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  1. Hi all - still here but definitely not Twiggy So good to see you all again I will be 9 years on the 24th. Initially lost 78kgs (172lb) and todate have gained almost half back - 35kgs. The weight gain has been gradual - 5kgs a year over the past 7 years. I have been trying very hard to get back on track or to at least not gain any more! I mostly follow a low carb/keto diet and recently went Zero Carb. Cutting carbs is the only thing that works for me - I just wish I could sustain it permanently. I am a bread junkie! Okay - just checking in for now - will chat later. Hang in there everyone - we can do this!
  2. Twiggy

    Quick Snack

    yummy - yummy - yummy! My new favourite is the apple slices with PB - thanks!
  3. Twiggy

    Quick Snack

    I use Nature's Choice Peanut Butter - very yummy You honestly have to try the lettuce and peanut butter thing - satisfaction guaranteed Does anyone else have any ideas - so far I have: Cellery and Peanut Butter Lettuce and Peanut Butter Carrot Sticks and Peanut Butter Banana and Peanut Butter ................... all other ideas welcome!
  4. Twiggy

    Quick Snack

    Absolutely! Please follow your diet plans! I am 2 years out now and can tollerate absolutely anything so I am always grateful for yummy healthy snacks.
  5. Twiggy

    Quick Snack

    Just spread a little peanutbutter on some crisp lettuce - yummy You gotta try it before you knock it!
  6. Congrats - this was a biggie for me toooooo - I have always weighed more than my hubby (even when we met) so I celebrated this milestone for ages - still do actually - he gets mad becuase I often wear his shirts and jerseys Enjoy the baby girl!
  7. I have had similar pains - the first time it lasted a whole day - second time a whole week... The first time I went lo my local GP and he said it was irritable bowel syndrom - gave me an anti spasmodic and colofaq. Second time I took both anti spasmodic and colofaq but because the pain lasted so long I went to see my barriatric surgeon. He did all the tests and took x-rays. He said I suffer from constipation and gave me movicol which I am supposed to take as a chronic med (permanently). Since then (about a year ago) I have had the pain about 3 times - I take the antispasmodic and colofaq or a probiotic for a while and it clears up quickly enough. What I have figured out is that on 3 of the occasions I had had a carbonated drink - I simply can't have them at all - not even sparkling water. Anyway - whatever you hear from others - please see your doctor if it is a severe pain - we are not doctors and as my doctor said - we have had a very specialised procedure and we should see our bariatric surgeon for any stomache complications - they are more equipped than anyone else to diagnose and deal with the problem. Hope this helps and good luck
  8. Twiggy


    "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize close they were to success when they gave up". ~*♥*~ Thomas Edison ~*♥*~ I have been close to goal for almost a year - now I am going in the wrong direction - OK - you've convinced me - going to shop for everything I need tomorrow - starting the 5 day pouch test on Thursday! It's time to get back on track. Thanks for the encouragement. XXXX
  9. thanks to everyone who replied to this post - I got a lot out of it!
  10. Carbohydrates make me bloated instantly and any form of carbonated drink has a bad reaction - bloating and extreme stomache cramps. Mindless eating -- a total NO NO
  11. Have you gained weight back? Yes - I am 2 years post op and have gained about 10lbs over the last 2 months because I have started eating the dreaded carbs again Would you do it again? ABSOLUTELY! yes yes yes How much total weight loss? 172lbs Problems? None - had a few scary stomache aches but they always go away - it seems to be caused by gas - it happened whenever I drank something carbonated. Otherwise all is well. Good luck!
  12. Twiggy


    I hear you cinwa - I was carb free for over a year post op - now I'm out of controll and struggling to get back on track - I have read the 5 day pouch test but the idea of a liquid day is daunting. I'm being whiney I know - I have to just get my act together and get back on track - it's just so difficult. I had hoped I would be one of the lucky few who would feel ill at eating anything 'forbidden' but I can really eat ANYTHING!
  13. Twiggy


    Will we ever truly conquor the carb monster. . .
  14. Bantum - you are SO right! I just have so much to be grateful for - I count my blessings every day. I can't believe we are all almost 2 years post op! I will post a 'life after GB" message soon. PS - Thanks so much for the compliment - just like you I often forget that I have the surgery and when people comment I go like "oh yeah - I used to be fat"