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  1. Hi JR, Well I am doing fine, just eating mostly liquids, I havent weight myself because I think it gets me anxious, so I will wait until monday that is my appointment for follow up. Last night I got up to go to the bathroom and dont know what I did when I went back to bed that I have a pain on the left side of my bellybutton that goes all the way to my back, I had to take pain medicine because couldnt sleep. Could I have broken something inside? Does anyone experice this? Thanks being there JR
  2. Hello there! I am 12 days out and doing fine, I am in a pure fase.But I am also experimenting some chest pain like if I was choking! Is this ok? I hope its not that I am swallowing too fast or too much, maybe I am , but it is painfull. Also I lost about 15lbs the first 8 days but havent lost any more since then. I am like stalled. Thought it would take time before stalling. Am I expecting too much? V
  3. Yes I did, thanks for asking, I am doing just fine, with all liquids since thursday. My drain is being removed tomorrow. I have been tryng to drink the protein drinks but they taste just awefull! What can I do about it?? How are u doing Needle?
  4. Best of lucks!!! Hope to hear from you soon!
  5. Hello!! Thank you everyone for being there waiting to hear about how I am doing......Well ¨ I Survived ¨, I am 3 days off and doing very well.The first two days were a bit difficut because of the nausea, apparently some medication for pain wasnt helping with that ,allmost hard to drink liquids, but I am home since yesterday, and feeling much better drinking every 20 mins very slowly. I have a drain that will come off on tuesday, I am a bit swollen on my tummy and my hands and feet but guess It will go away soon.
  6. Because I am healthy! No colesterol no high blood presure, no insulin, i am Happy With their decition. I do not have a 100lb lose. For me its pretty clear. In half an hour I am going to The preparing room, so i guess i will talk to you later.
  7. Hi JR: I went in for a gastric bypass, made all the required examns for gastric bypass and guess what , all the exams came out great! They found an hiatal hernia to be fixed so they told me that the best for me was the sleeve. I guess they are right. I will try to update after the surgery tomorrow. Let me know when you get your surgery date. good luck, V
  8. Thanks, ok Just came back from my last check before surgery tomorrow and the have decided to do a sleeve instead of the gbp. Just to let you know!
  9. Well guy just need to let you know my surgery was postpone for thursday because aparently there was no space on the schedule for tomorrow. One more day to go!! Ufff I am so anxious! Thank you all for the support. V
  10. Thanks you cathy! Great advise! I will keep you posted !
  11. Thanks tudort , i was wondering how much for walking? 10, 15 mins? And how often ?
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