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  1. Smooth Move Tea - and yes, that is really what it is called I also found that if I ate a handful of healthy crackers (carbs) that things got better.
  2. Hi everyone - It's been awhile since I've been here - things have been absolutely great until this past week. I experienced a few episodes of abdominal pain, and called my surgeon's office. They said that it might be gall bladder or an ulcer and recommended taking prilosec for 14 days to see if it calmed down. A few days after that, I started experiencing the abdominal pain again - but much more severe. In addition to that, I had awful back pain, dry heaves, and cold sweats. Needless to say, I ended up in ER. Luckily, my husband was able to admit me - because I was in so much pain, I couldn't talk. They gave me morphine pretty quickly, which I was very thankful for. After x-rays and a CT scan they said that I had an obstruction caused by scar tissue. My surgeon performed laproscopic surgery to repair (he said a few snips and it was done). I did have to stay in the hospital for a few days, but I had minimal pain in recovering. I mainly wanted to share, because although I know that what happened was rare - if anyone is experiencing the same symptoms, don't hesitate to call your surgeon. Hopefully this will be the last surgery I have in a long time!
  3. You have the option of having them send them back, or they donate them.
  4. I found an on-line consignment site called You can buy clothes pretty inexpensively, and you can also sell clothes there. It seemed easier for me to send (free shipping) my clothes, knowing that I could use the money to buy new ones. They took about half of what I have sent so far.
  5. I can't believe it has been a year already! But when I look at the changes (physically and emotionally) - it almost doesn't seem real! I am 9 lbs. from my goal I feel 100% more confident! My energy still surprises me. I have a new wardrobe and I get excited about clothes now. I am willing to participate - rather than watch. I am so thankful for making this change, and I want to thank all of you on this forum for supporting me.
  6. It absolutely gets better! I know that while you are in different stages in the process, it seems like forever - but I'm only 9 months out and it's all a distant memory! I can pretty much tolerate any food now, although I try not to eat many carbs (and I was a carb fanatic), and I really try to get my protein in before anything else. I'm down 98 lbs., and that is without exercising. I just had a hip replacement done 4 weeks ago, so I couldn't really exercise. Unfortunately, I do still crave sweets - but I feel like I can control it. You will get through it!
  7. My favorite part - the smile in the after picture! You are radiating and look fabulous
  8. Tom - I know a knee is different, but I know so many people that have had it done and are so happy they did. Go for it!
  9. is a great on-line consignment shop that I've had a lot of luck with.
  10. I finally had my hip replacement and I couldn't be happier! Surgery went very well and I am in very minimal pain. I can get around pretty well with a cane (which I will only need for a few weeks). After losing 95 pounds and now getting this fixed I am looking forward to having my quality of life improve tremendously. I'm only 55, and I was limping around like a 90 year old. If anyone is thinking about a hip replacement - I would highly recommend it. They do what they call an anterior approach, going through the front rather than the side. That way they don't have to cut any muscle. And now I'll be able to exercise!
  11. I was an expert dieter! I had lost 70 pounds 3 times, but could not keep it off. I now suffer from osteoarthritis in my hip and am getting a hip replacement in a few weeks. I am 55 and I walk like I'm 80, so I finally decided that for my health and quality of life that this was the right route for me. Best thing I've ever done!
  12. Best thing I have ever done for myself . . . no doubts and no regrets!
  13. I had a gastric bypass, but I can relate to how you are feeling. I remember reading the posts from people with these amazing transformations and thinking that it was not going to happen for me that way. I am just over 6 mos. and I have lost 88lbs.! What yo are experiencing right now is short lived and you will start to see benefits very soon.
  14. It's a good problem to have though! I also found a site called that is an on-line consignment shop. It is very reasonable - with lots of choices and shipping isn't much at all.