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  1. I have a friend who has joined and is just starting her journey. Please help her out.
  2. I am back too. I had to have double knee replacement surgeries last fall. One in October and one in December. I have gained 35 lbs. Hope to get support to lose it off and get back on track.
  3. I agree. Scrambled eggs are hard to digest. I know protein shakes, yogurt, and cottage cheese gets boring but slow and steady is best.
  4. I can't believe that no one has has this issue.
  5. Has anyone else on the forum had issues with hypocalcemia after surgery. I am three years post op and may have to have surgery on my parathyroid because of this issue. I also had to have double knee replacement in October and December and have gained a few pounds I need to lose. Anyone want to start over with me?
  6. You are having surgery on my 2 year surgiversary. Good luck and welcome
  7. Don't expect any weight loss for at least a month. Weight loss surgery is a tool not a cure.
  8. I don't know your age, Angel but I am thinking the depression may be related to missing some old friends who don't interact with you now. Leave them behind. If they can't support you it is their loss not yours.
  9. I am fearing the onset of depression. I lost my mother Friday and we were tight. At my highest weight since surgery. I agree with what was said by others.
  10. Great News! Keep up the good work!!
  11. Well I had to get my drivers license renewed today. I went in and waited my turn and when she entered my old license with my new photo the computer told her it was not the same person. She had to overwrite it and enter my new license. That made me feel good but the best part was she said (very innocently) do you want to change your weight. I said yes and proudly told her 130 which is about 7 pounds over my actual current weight. I had reported myself as 40 pounds under my actual weight for years and would NEVER have reported myself as being heavier.
  12. Prayers! Glad the issues have some answers. I would get through my pregnancy and then get the colon shortened.
  13. I started adding in healthy carbs up to 150 and just went with the flow. My body kept losing for a while and then leveled off. I set a top weight with my family and we all agreed that if I went over that weight that I would take immediate action and not 'wait till tomorrow '. My body is staying between 118 and 125. If I hit 130 alarm bells will go off. Maintence can be difficult but don't overthink it.
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