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  1. I had surgery in April. Did not have to do another diet to get approved. After I got all my part out of the way, (blood work, chest xray, psych clearance, nutrition classes, etc) I was approved!
  2. I was about 5 weeks out when I tried some! Did just fine with it. I think everybody is different. Try and see if it works for you!
  3. My understanding is that excess amounts of caffeine (example: folks who drink a pot+ of coffee per day) have an increased risk of developing ulcers in our little pouches which can be very detrimental to the surgery and our health! My surgeon explained to me that this is the only reason he has ever had to REVERSE a surgery! (Due to ulcers) Smoking can also cause ulcers. Not just targeting coffee drinkers... Tea, energy drinks, soda, ect. can all do the same. A cup or 2 a day isn't going to hurt anything as long as you're drinking plenty of other fluids!
  4. And don't forget that even if you feel great... If you overdo.. Your chances of getting a hernia are very good right now! You mentioned dropping gifts to your nursing staff, so I'm assuming you have medical background. I too am a nurse and even tho I have felt wonderful since day 3, I have refrained from any heavy lifting, jogging, biking, etc. Your abdominal wall is weakened right now bc of your incision sites. Please be careful!
  5. I just have to do low carb. 60 grams or less per day. I've only lost 4-6 pounds..(Depending on what time of day I weigh) but I know I'm shrinking my liver which is the whole purpose of the diet. 5 days til surgery! So ready!
  6. I'm having gastric bypass on 4/28! So excited and ready! 1 week from tomorrow!
  7. April 28! Feeling on top of the world!
  8. Me! 4/28! I'm way so excited!! Are you nervous?
  9. Congratulations!! Isn't it a great feeling? Do you have a surgery date yet??
  10. I did a total of 3 weigh-ins at my PCM's office.(February 3, March 5 and April 1) I wasn't on a set diet, just trying to be healthier. I lost NO weight durning the 2 months!! So while I have a history of failed dieting I didn't do a 3 or 6 month diet and I had never done monthly weigh-ins at any doctor's office.
  11. I personally know 2 women who have surgery in Mexico and have done incredibly well! And it was 1/3 of the cost as here in the states! Both done at "centers of excellence" just like we have here in the US.
  12. I'm crazy excited right now! Tricare approved my surgery! My info was submitted Monday and the surgeon's office just called with great news!! Surgery date is April 28!
  13. Sometimes it not tricare that requires the 6 month diet.. Sometimes it is the surgeons office! I'd go in prepared for the worst but the more documentation you have, the more research you've done (real research, medical journals, articles) not just ppl's opinions on here!! Will empower you and let your surgeon know you are serious about this! Again I cannot stress to you how important documentation is!
  14. You have to have it in writing or like I said it is your word against theirs!
  15. And the run around is exactly what ppl get unless they get answers in writing! Otherwise it's just hear/say and your word against theirs! Which isn't worth very d*mn much!!
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