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  1. Thanks Winzi!!! Great inspiration!!! Best of luck to you too!
  2. It's been 1 year since surgery. I WAS down 70 lbs until surgery on ovarian tumor back in Oct. After surgery I didn't listen and got on the scale after a week post op and had gained 13 lbs. I WAS SHOCKED! I called the Dr and he said it was due to all the fluids and gas they pumped me with. It took longer for me to heal that I thought it would. It took about 3 weeks at least. I eventually lost the 13 and got back to where I was. Which then put me right into the Holidays..... NEED I SAY MORE. I caved! I starting eating more and not focussing on the healthier foods. I let mashed potatoes, breads, rice, sweets creep back into my life. I SUCK! By January first I had gained 5 lbs. I was told by many that 5 lbs isn't nothing thru the holidays...but it was to me. I knew I wouldn't make MY GOAL of reaching 90 lb loss from surgery in a yr. (My year was Feb 7th) I am currently at a loss of 65 lbs. due to that darn gain. UGHH! I feel hungrier than I have in a long time...not sure why. I am ready to get refocussed on my losing and getting healthier each day. I tell myself all the time----- PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN!!! That's what my Dr tells me. I try picking things that I have lots of protein but still allow me to eat whenever I feel the urge. Like I said I feel hungry and do not believe it is head hunger. I usually tend to grab a cheese stick, greek yogurt, or sometimes fruit....strawberries or lil' cutie because they are lower in calories. I will on occasion grab a protein shake but---even though loaded with protein they use up so much of my calories for the day. So, in that since, I tend to not grab those as often. I LOVE my protein shakes!! But once you've added the two scoops of powder and skim milk it's like 300 calories. Then I go into panic mode ...thinking "dang, I ONLY have 1,000 left for the entire day) I will totally admit, I stopped my walking program....was doing great until surgery in Oct., then wasn't aloud to exercise for 6 weeks due to healing. Then Holidays got busy and rain and cold. Excuses excuses!!!! Know matter what it was, I wasn't walking!!! I know that was a big part of my success and need to start back up with it again. JUST DO IT, MELISSA!!!! As for the eating....why am I craving carbs and sweets again?
  3. Need a jump start to the road to success!

    1. duffman27


      Where you at on the road? Are you pulled over? Hit a bump? You can do this Tildy, where are you stalled?

  4. I am 9 months post op, down 67 lbs. Just had a month set back due to major surgery, but ready to get moving again. What are your go to foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Any snacks in between? My dietician wants to build my metabolism and wants me eating every three hours....I eat tons of cheese sticks, and greek yogurt but am getting tired of it, What do you suggest to help me get back on track and losing again? I was just released to start walking again but have to start out slow due to incision.
  5. I did the same exact thing with my sleeve. I lost really good the first two weeks, then stalled, then slowly lost, then stalled, then lost fast, then stalled again... like Jolls said it is a stair step process. I know what I eat and keep track of it on MFP (My Fitness Pal) and it tells me when I have hit my protein goal for the day. I am now at 9 months post op and am down 67 lbs. (SLOW) but it's a loss and I am changing my life one day at a time. I will continue to eat better with occasional treats....but not too much. PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN and drinking fluids is key! When I do that, I will notice a tremendous loss. Sometimes it takes these ole' bodies a while to realize what you are doing and then it will congratulate you with the loss on the scale. NEVER GIVE UP! I'm not!
  6. i have to be at hospital tomorrow at 6:30 am and surgery is at 8 am. They will try to do laparoscopic surgery to drain cyst, then pull out from belly button, then remove right ovary. He will take a look at left ovary and also look into breaking down scar tissue in there from previous surgeries over the years. Should take 1 1/2 hrs, recovery for 2 hrs... Then home. Can start back walking in a week. I will be so ready to get back in a routine and to also be done with all these cramps.
  7. I was very sore for two weeks, and had trouble drinking stuff too. I had a lot of gas in my upper chest area and I was told to walk walk walk to get it out. But I didn't because I was so out of it. I slept for 10 days after surgery. I am now 8 months out and feel great! drink something warm or hot........it helps get rid of the gas pains.
  8. Hey Teri, I was wondering how you were. Haven't seen you on here or MFP in ages. I keep getting stuck myself. I will stay at the same weight forever... 3 weeks or so, then lose 4 lbs. Weird. I guess we should be greatful we aren't gaining. How are you otherwise?
  9. Well, finally got the nerve to go into Dr and book the surgery for my hernia surgery that they told me about in July. So, he send me to get a CT scan just so he knows what he's getting into prior to surgery. WELL, there isn't a hernia at all!!! WHAT? I was shocked. Instead they told me I have a very large cyst on my right ovary. Sent me the same day for blood work and ultrasound. 6.3cm X 5.4cm. Weird thing is, is that I hurt on my left side not my right. They said that was normal due to the size of it. My back hurts and my front feels like cramps like when I was 17. UGHHH!!! So, needless to say, I have a Dr apt tomorrow to go over what will happen. Surgery probably this Friday to remove cyst and possibly right ovary. I am currently at the loss of 64 lbs
  10. I would suggest tunafish with lite mayo. Good protein and easy to go down. Also, mushed up beans is good as well.
  11. I too had the band put in in 2007 and had it removed Feb 2014... I had lost and gained with the band, wasn't able to eat any meats at all..besides ground up stuff. It hurt all the time, made me throw up often, I hated my band. I had revision done on Feb 7th from band to sleeve and I love it! It's been 7 months and I have lost 63 lbs. so far ....it's been slow but doing good. Slow and steady wins the race. I am the healthiest I have been in years and am loving it. I eat so good with a few treats here and there, take my vitamins, walk, and just over all healthier. I wish you the best of luck and if you want to ask me anything, feel free. The best thing I did was joint TT and MFP...which helps me log my foods and stay on track. I am Tildy828 on My Fitness Pal if you want to be friends and help each other along the way. Best wishes to you!
  12. WOW, that sounds amazing! I have never been on a cruise, should be closer to goal by then...I would hope! LOL Plus, I live about an hour and 15 from Galveston. Hmmmm..... I wonder how I could make this work.
  13. It's been a slow process losing...but it's still a loss. That I am greatful! Dr. says he is happy with loss and says losing slower is better anyways. I just don't like it! LOL I went to see him today and I have lost 63 lbs since surgery. I told you it was slow. I go on Wednesday to have a CT scan on the pelvis and abdomen, because I have a hernia and possible double. YUCK! I had this when I was 3 yrs old as well. But do to the fact I have had many surgeries in the same region, my muscles are shot there. (2 c sections and hysterectomy....plus the double hernia at 3) I will go for CT scan and then schedule surgery for the next week. I will be glad to be rid of this constant heaviness and pain on occasion. But so not looking forward to the recovery period. He said it was a long recovery. UGHHH!! I am just hoping for a safe surgery and fast recovery. Plus, I hope it does not hinder my WL at all. It's at least 2-3 weeks no driving and 6 weeks recovery time. I have set a goal for myself of 75 lbs by Christmas Day.... just putting that out there. I hope I can make that happen.