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  1. Hi all, As to my previous post I was to have the sleeve done on the 6th May, it turned out with more of an in depth look, my band had caused major reflux, erosion and other issues re blown veins etc, so on the 8th May I had a Gastric Bypass. I'm now just over two weeks post op, and apart from being tired on a very regular basis I'm pleased I've had this done. I've been lucky with no sickness and some of the other things I've read others have. I've moved on to the puréed stage, and I'm loving it... Just to have some flavour is wonderful! Hope everyone else is doing ok too? Sheryl
  2. Hiya Sassy, I'm paradise point area, but go to Reedy Creek everyday for the school run. Have you been sleeved? I'm still waiting, just over 6 weeks to go... Yay! 6 May is my date! Ex bander, that was removed on the 28 Jan. Anyway, I'm hoping to meet up and just get and give some face to face support. Interested? Sheryl
  3. Hi Ladies, Sorry I've been really slack. Trying to get back into study mode. I completed my Diploma in Nutrition 18 months ago, now doing the Advanced Dip in Nutritional Medicine. Anyway, my surgery went well - re having my band removed. SO glad it is gone! But, I know more than ever I need the sleeve, I've put on 5kg since it was removed on the 28 Jan! Roll on the 26 May my sleeve date! Woohoo! KLM43 we would love to have you over for a visit! Wow Nushi, big surgery for you... Lucky you'll be asleep and it will go by as quick as 1-2-3. Please let us know how you go Hun ... Alikat76 - I
  4. I sell SYNTRAX Nectar here in Australia. I have several flavours left before my next order goes in. I sell it for $68 for a kg tub. That includes postage. There is approx 135 servings per tub. If you would like more info email me at sheryl@weighnomore.com.au
  5. Hi, Just wondering if anyone is still active re Aussie support? I'm for revision, band out 28/01/14 - sleeve will be end of March/April and hoping for a bit of common ground with support
  6. I do the Syntrax Nectar, I import it from the USA, so if you're interested let me know. They are REALLY great tasting, high in protien and very few, if any carbs!
  7. Hi ladies, I've just had the first step to my revision, band to sleeve. Band was taken out Tuesday week ago (28/01/14) so I'm hoping my sleeve will be around the end of March going into April
  8. Band out, ✔️ 28 January 2014 Step one completed for my revision Looking forward to my sleeve in about 3 to 4 months. Any others completed the first step of revision?
  9. Gold Coast Australia... Anyone else? I'm a revision, band to sleeve. In hospital right now, I had my band removed after 5 years yesterday 28/01/14 - I'll be sleeved in 3-4 months... Looking forward to chatting with other Aussies - Sheryl
  10. I've just had my band removed yesterday 28/010/14. I lost a bit with my band, found out my pouch was the size of a Ping pong ball so I couldn't get any meat in without it coming back to greet me, so after a while my body went into starvation mode and I couldn't lose anymore. I'm going to have the sleeve, like you I was pretty undecided but as a nurse I've talked with lots of patients who have done both, and decided the sleeve will suit me better. So that will happen in 3 to 4 months. My reasoning on the sleeve is mainly because of the long term vitamin and mineral intake is easier to maintai
  11. If you'd like input from someone in Australia on the Gold Coast where everyone seems to look at fat people very different, as though you shouldn't enjoy that 30 cent ice cream from McDonald with your grandchildren, feel free to contact me. I've just (28 Jan 14) so yesterday for me, had my gastric band out after 5 years in preparation for my sleeve in 3 to 4 months. My band had no success with very little loss after it was emptied in 2012 after a car accident resulting in a broken back and neck. From a woman's point of view there is so much stigma with WLS, for men it seems to be tolerated mo
  12. Hi, I've just (28 Jan 14) had my band removed before being sleeved in 3 to 4 months. Am I just a being a baby or is this part of the process really painful? I was told it would take 30 to 45 mins, it took 2 hours 15! I had a gastroscope done at the same time. I have 7 incisions and I feel like I have broken ribs. Everywhere hurts. I'm pretty pain tolerant after 9 babies a broken back and neck, not much phases me anymore, but this! OMG! I'm staying another night in hospital and have just come off the PCA onto oral meds. One of the nurses here told me, people who have band removal struggle w
  13. After years of purging, not eating meat and only losing 4kg, I had a consult with Dr Jordaan and my gastric is being taken out and I'll be sleeved in 3 to 4 months...
  14. With having the band emptied on Friday, I decided on a treat for dinner last night. STEAK! I've not been able to eat steak or much meat at all since my band. It was SO good. I had just a small piece about the size of my palm. With every mouthful lid close my eyes and drift, it was yum! However, I did notice I felt very heavy in the tummy after about an hour, and I had wind big time. Hubby thought it was hilarious plus my tum was gurgling. The bedroom was rather noisy lol Looking forward to Monday when my band is gone, just have to be mindful of my food intake plus remember to eat slow and ch
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