. My weight has started to come down again. I attribute it all to stress, our living situation, and being stretched too thin. The past week, I took time off of my regular job to start doing what needed to be done at the new place and it was really cathartic. Right now, I'm tired still, but that's because I see something I want to put away or organize and before I know it, it's 1:00 in the morning and I have to be up in 4-5 hours. I've learned to live pretty well on about 5 hours of sleep over the past 8 months....I guess it's time to start adding to that number so I can get proper time for my body to rejuvenate over the night. Tim found a young kitten at his friend's house in early September that had been abandoned by its mother on his friend's property. Long story short, we have a new kitten now. She is awesome and has changed so much since we first got her. We were bottle feeding her and doing what we had to do to get her into a good spot. She goes to the vet on Friday for her first shots, microchip, check up, and scheduling her spay. Spunky little fart, she is. And she loves to tease the dog now, but the dog can seriously hurt her and almost has on some occasions, so they don't "play" together until she can easily get away if she needs to. So it goes, we expanded our menagerie of pets. Hope everyone is well. I'm improving slowly, but it's an upward trend now. Our table is now upright from its flip and we are into our new chapter. Cheers.
  13. Thanksgiving worried me after my surgery because it is always a lot of food around and most of it I couldn't really eat. What I did (and continue to do) was find recipes for everything I was going to make that fit into my dietary needs. I found a lot of recipes on diabetic websites that cut the sugar way down for me. Things like mashed potatoes and rolls, well...I couldn't modify, so I didn't eat them. I think I had a little bit of turkey, some green bean casserole, and a frozen greek yogurt pie slice that day and it was glorious. I hope today goes well for you!