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  1. Lollypop83

    When did you buy new clothes?

    I have always LOVED clothes shopping but oh my goodness I seriously need to give myself a pay rise! I have to avoid the shops or I would shop until I dropped! I have now set up a saving account that I pay into when I can afford to, then go on shopping binge! And don't get me started on dresses! Oh my days! I love love dresses! I'm on ebay, shops and everywhere infact I think I'm a bit addicted to shopping. My food addiction has been replaced by clothing! My husband now has my credit card lol. I can not be trusted. If I didn't work so much I would be seriously dangerous! I am still getting used to my new shape but have stayed the same weight for about six months so think I'm there. Although may have a tummy tuck (Skin issues) then I will have to shop all over again!!!
  2. Well done you!!! It is amazing how some people can be isn't it! My working life consist of a lot of males. I have always been 'One of the lads' but they totally look at me differently now and find it very strange. One of my closest mates even warned me I can not be 'The old me' as they see me differently now! I found this really offensive to be honest. I am me and have not changed my personality one bit! I have always been outgoing and confident. My female colleague has been a little funny about it. I do weigh less than her now and she thinks I've gone too far. I am happy and healthy now and totally live life to the full. I was always a party girl and loved going out and all thats happened is that I probably get on the dance floor sooner. I love life and so should you. Never let someone steel your thunder you have worked hard to get it back. Be proud and live life to the full and enjoy every second! This was by far the best thing I have done. Not just for me but my family. I can do and do, do everything from rock climbing to treetopping to skiing! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! Well done you!
  3. Lollypop83

    Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia

    About three weeks ago I had an horrific episode! I have dumped before but was much worse than that! I woke in the middle of the night and was wet through and shaking frantically. My body tried to be sick but couldn't. I needed sugar so had a glass of milk and a biscuit which seemed to calm it down after about 20 minutes. It was very very scary and was totally out of sorts the next day. I have had my sugar levels checked and everything seemed OK. Thanks for sharing this!
  4. Lollypop83

    Week 9 and still cant eat meat?

    I struggled with meat for ages. Chicken didn't go down well at all. I think I was at the three month mark before my body would take it well. I eat all kinds now no problem. It will come, but just when your body is ready. Try to mince it for a while and even then chew your heart out. You are re-training your new body. It will come
  5. Lollypop83

    5 Day pouch Test!

    Yep atkins sounds about the same anyway
  6. Lollypop83

    5 Day pouch Test!

    Thanks Molly x
  7. Lollypop83

    5 Day pouch Test!

    Another member and I are about to embark on the five day pouch test and was just getting advise as to what it is we can eat and some more information. We have seen post that many of you have done it and would like your scope on it please. Thanks, Lolly x
  8. Lollypop83

    6 month surgiversary photos!

    Looking great Mrs D!
  9. Lollypop83


    Mine is on the 16th December and feeling fantastic! I wish I had done it years ago! Living life is fab! I feel like I was restricted for years. Only down is the skin which I will get sorted. I'm loving loving loving it!!!! Still coming off although slow now. I never knew life could be this great! ))))))))
  10. Lollypop83

    One year

    Wow Wow Wow!!! Congrats!
  11. Lollypop83

    Getting hit on all the time

    I'm terrible! I always have flirted It's just who I am. But have to say now I have to watch myself as I don't feel I have 'My protection'. When I was big I always saw that as a strong barrier that no one could really get through, but now I find that men who flirted clearly don't know when I'm messing around. So I try and curb it more these days!
  12. Lollypop83

    It's the little things...

    Had to take mine off and am waiting a little while until closer to goal. Miss my wedding rings. I'm hoping my husband will get them done for my Christmas Gift.
  13. Lollypop83

    Holy Crap - 202 lbs down!

  14. Lollypop83

    Curious- Quick Question? VEGETARIANS

    Love cottage cheese and Vegi burgers to! Also Mexican vegetable burgers rock!
  15. Welcome. Both procedures are great, only you and your surgeon can make the decision. Read all the pro's and con's and go from there. Good luck and welcome