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  1. I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I had my surgery. Some days it seems like yesterday and others like it happened soo long ago. I used to post here daily and had a great support group and friends on here. Then some drama started happening on here people getting banned and whatnot and I just stopped coming. Looking back that wasn’t the best choice I made, being that you all understand mentally, physically and emotionally that we all go thru. I have had a rough past 2 years but am making changings now and only looking forward. I can only thank my husband for standing by me no matter what happened. Now I see the changes that need to be made will benefit my whole family. I was down to the point of holding it all together by a thin thread. Every day I become stronger and more self-assured. I am seeing a counselor who is helping me get over the issue of letting other opinions negatively influence my life. So at this point I am looking to jump back into the thinner times action! J looking to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones. A little about myself had my bypass in June 2009, have been stable weight for the past 4 years since surgery. I am not going to lie, I have been lax on my vitamins (now I am all back on track) and I do have some carb intake now, but hasn’t added to my weight. I am have been lactose intolerant and get dumping since my surgery so I avoid anything with more than 12 grams of sugar per serving. At this point I actually LOVE to eat. I love trying new foods and have become a major foodie. Not sure how this new site works, so any help on how to get around would be much appreciated. Cant wait to hear from you all and thanks for listening
  2. WOW!! its been years...i started get replies to post from years ago and realized the struggles i have been having these past few years was problaly because the lack of support and understanding. I stopped coming here and thought i could do it myself and it lead me down some dark roads. I am now seeing the light and changing my ways. How is everyone doing does anyone still post? hope to hear from some you
  3. Heather you look awesome! Wow girly your muscle mass is 143.6lbs! I too am sorry to hear about your divorce, my husband and I had to do some counsling...he didnt like the change but now we are doign better. I am thinking of taking some night classes to hopefully help me change my work direction.
  4. hey everyone! well i guess i stopped getting alerts and for some reason today 2 came in. i have been stable since jan 2010..135lbs. if i work out i go to 125, so i have cut back on that big time. I stilll walk a lot but thats about it, I am thinking of taking some weight training classes so i can tone up for the summer. Just did my first relay for life weekend and walked 12 miles. pretty happy with thst since i got a lot of the early am shift (2-6am) i had some afternoon and evening time too. Had a lot of fun and can see myself already getting ready for next years relay. I havent gotten around to doing a marathon yet...but looking into them a lot. I feel great and very greatfull i was given this oppurtunity. I recently met up with some family members i havent seen since 2007 and they were amazed at the change. i was open with them on what i did. I have noticed that now this far out i have no problem telling people about the surgery. not that i go around to everyone but if they ask i tell them. I will post some pics soon around my anniversary time on the changes! hope to hear from you all
  5. Well Im back!!! Its been months and hell since the last time I posted but I promise not to disappear for months on end again!! Lol. How are you doing?!?!?

  6. Oh yeah and on a side note i finally found the yoplait greek yogurt( they had it at fred meyers when I was up in oregon this past week) i tried the strawberry and blueberrry...both were eww gross! I couldnt eat more than a few spoonfulls....even the baby wouldnt eat it after 1 try. Although my 3 year old ate the rest for us. its really really thick and no fruit in it. i will stick with my chobani
  7. i copy what i want to qoute and throw it all on a notepad/or email then use a qoute for each one. there may be a easier way but thats what i do!
  8. i was 29 when I had mine. yep happy as can be about mine nope none at all, didnt have any drainage tubes either. pain was there but hey i had surgery after 3-4 days didnt need the meds anymore that i wasnt on my protein right after as i should have been and losing my hair. Also finding the right kind of vitamins took a while too well i expected some boob loss but OMG not this much and the loose skin is a drag but hey way better than i was before. i also didnt believe that people would treat me any different now, but they do and it sorta bugs me because i am the same person but they are a lot nicer to me now.
  9. NASTY! and yeah i would be grossed out too! Shoot i dont like touching raw chicken...let alone finding it in my meal!
  10. About a month ago i started letting myself indulge on saturday mornings and get 1. i get a tall light caramel frap, with extra ice(make it thicker and dilutes the other crap they put in it) and no caramel sauce on top or bottom. because it is the "light version" it doesnt have any whip on it and the calorie count is 130. I have yet to actually finish one though, usually about 3/4 of the way down i am full. ohh also since it was my first step towards caffine or coffee not sure what did it but umm lets just say a bathroom close by was very needed.
  11. You look awesome! true inspiration! and i will second...can i have your legs!
  12. luv your pic...i have been MIA for a while from here. how have you been?

  13. i have learned to do this as well. The further and further i get out, i get tired of hearing this comment so i just dont tell anyone anymore. But yes if they matter to me i will try to educate otherwise i just dont tell them.
  14. Hey everyone! I am in the central valley in manteca! i work in the bay though....well pleasanton. I had my surgery 6/2/09 and i agree it was a great decison. I am down almost 130lbs(somewhere around there) since i started this proccess I am willing and wanting to meet up DBB- i am out by you! How long was your proccess thru kaiser?
  15. Wow thats all i heard yesterday! "dont lose anymore weight" "i think you are wayyy to skinny now" you could gain 20 lbs and then you would look good" I finally started telling them that it was great to know that but unless my dr is concerned then they shouldnt worry about it and it is offensive for them to bring it up. That pretty much shut them up! Sorry it was a long day with family and enough was enough. for most people though i go with the dr routing and most leave it at that. my "new " friends(post-op) didnt know what i looked like before so they think this is me