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  1. Too much scar tissue to do revision?

    So sorry that this happened to you as well. I had a band erosion and had to get it out. Im in Australia and they never take the band out and do a revision surgery at the same time - you have to wait a mandatory minimum 3 months - longer if there is a lot of scar tissue. So sorry for you Derrkim i am counting my blessings after reading your story! I have no patience at all either and my band failed around June 2012 but it tok them ages to diagnose! i just can't wait to get my sleeve.
  2. Advice please

    Thanks Jen and TT i do fully understand the lifestyle change needed. i did really well with the band for 3 years until i got pregnant. My surgeon believes that the erosion happened as a complication from my c section. It was so easy for me with the band because i wasn't thinking about food 24/7. i just never thought about food. I do understand that WLS is not a magic wand however it certainly makes dieting and therefore exercise so much easier for me. I spoke with my surgeon this afternoon and i have decided to go with the sleeve as like you say Jen there are less complications. I guess i was just worried as i have read that in some cases sleeves don't work as well for people that have had the band previously. I am determined to do everything 100% right so i am sure that i will be fine - Im so exited:)
  3. Advice please

    Hi I live in Sydney Australia. I had a lap band that was extremely successful until it eroded (possibly due to pregnancy). So i finally have it out and i am enormous once again! It is seriously ruining my life! I need to decide between a gastric sleeve or Bypass - can anyone suggest which would be best. I want to loose weight as fast as possible and i want the surgery that will have the fewest complications. My current surgeon has suggested the sleeve but i think that could be because of habit. I am book into see another surgeon for a second opinion. Thanks so much in advance for any advice you can give me. PS I'm on my out but will log back on as soon as i get home:)