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  1. I had a fatty liver before surgery. I had a follow up ultrasound of my liver in June or July and it showed my liver was not fatty anymore that it had shrunk and appeared normal. So you can imagine the surprise with the one test being well over a thousand when its usually 23.
  2. I used to drink the crush but found I was craving sweets so I stopped. You can get it at Dollar General and Family Dollar too. I now drink either gatorade G2 grape or propel zero grape. I love lifewater strawberry dragonfruit but will drink yummy pomegranate and black & blue and apple pear too. The strawberry dragonfruit is usually sold out. lol
  3. I had blood work done last thursday. One of my tests for my liver said 1167. Its usually 23. My ferritin levels were 244. My doctor thinks with my ferritin level so high its what is causing my liver to be so high. I really hope so. I was told to stop my iron supplement for a month. I have blood work for ferritin and liver and just in case hep A on monday and then bloodwork in a month. I am not jaundiced. I am hoping its just a fluke and its just from too much iron supplement.
  4. Just a little bit over a year out and the last two days I feel nausea. I don't know why. I am eating and drinking like I am supposed to. I still take zantac. Nothing seems stuck. No pain just the nausea. Has it happened to anyone else this far out?
  5. Tonight I will be having chili while the rest of the family eats leftovers.
  6. Started P90X yesterday. Day two today. Did Cardio X I am hoping this will mix things up a lot and get me to onederland. I am so close to it. Hopefully by the end of August I will have reached a mini goal of size 12 by the end of summer vacation. Even though I have been working out regularly. I forgot how sore I get doing P90X. think I need to get a massage. lol
  7. I need a printer. so many good recipes lately. This one sounds yummy. I miss foods that had potatoes. love that I can substitute cauliflower for it.
  8. I loved Moe's pre-op and I just had Moe's yesterday for my anniversary dinner with my hubby (22 yrs). It was a choice between moes and red robin. I picked moes. Wasn't sure how my pouch would handle Moes but I took the chance since I know its better than red robins. We used to live 10 minutes from a Moe's now we are 2 hours and 30 minutes away. So you can imagine how I was hoping my pouch would like it since it wouldn't have pleasant driving home if it didn't. I can handle a hard taco on occasion and since it was my anniversary I had their funkmeister. chicken no lettuce with cheese, sour cream and pico de gallo. It tasted so GOOD! Nothing happened to me. Yay. With Moe's being so far away. My hubby does make his version of their joey bag of donuts at home. Only thing we don't have for him is the steamer for the tortillas. After looking at the menu I think I can make a funkmeister at home without the taco shell no problem. Just have to buy some pico de gallo for myself. (I am the only one who will eat it) I looked at their bowls to but when I saw lettuce and rice I decided on the taco. I am not about to try lettuce out in public yet. I know what it did to me pre-op.
  9. Looks like a great time. Have fun.
  10. Mozzarella sticks used to be one of my favorites. I gave up on ever eating them again. I have got to try this recipe! I see some bacon coming out of the freezer and I have cheese sticks in the fridge. Just will have to wait on the defrost. lol
  11. This sounds delicious. I have one picky eater with beans but eats refried beans in recipes. I wonder if I could sneak this past him. If not I know the rest of us will love it. I am going to try it with pico de gallo instead of salsa.
  12. I ordered one of each can't wait to try them. I don't like bbq at all but thought I would give these a try since my taste buds have changed. I get mine on thursday. Good to know you liked them. Were you able to eat the whole serving size?
  13. I agree I can see your point. I have used whey protein to bake but its only for mini muffins and granola bars. Foods that don't take to long in the oven and usually at about 350 degrees. The mini muffins are like 10 minutes to bake. I have used soy protein as well but those muffins and granola bars tend to be more moist than I like and I have to extend the baking time.
  14. My keys are on a climbing lock thingy. Don't know how to describe it. I usually have it hanging from a belt loop on my pants. I hardly drive and I have keyless entry on the locks on my house so I really don't need my keys all that much(just punch in a code to get into the house). Sometimes I do put them in my front pocket but not often as I usually just give them to someone else to hang onto. My wallet goes into my front right pocket. Although as I lose weight and my pants/shorts get smaller I wish the wallet was slimmer. My phone goes into my left front pocket. I do not buy shorts or pants without pockets. I rarely if ever wear dresses or skirts. At night they go into a drawer. My purse sits in my closet on the floor and has for years now.
  15. I don't use a purse or bag. I stopped using one a few years ago. I just use one of those tin wallets they came out with that protects against people stealing your credit card info etc.. I found I really didn't need anything that I had in my purse anyways. Also at that time I had to share a locker at work and I didn't care for that.