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  1. flynhigh

    Vegetable portion sizes problem solved

    You could always make a bunch of quesadillas and freeze them?
  2. Hi all. I am 11 years post op RNY. I got myself in a bind and stopped taking supplements and now I'm trying to get back to healthy levels. I have searched for this answer but I just don't have time to read through all the posts. I am currently on a lot of vitamins to get my levels back up. I'm taking 5 celebrate chewable MV with calcium and 3 celebrate chewable with Iron+C a day. I also take Colace 2x a day to try and help with constipation. This is what my dr is recommending for now. It's rather difficult to get all these in each day. First question is how much time before and after taking iron do I not eat? I have always been one to do 6 small meals a day so it's been a challenge with the iron. Mostly how long after taking it can I eat? This forum has been a godsend so thanks to all those out there that contribute! Tina
  3. Thanks everyone for the suggestions..I am going to get some help from a friend who is a personal trainer..we shall see how it goes..thanks again for the support.. Good luck in all you do
  4. Hey all..I have a question that may not be common on this forum but I don't know where else to go. I am almost 9 years post op and really want to start exercising again but last time I was working out regularly I lost too much weight..I got down to 108 and looked like a skeleton. My biggest problem is I can't eat enough calories in a day to make up for all that I burn up exercising. I have talked to a couple people that are personal trainers but they just don't seem to get that I can't physically eat very much food. I am at a perfect weight but really want to tone and build strength. I am a flight attendant so I need exercises I can do while traveling. Does anyone have any suggestions or had this problem. I feel so weak and can't even walk briskly without getting short of breathe or up an incline without getting cramps in my legs. Its really pathetic. Thanks for any help you can offer Tina