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  1. Hi Bikewash, 5 operations??? wow!!! do you deliberately get yourself into trouble just so you can 'lay on his bed'?? LOL Yes George is lovely, he is not wanting to see me for a couple of months, guess this means I'm doing everything right. My operation went well, but my few days in hospital were horrible. My medication wasnt written up in the chart and I almost had a heart attack from not receiving my medication. I was rather annoyed!! Am on solid foods now, I still have issues with throwing up, still think it is down to not chewing things properly, not from being over full. Mostly when I eat meat, it might be too dry. Weight loss has been slow, but it is happening.
  2. Hi Ladies, 6 weeks gone now for me, am in the mushy phase and doing ok. Stuggle with some foods, not sure if it is the consistency or the fact I might be full. Still learning that with some foods. Put on a pair of pants this morning and the waist is now hanging half way down my hips. Going to need to tighten the elastic I think. How is everyone else doing?
  3. Only 7 days to go now!!! The optifast tastes even more horrible than ever!!!
  4. Ali, Good luck with your surgery, hope it all goes well and you bounce back quickly. Will be thinking of you!!! Only 14 more days till my surgery, and I already have butterflies. Son has been shipped off yesterday interstate for a holiday so it is just me and baby girl, which is great. She is missing him terribly as well as daddy, but she is a lot easier to deal with than the boy. Her tanties are quite comical, in slow motion, falling to the ground, and having a whinge, making sure you are watching. She tries to steal my shakes out of my hands, has a bit of a thing with straws at the moment. It has been so nice to not listen to any fighting this morning!!! I can see my stress levels improving already. I've managed to find a few (a lot of) surgery guidelines and a some cookbooks, I can try and email them if they aren't too big and can be transferred that way. For me I have tried to get as much information as possible, considering every place is different in how they handle the operation and recovery, it is good to get a range of ideas too. Best of luck again!! D
  5. Hi Ladies! I have started my pre-surgery diet. The shakes are as disgusting as I remember, only this time around my dietician is allowing me to actually eat fruit, veges and some meat as well. So I have been blending the shakes with frozen fruit, found these great packets at woolies $8.99 for 1kg of mango, raspberries, blueberries or mixed fruit!!! BARGAIN!!!! I haven't worried about cooking food for the family, I have two small children who will eat, but not a lot, so not really worth going to all that effort. This pre-surgery diet is a real test, not of my willpower but of my resolve. I have only been on it since monday, but have sufferred the most intense headaches and chest pains. I hope all that calms down soon. To make matters worse I'm alone with the kids for this period of time and my son (3yrs) is really trying to push the boundaries and has been annoying me soooooooooooooo much. The tanties have been ridiculous!!! Very stressful with the headaches and his tanties all combined, I try and hide outside and go hang out washing, but he finds me, he ALWAYS finds me!!!! Only 18 days to go now, I really can't believe it!! I don't know if you are able to send a private message but am happy to give you ladies my mobile number if you ever want to contact me. Anyway let me know. Hope everything is going well with you, and good luck!!!!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm still about a month and a bit away from having my surgery done. What sort of things are people doing to prepare? ie starting a food log? calorie counting? joined a gym? taken lots of photos? I've started trying to prepare even healthier meals for my family, we didn't eat a heap of rubbish before, but did like to snack on biscuits and cakes. Have made these from scratch and using healthier ingredient options. I only now have sugar in my coffee in the morning, and at no other time during the day. Have read the back of the packet of EVERYTHING, to ensure it doesn't possess sugar. Also have scaled back my use of oil. I'm wondering if there are options after the surgery to still use a sugar and oil substitute? Such as xylitol (can't stand the taste of stevia) and something like coconut oil?? Does anyone know if there are substitutes allowed? I'd prefer not to have to cook a seperate meal for myself every night once moving to solid foods, prefer to eat the same as my family. I bought myself a Thermomix knock off, to assist me with cooking meals from scratch. I've managed to make my own flour, butter, and coconut milk all from one coconut. I've cut out all soft drinks other than soda water, my one 'treat' I will enjoy up until surgery. I wasn't that keen on other soft drinks anyway, but used to drink a HEAP of fruit juice. I haven't taken any photos yet, I should start doing that. I'll make sure I look depressed and very unhappy, so my after photos look fabulous! HA! The only other thing I've done is started a blog about my journey, a lot of my friends didn't have a clue about why I got to where I was. I'm trying to research meal plans for after the surgery, I know I'll probably be given one by my dietician, but I won't be speaking with her for a while yet. Does anyone know of any links where I can download some meal plans? I want to be armed with as much information as possible. Any other sites you might think I'd find useful would be great too. D
  7. Hello all, I currently have a lapband (9 yrs now) and am having having to get it removed due to it slipping out of place and my esophagus becoming distended as well. I'm due to get a gastric bypass at the same time as having my lapband removed. Wondering if there are any support groups in the local area or if anyone is interested in being an email support buddy? Hoping to gain heaps of info while I'm here, it has been quite informative so far.
  8. Hi Sheryl, I too have a band that will be removed, in April and a bypass happening the same day. I'm in Brissy! Hope your surgery went well!!!