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  1. Thanks a million Cinwa,thats a great help.I suppose I should start low dose and see what I can tolerate.
  2. I posted this a while back but unfortunately my Dr disapproves of anything Iron thats not Ferrograd (ferrous fumerate) Any feedback on this-does it work ok for rny-ers? Any other alternative? And dosage?my iron stores are way down(8)&need something fast acting.Tried Poly fe(thanks Angela) but very constipating. We are visiting the States now so could buy a stock to bring home(so much cheaper here) Glad of any help.
  3. Thanks Cinwa.Very interesting - in the meantime, I have ordered the Polysaccharide from Amazon so hopefully that will sort me out. I can't believe how exhausted and brain tired I feel. I will NEVER let it get to this level again. I really appreciate the advice given by you and all the other experienced members. The Drs here are totally ignorant about RNY'ers needs and indeed the surgeon /nut also. Its only due to diggin around on this site that I have become as educated as I am
  4. I thought Ferrous Sulphate needed stomach acid to be absorbed properly? My Dr also suggested it but when I checked, Carbonyl or Polysaccharide were more recommended.
  5. Thank you all for those gems of information. I had all this at my fingertips 11 years ago when I had the bypass.Its surprising how quickly we forget......
  6. We are coming to the USA in May to do a New Orleans-Charleston road trip(SO excited) Supplements are really expensive over here so I intend to buy some iron and vit D. Can anyone recommend a really good iron if your iron stores(ferritin) is low? I have bought at Wal-Mart,CVS and GMC in the past. Glad of any advice please?
  7. Hi all, I have religiously avoided taking anti inflammatories/aspirin/nsaids since my rny 9years ago.However, I am having a particularly bad time with sciatica at the moment, and Dr yesterday insisted I take a new NSAID tablet with a stomach protector built in. He claims it contains the same strength omniproziole as a separate tablet like Losec or Nexium would give me combined with anti inflammatory. Anybody got any information regarding this new tablet.?? I have started them as I cant walk with the pain otherwise...just want to be reassured (Drs in Ireland not very knowledgable about rny!) Thanks guys.
  8. Thanks Cinwa-you're always great for advice.I remember you helping me out in great detail on several issues before.Hope all is well with you.Siobhain
  9. Hi Haggardk, just wondering whether you got going on the 5day pouch? and are getting the lbs down? Would love your feedback as I'm in a similar position.Put on about 24lbs in the past 3years due to tricky health, a bad accident and generally taking my eye off the ball (&eating chocolate every day) NEVERwant to go back there and had great success, like you, with the surgery.Need to get into that headspace again. HELP!!!!! Any suggestions welcome.
  10. Thank you for your replies.No, my bloods are perfect...the D deficiency was a few years ago but I want to keep on top of it.Just wondering what you guys in the US are recommended post rny as we are quite new to bariatric surgery here in Ireland so dont have any specialist nutritionists.My own Dr just tells me to take 2 calcium (any kind)&a multivit so anything I know(I.e absorbing Citrate better etc) I have researched here. ALSO wondering about needing magnesium? Anyone?
  11. Hi all, I had my rny 8 years ago and thankfully have never looked back.It changed my life.Of course it's not magic, but I am so thankful that I can use it as a tool to control my eating. I have stayed around the same weight since year 2 - occasionally putting on as much as 10lbs but hell,I can deal with that - not like the huge amount of weight I had to lose before which was like a mountain to climb. I always got such great advice here on this forum and am looking for an update on my vitamin intake. Presently I take (per DAY) 1500 calcium Citrate with Vitamin D (21st Century - does anyone know the company-I think they are good?) 500 Magnesium (because I read somewhere that calcium is easier absorbed if you take Mag) 10,000 Vitamin D (Superior Source sub lingual) IS THIS TOO HIGH A DOSE?) 5000 vITAMIN b12 PER week. Centrum Multi vitamin whenever I remember I would value anyones input re the vitamin D.I was quite low in it a few years ago and had a job building it up.Is it possible to overdo it or do your body just get rid of it? Many thanks, Siobhain
  12. Wow, I never knew that (about the old stomach)&I am a pretty good researcher! Thanks to you all and especially to my old friend Cinwa who has helped me out on several occasions before. I really wasn't happy about the nsaids myself and now that I have your opinions, I will try to get off them and substitute Paracetemol.
  13. I am hoping one of you fab long termers will help me out here.....I am 7years post rny-had bad accident in May and am on Oxycontin&Nsaid.(DICLAC)I am taking Omneprazole to protect my stomach. Thing is, my pain consultant wants me off the Oxycontins as they are addictive and is making light of the effect of nsaids on rny patients but to be honest the Doctors here, in Ireland are light years away from you guys in the USA in terms of research/information as the op is so new here. I have tried coming off both tablets and ironically can do without the Oxycontin but not the NSAID-addiction wise, its a better deal but as far as developing an it?? I would be very glad to hear anyones experiences of being on Nsaids long term (I will need them for, probably another 3 months, making a total of 9 months alltogether) Thanks, Siobhain
  14. Hi, In my yearly bloods, my iron stores were down.I am taking GNC easily absorbed iron 18mg per capsule x4 per day=72mg. Is this enough to bring my iron stores up? I am 6 years out&otherwise delighted that I had the rny.Drs here don't have much experience of bariatric procedures/follow up. Would be glad of experienced feedback please.☺
  15. WoW!!Thank you both very much for that. I will stick with the Citrate.