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  1. Thank you everyone I had a much better week last week and actually lost 2 lbs. I did shakes one full day then second day I did 3 shakes and a small dinner meal . No snacking . I feel more in control now. I really like the reset my pouch suggestion. Thanks everyone
  2. Ok so I have kept off 100 pounds for 4 years very easily. Since oct I have gained 10 lbs and have had a lot of life Changes. Loss off job husband lost job too and found new one and is commuting . Our house is for sale so I'm moving closer to where husband works. So need I say I am stress emotional eating for the first time in 4 years . This has been my best week of eAting really wstching. Trying to get back On Track. I can eat so much more now . I feel like I am back to were I was before this surgery. Any suggestions.
  3. Anyone have any kidney issues as a result of gastric bypass?
  4. I'm having issues with carpal tunnel . I do need to see a doctor Tylenol is not denting the pain much at all. I was told from my baractric dr that Ibprophon was something not to ever take. What do you take for inflammation?
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