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  1. Hi, I just wanted to share something that happened with me... I had my initial surgery on January 30th. The first two months or so, I was dropping weight and not able to eat much which was expected. Didn't experience much more than the normal things I had heard about. Then month 3, I started vomiting/dumping after every few meals. But.... it was NOT what they said. I was NOT eating too much, I was NOT eating too big of a bite, I was NOT eating the wrong things. I dealt with that off and on very regularly, but besides the vomiting, I was feeling good. I had called and expressed my concerns a few times to the doctors, and their assistants, but every convo ended in something that I was doing wrong. Then on 8-13, I had dinner. I ate about half and got very sick that night. I thought possible food poisoning... Every time after I ate the next few days, I would vomit and experience severe abdominal pain. This happened until Saturday the 16th. I had two tiny bites of chicken from a taco and after about 30 minutes, the pain got unbearable, so my husband took me to the hospital. They gave me a CT scan because of the horrible pain and said it looked like a small blockage. It was not food poisoning... They put a tube into my nose that went down into my stomach to relieve the pressure and remove everything in my tummy. The next morning I was still vomiting and in severe pain. The doctor told me to give it 24 hours, but I told him there was not way. Something was wrong! All the pain meds they were giving me and I was still crying like a baby because of the pain. They took me into surgery that morning. I woke up and the doctor said that I had an intestinal blockage. A very severe one to say the least. From the surgery and losing so much weight, my intestines had slipped through an area that was healing causing the scar tissue to slowly crush my intestines. This is what was causing the vomiting those few months and why it wasn't very consistent. Finally, they believe on the 16th, the scar tissue literally crushed my intestines. The doctor had to cut my intestines in three areas, work around scar tissue, cut them out, and then reconfigure it all and put them back together. I had to start over with my liquids and be very careful with my eating like in the beginning. The doctor expressed that he had never seen anything like that and he doesn't know how my intestines didn't burst. Nothing was able to get through them. My stomach had expanded in those few days looking like I was 4-5 month prego. There was the start of a small leak that should have put my body into "septic shock". I'm not sure how I got so lucky that it didn't... I am now able to eat again and have only vomited 4-5 times since this procedure a little over a month ago. I'm just letting you all know to be aware of your body and listen to it. If something doesn't feel right, it is probably NOT. This was very scary for me and my family. I was in the hospital for 6 days and was in so much pain it wasn't even funny. I had the tube in for 5 of those days. I should have pushed the issue of me vomiting for all those months, but I kept being told it was something I was doing, and I believed it. This could have ended up much worse than it did and for that I am grateful. Thanks for listening to my story and I wish everyone much health and healthy weight loss! Good luck to you all!
  2. Hello! I am having issues daily with keeping food down. People tell me to chew more, eat slower, etc. etc. etc... I have always been an extremely slow eater, so I don't think that is an issue. I chew my food until its mush which half the time makes me not even want it. I am getting sick after two and three bites sometimes so it's not volume. I'm not noticing that it is specific foods. For example, I can have dinner one night and vomit minutes after and have that same meal as leftovers the next and do perfectly fine and vice versa. I still have no sense of hunger 4 months out. The other weird thing is that I have been at the same 35 lbs. down for over a month. You would think I would be a stick seeing that I vomit twice in a typical day. This has made it difficult for me to go anywhere because I never know when I'm going to have an issue. The thing I don't understand is if it was some type of blockage, wouldn't I have this issue every time I eat? Not just off and on? Hoping someone has had a similar problem so that I know eventually I will get some relief I feel really good besides this I originally had the surgery because the surgeon said it would really help with IBS and other health issues I had. I have not had those issues since surgery so I hate to complain, but this seems to be getting worse :/ Thanks as always for the help
  3. Hello! I had my surgery 1-30-14 and I'm excited to say... I have not had ONE issue with IBS and I had issues daily since I was in my teens! I'm keeping my fingers crossed whatever is working continues!!
  4. I think that is a great idea. I'm going to start doing it. I have lost my 3 plus an additional one. If I wasn't weighing every day, I wouldn't have known I gained a couple of lbs Thanks!
  5. Gotcha I don't eat the rice, so I should have said sashimi. Thanks for clearing that up
  6. That's interesting because the dr. told me that beans and fish are some things I should be eating. I thought beans were high in protein and very low in carbs? Fish would have very little to no carbs, I thought. It's on my soft food/high protein food list. Thanks for the suggestion though! I know everything is so different and it's good to look at everything. I will confirm with him tomorrow Today, I am back down the 3 lbs that I gained back so I feel better. I guess we all just need to accept there will be ups and downs like everyone is saying!
  7. I think that is a great possibility! Thanks for the idea. I have never measured myself I don't know what I was thinking! I will do that and at least from here on out I'll know
  8. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement. Regarding the comment above. Just to clarify... I enjoy every minute I have with my family. That is not what I meant and I didn't expect it to be taken like that. It's just not the same. It's not bad and we, as a family will get used to it. I have started to cook better for my whole family so that we can enjoy the same things together. It's just been a little challenging on getting my kids to understand why mommy is eating differnt than them. I have always tried to cook healthy for them but now they question the food they are eating because mommy can't have it. It is just different, that's all I meant.
  9. Thank you all for the supporting words! Weight is such a battle. I'm at the stage now feeling a little like I can't enjoy a meal with my family. I eat different food than them and after 3 things getting stuck on different occasions, I have been afraid to eat much. At least if I saw the scale drop, I would feel better about all of that. The 23 lbs I lost was in the initial couple of weeks. Since then, I have gained weight so brought me down to 20 lbs. lost. I know that first 6 months - 1 year is the honeymoon stage and I am so sfraid if I don't drop weight in that time, I will not lose like I had hoped. I will continue with what I'm doing and I think not stepping on the scale may just be the trick to me not being so frustrated.
  10. Hello! I'm almost 6 weeks out. I have lost 20 lbs and overall feel good. Problem is, I have gained a couple of lbs! How is that possible? I went from being a sweet freak... Eating sweets more than anything else. I have not eaten a bite of sweets since surgery. I have gotten the majority of my protein in everyday and have done well with all of my supplements. I have eaten mainly yogurt (high protein, Greek), cottage cheese, tons of beans, a little seafood, some sushi, soft chicken, hummus. I have begun walking and am more active than I have been in years. It's only been a couple of lbs that I have gained but how is that possible?? Stalls are extremely frustrating, but I could handle that over gaining any day!
  11. Maybe I should try that :/ Dr. Said at this point, I should be ok with soft fish and chicken so I thought I would try. I'm out of ideas when it comes to soft foods. I eat beans, yogurt, cottage cheese everyday. I was hoping to introduce some new things. When were you eating a little more of a normal diet. I know it's baby steps. Just running out of ideas! Thanks
  12. Hello I'm almost 5 weeks post op... I have had three episodes where I feel like my esophagus is going to explode :/ It hurts so bad. First time was from soft crock pot chicken, next from shrimp and this last time was from soft fish. I'm taking small bites and chewing till it's mush. It is making me afraid to eat! It usually takes about 20 minutes to pass :/ I'm burned out on eating mush/soft foods and am trying to introduce a slightly more regular menu. Any suggestions or thoughts on why this is happening?
  13. Thank you all got your response. I have had surgery a couple of times and have never felt this tired. It's more of my body feing like jello vs actually having the desire to sleep. Just a little odd and wanted to make sure others were feeling similar. Thanks again!!
  14. I am approaching one month post op. I'm on the soft food stage and so far everything has agreed really well with me. My problem is my energy level is about a 1. I feel like after blow drying my hair, I could take a nap. I'm a total busy body and haven't napped in years, so this is not like me at all! I'm taking all of my supplements: Multi, B12, B1, Calcium, Pepcid, Biotin, Vitamin D without a problem. I'm getting in about 60 grams of protein. I've lost about 20 lbs. Overall I feel good so I don't want to sound ungrateful, but the combination of lack of energy and back pain is driving me nuts! Anyone have suggestions?
  15. I'm really not 100% sure what determined that for my surgeon. All I can say is on my end... I had the surgery Nov. 10th and was starving from the get go. I never felt like I couldn't eat. I ate good and followed what the surgeon said but never felt different. Thanksgiving I ate normal. Not the normal amount because I knew I couldn't, but normal food and was still starving. At that time I had about 70 lbs to lose and that's part of why the dr suggested the sleeve. He felt I didn't need to go so drastic with RNY. Well, I only lost 12 lbs and after 2 1/2 years went to the second surgeon. He told me that he sees stuff like this all the time. Dr.s doing the sleeve will make the assumption that since a patient may not need to lose as much weight, they aren't aggressive with the sleeve and make it way too big. It does not give the patient the same restriction as they should have. It just doesn't work. The dr showed me pictures of what my stomach should look like and it was over double. Also, the fact that my dr records showed my weight loss and proved it never had gone down. Now that I don't know if sleeve and bypass feel the same after surgery but I know that now that I have had RNY, I have the symptoms that I had expected to have with the sleeve but didn't. I feel much better this time around. Not bypass over sleeve, but I feel restricted now. I never had that before. Hope that a were your question Good luck to you on losing the rest of your weight!!
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