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  1. I did workout hard core before my procedures doing up to 200 squats per day, planking, and increased my protein to at least 100 g per day sometimes 120. I really think this made my recovery easier especially for getting up and down (hence the insane amount of squats daily). Wall sits are extremely helpfully too. A recliner is a must in my opinion and one that is either electric or has a handle and is easy to recline. A front close bra and button up tops/dresses are essential for the first couple of weeks. It is hard to prepare fully beforehand so a great support person that will go get the supplies that you need is nice. You have done great work and I'm sure you'll be pleased with your results. Best of luck
  2. It took about 100 pound weight loss for me to get started back with periods, too. I am now very regular. I know it's weird to go from nothing to having them again. Hang in there as your body continues to adjust.
  3. I use My Fitness Pal. It's pretty user friendly. You can use it on your computer and there is an app for your smart phone.
  4. You've identified: when (night) where (home) the why(self-pay, knees hurting) how (smaller portions, planned meal times) You've got this!!!!!! Keep us updated.
  5. I was a social drinker before my surgery- a couple of drinks every couple of months or so and after 18 months post-op decided to drink occasionally again. Well, my experience was that 1 drink was more like 3 or 4 drinks and it resulted in reactive hypoglycemia so after about 10 in the last tries in the last year, I'm done with it. I really shouldn't have been surprised after thinking about it-I mean I eat about 1/3 of what a "normal" person would consider an entree so alcohol is about the same. I'm glad you are sober and choosing to tackle this transfer addiction!
  6. You have lost an average of 2.5 pounds a week-great job! Everybody is different, please do not compare your journey to others. Your body has underwent an amazing transformation and is adjusting. By following your plan, it will happen. I have lost over 200 pounds (over 2.5 years) and never lost more than 13 pounds a month so all the so called wisdom about heavyweights losing more was not true for my body. Take this time to embrace and trust your plan and try staying off the scale for a few weeks. Remember, this is truly a lifestyle change so don't focus on the rate of loss, just that you're losing. Three words in your post stick out to me-wrong, feared, doomed. Please choose not to stay in that head space, it WILL derail your efforts. If you have not lost ANY weight in the next 2 weeks (again, stay off the scale), then meet with your team to develop a plan. I know it can seem overwhelming in the beginning and losing weight quickly and having it validated by the scale is intoxicating. This is a mental journey much more than a physical one and having a healthy relationship with food, our body, and the scale is what will make you successful long term. I wish you the best in your journey!
  7. I had the fleur de lis done. I'm like you, I would rather have the scar as the skin. Love my results--tummy is tight and flat. I'm a little over 3 months out and the vertical scar is thin.
  8. Many women begin experiencing these issues around 40 so I doubt it's related to WLS. For most it's hormonal changes that are driving these symptoms. Would you feel comfortable in talking with your PCP or a Gynecologist about it? They could do some testing to see if it is hormonal or thyroid related.
  9. No, I am not worried (I'm excited) about losing another 16 pounds. I was 178 the day of surgery. They physically removed 12 pounds and replaced it with fluid that your body filters through so I weighed in at 178 the day after so it took my body several weeks to lose the water weight. I still have my thighs to do which are probably a good 6 lbs. So an 10 additional pounds other than that is not that daunting to me and won't make much if any of a difference in skin laxity. What I would say is follow your surgeon's recommendations because every body is different. My surgeon could tell that I had lost my fat, did not need any lipo, and had good solid muscle tone underneath. Remember though that losing weight afterwards is not guaranteed. It seems like from what I have read here and on other sites, that most generally remain at their pre-surgery weight. I think I lost the weight for 2 reasons: my body needed to lose the weight and I put the work in And who knows maybe when my body adjusts after losing my fluid from this surgery, I would be lower than 166 anyway.....
  10. I was 178 before my lower body lift in August and was 166 before my 2nd surgery 3 weeks ago. I am of course retaining fluid and am 171 right now. i fully expect that I will return to 166 following my low sodium,100 grams protein and 80+ fluids regimen. I'm a daily weigher which I think helps me and helps me keep an eye on my fluid retention. It takes me awhile to lose the fluid and then it happens randomly-1.6 pounds, next day 2.3 pounds (from 1st surgery)-it's really weird how the fluid can go just like that Oh, I also started moving and walking again as soon as possible but you must be careful that your heart rate does not get too high or you don't get sweaty which could hinder your healing. Your doctor can let you know what an optimum healing diet and activity level is for you. Best of luck and let us know how it goes!
  11. I had my arms and breasts done 3 weeks ago too. I had my lower body lift in August so that really helped me anticipate the itchiness that comes with healing. 1. The itchiness is a sign of healing. I know it's frustrating but it will resolve. Don't scratch, the only thing that offered me relief was gently rubbing or massaging the incision areas which my doctor recommended for scar treatment anyway. 2. Swelling-it will be here a while at least 3 months and could be up to a year. Again, our body is healing and it takes time. 3. Mine have dropped some in 3 weeks and and will take awhile. My surgeon echoed what Greer said- 6 months. 4. I'm a side sleeper so I don't know (Dr. cleared me for sleeping on my side last week-yay!). Definitely a question for your surgeon. Congrats on the lower body lift. I have a really good result and they removed 12 pounds of skin. I was a size 12 before and now a size 8 and could easily be a size 6 once the swelling subsides and my body settles down. I had a goal of 100 grams protein per day, very low sodium, and at least 80 oz. liquids (lemon water is key here) per day to help with the healing and swelling and I think it made a difference. My swelling for the BA and arms has settled in my tummy- waist is 2 inches bigger right now (remember, it's temporary) and with the lower body lift it was in my thighs..... like seriously 3 inches bigger for awhile.
  12. I had the lower body lift with muscle plication at 2 years 3 months post op gastric bypass on August 4th. It cost $14,000. I started at 5'4, 383 pounds and was 178 the morning of surgery. I am 7 weeks out form it and it is money well spent, the scars are so worth it. I now weigh 166 due to 12 pounds of skin being removed. In 3 weeks, I am having a breast lift, augmentation, arm lift and he's going to pull in some of my back skin when he does the arms and breasts ($16,000 for this one). So, it is a pretty hefty investment in yourself although many people will drop $30,000 on a car like it's nothing. I am 41 years old and I didn't want to be 80 one day and regret not having it done. Life is all about choices and I strongly feel like I made the right one. Also, because I spent $30,000, it will make it much easier to say no to that doughnut, doritos, or whatever knowing that I do not want to mess up my slim, trim self and the amazing amount of energy and confidence I have in myself. Realself is a good tool as you're thinking about cosmetic surgery. Oh, one more thing, for me I went with a plastic surgeon instead of having a panni removal only because I had already had an abdominal hernia and I felt that the muscle plication was the key for me in making my core as strong as possible and decreasing the likelihood of other abdominal hernias appearing.
  13. It really depends on your expectations. If you would be okay with cool sculpting possibly firming up the area a little bit (probably talking less than an inch) then go for it but if you literally have inches of skin hanging and want those inches gone, then only a brachioplasty will do that. I just had a fleur de lis lower body lift in August and am super pleased with the results. Yes, there will be scarring with plastics but if feels great to not have that extra skin (12 pounds were removed) in the way. I have been intensive in the gym for 2 years after my gastric bypass in 5/2013 and can finally visually see the work that has been put in. The truth is that we will NEVER look like someone who has never been obese. We will have loose skin, scars, skin laxity-- It comes with the toll on our body of carrying that extra weight. I am 41 and did not want to be 80 and have carried around my loose skin for the next 40 years. I think I look like I I would have if I had been properly taking care of my physical health all along + the scars. You've put in a lot of hard work to get where you are, enjoy it no matter what you decide
  14. I had a hernia surgery in March and wore a tampon during surgery and told my surgeon and they said it was okay. is there a reason to use pads instead of tampons?
  15. Hi, Kristie. I'm from Johnson City, had gastric bypass 2 years ago and my surgeon was Dr. Watson:) Sounds like you're doing well. Welcome to the forum, I had visited it daily since about 3 months out and I credit it with keeping me focused. I love the Tweetsie Trail and could be a potential walking partner most evenings.
  16. Make your own using steamed skim milk, cocoa powder and splenda or stevia. The carbs and sugar in 1 serving is well above most people's guidelines.
  17. I think of food differently in that I consider the quality of the nutrition and what it does for my body over the taste. I'm not going to waste my limited tummy space with something that will knock me off track in getting in my protein. Many people do not understand that wls patients have to be diligent in making good choices and remaining focused to continue to reap the benefits and may think that we're picky eaters but we're just following our plan
  18. Weighing and measuring your meal according to your guidelines and choosing foods on the approved list are your best bets for prevention. However, there may be times when you are following the guidelines and choosing appropriate foods and it will happen. In those times, walking, taking a gas-x or lying on your right side(supposedly empties out your tummy faster) may help. The lying on the right side never gave me any relief but the walking and/or gas-x did.
  19. I would sit her down and say I'm proud of you and glad that you found something that worked for you to get healthier (Weight Watchers) and I think that I've found something that is going to work for me and I want to tell you about it as I will need your support. It will take a lifetime commitment as you know all healthy lifestyles do. Then proceed to tell her what your plan is.... Anticipate that she may not be initially supportive--there are a lot of myths about weight loss surgery out there. Ask her to attend one of the meetings with you, it really helps dispel some of the myths and lets the families asks questions about their concerns. My family was not on board at all..... but 209 pounds later, they know I am so much healthier and am proud that I continue to choose healthy behaviors and that I have made an important commitment to my health.
  20. My Fitness Pal has a recipe tab that I use quite often. You can either scan the ingredient bar code from your smartphone or manually type it in.
  21. http://www.samsclub.com/sams/premier-powder-choc-3lbs/prod17150520.ip?navAction=
  22. I did the same thing teachingaimee! It sounds great. I might have to sub the broccoli though as my pouch does not tolerate it well.
  23. I've put extracts (coconut and almond or peppermint) in chocolate shakes or you can use Torani SF syrups. Another fave of mine is to put Orange Crush water enhancer in vanilla protein shakes.
  24. What a great gift! I have repurposed my bari pillow many times throughout the last year and a half from surgery. I first used it to sit on as it can be a weird transition when you start feeling your butt bones and I still use it between my knees when I sleep at night as a cushion in between my knee bones and to keep proper alignment as I'm a side sleeper.
  25. It's really easy to add protein powder to greek yogurt, I prefer Fage 0% because you are already getting quite a bit of protein and the only sugars and carbs come from the lactose. I will say you do have to pay attention to the texture of the protein powder, I've found Tera's whey to be the most mixable in things as it is very fine. And you can always freeze it :)It easily adds to oatmeal & cottage cheese too. Experimentation is the key here. It's an adventure and you will discover combinations you like and others that you hate. I recently made frozen yogurt pops with a 6 oz. container of fage 0%, 1 T. salted caramel mocha coffee creamer, liquid stevia to taste-liquid stevia and me are very close pals , and 1/2 scoop of Tera's Bourbon Vanilla Protein. Love, love, love them. This recipe makes 4 2 oz. bars. You can find the popsicle molds online or at your grocery store. The recipe board on here can help as well as EggFace's blog-Jolls posted a link not too long ago. Enjoy your journey!
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