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  1. Okay lady you NEED to call me 619-456-3560

  2. Lady! Where have you been?!!! I miss you so much!

  3. Emotional crap-ola

    I haven't talked to you in a long time. How is it that you're in PA?? Like everyone else, your post brought out a lot of emotions in me as well. The problem with being a loving and nurturing person like you is that you also feel the pain more intensely when it's not received appropriately. This is what I know about you (and hopefully you appreciate these qualities in yourself because quite frankly, they're RARE) (1) You often go to great lengths to bring people together in an atmosphere of fun and friendship. This is a very difficult and daunting task for most of us. But you make it look easy. (2) You trust others -- pretty much everyone. Sometimes they're not worthy of your trust. But this is no reflection on you. Your trusting others is the way you're making the world a better place. We should all trust like you do. (3) You are the ultimate care taker. So you strive to "do it all," and when you fall short, even slightly short in one area, you're way too hard on yourself. (By the way, none of us can do it all. We all have the proverbial sink full of dishes, the unpaid bills on the kitchen table, the kids wanting more, and the boss that's on our back for one thing or another.) (4) Nobody can light up a room like you can. You have brought joy into my life, and you have similarly affected my boys' lives as well. I think those with a genuinely loving heart like you often don't recognize the fact that you've affected others so positively. Don't think for a second that the rest of us out in post-op land (or even those who haven't had WLS) have a fabulous, fun-filled, love-saturated wonderful life. We all have our issues. Every last one of us. I hope that you recognize the beautiful daughter of God that you are. You are truly a princess in his eyes, worthy of deep love, joy, health, constant blessings and protection from anything evil. I hope I hear from you soon! Love, Annette
  4. 3 years for me!

    I just hit three years too (5/25/05). Congratulations to all the three year peeps!
  5. High mortality rate

    I never lost any hair either. And I color mine all the time.
  6. High mortality rate

    Marie, you're so right on the money! I wish I hadn't spent so much time worrying (and literally crying) about dying in this surgery. What wasted energy that was. I should have just prayed about it and left it in God's hands without worrying so much. I backed out of the surgery twice from fear. I'm so glad I went through with it the third time. I'm 142 lbs down in 10 months. 30 more to go! Hugs, Annette
  7. Help, What is this???

    I was having severe stomach pains a couple of months ago. Doubled over in pain and the pain shot up through my breastbone. It was miserable. Turns out I have an ulcer. So Kelly put me on Prilosec (over the counter) and wow, it went away immediately. The pain wasn't anything I would expect an ulcer to feel like. The pain mainly came on with an empty stomach. Possibly what you have!
  8. So frustrated...

    Oh Jen, that's a bummer. But hang in there. There will be lots more road blocks on your journey. It's just because you have the insurance peeps, the primary physician, the surgeon, the... Too many people who need to communicate and make decisions. It's bound to not flow very smoothly. Take it as it comes. Accept it, and realize that each day you're getting closer. Vent here anytime!! Annette 350/208/160
  9. Hi, I'm back, and dumping, I think...

    Geez, what's with the angry icon? I didn't mean to click on that!!
  10. Hi, I'm back, and dumping, I think...

    Hey Phil -- Here's something else you might want to think about because it sounds like me. When I need to throw up (usually because I've eaten too much or too fast), I will try my hardest to get it up but sometimes I just can't. If I give up, I feel much more pain and nausea. And I know pretty soon it will need to come up. Even up to an hour and a half later. We're probably producing extra acid in our stomachs when we try to throw up but then can't. That acid over the next hour or so does a job on us, I'm guessing. Since we're ALL binge eaters, we just have to use that "tool" we've been given and learn from each episode. Don't worry about it. It's the SNACKING that's getting me!!! I'm really struggling with it. Annette
  11. Salt...

    Sea Salt? I'm going to get it too. Loved your data on Splenda. I use Stevia too. It's fabulous! Annette
  12. Anyone else's tummy...

    I'm 7 months out and I still dump on baked potatoes. Bummer. Used to love them! Annette
  13. Bridget's Party Pictures

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIDGET! I'm so sorry I missed it! Left you a message this morning... Hugs!!! Annette
  14. A head of Lettuce

    Danni! How you doing just one week out?? Nice to see you "up and around" on the site. My prayers are so with you and all three of YOUR kids. I'm sure you'll keep close tabs on the two younger ones. I'm adopting my foster son sometime this year. He's no relation to me. I got him from the county, but I'm so grateful he won't be going back to his mother who also has a major drug problem and just can't get it together. These kids all deserve so much better! Annette
  15. A head of Lettuce

    Wow, Lisa M, you sounds like you could write a best seller! Congratulations to all you good parents that don't make your children clean their plates. I won't do that to my kids either. They're 8 and 9 years old and very lean & healthy. Thank God we all learned what not to do to our kids! Just to think of all the wasted time worrying about them having a severe weight problem like me. My pediatrician says to make the healthy meals. If they eat it, good. If they don't, then don't worry about it. They will eat when they're hungry. Just limit the junk food that's readily available and talk about the benefits of eating healthy to the kids. Hugs! Annette