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  1. Can you explain about alcohol PLEASE? As 1 small glass of wine is enough for me, I am usually the driver...but often wondered if I was breathalised whether (because of small stomach)I would be over the limit .Is this what you mean?
  2. Well, that's the ol' anti inflammatories out of the picture...Aussie bear,that sounds awful. Thank you ALL so much for taking the time to reply to me-I pretty much guessed the answer but was hoping that I could 'chance it' even for a week to give me a reprieve, but won't be doing that!
  3. I'm very aware that for those of us who have had gastric bypass shouldn't take anti inflammatories because they can promote ulceration in our small stomachs. However, I'm in constant chronic pain from stenosis,failed back surgery and have had 3 fractures front osteoporosis. For the past 12 months been on opiates but obviously need to find an alternative. Has anyone been on anti inflammatories for more than a few days? with or without stomach protection? I would be glad to hear any of your experiences.☺
  4. I have been put on slow release Targin and Oxynorm for breakthrough pain due to vertebrae fractures as a result of Osteoporosis. These medications are controlling the pain fairly well but my appetite has decreased substantially. I have lost 2 stone which had crept up since my RNY in 2008 -Not sorry about that, but don't want to lose any more now and find I can't eat-its like my stomach just closes. I have tried other meds for pain and nothing controls the pain as well as these-anyone had similar experience and suggestions for strong painkillers? Have spoken to both pain consul
  5. I had gastric bypass June 2008 and LIVED on this website!

  6. This is SUCH an eye opener! Like many of you, if I have eaten a bit too much, my nose POURS for about an hour afterwards. If anybody suffers when they have pushed themselves to finish that last bite of dinner(tends to happen me at friends houses) I have found Peppermint tablets work really well...and fast too.
  7. So great to hear that Cinwa ! delighted to hear some good news. So much of this whole business seems to be ones own research,diligence etc. Keep up the good work and thank you for all your good advice in the past.Siobhain
  8. cinwa-you have always given me such good advice and I would love to know how things are with you now? I have been religious about taking the correct Calcium,dosages vits etc. Have had bone scans since 2012 and all was good. Had a bad fall in 2015 and broke to vertebrae (ouch)diagnosed as Osteoporosis despite my age 62 and scan saying borderline Osteopenia. So On Drs advice had Prolia injections twice yearly to hold onto what bone i had. In Sept had scan and Hurrah...showed Normal bone. In November however, had excruciating back pain, diagnosed as Osteoporosis fractures of TWO ve
  9. Thanks a million Cinwa,thats a great help.I suppose I should start low dose and see what I can tolerate.
  10. I posted this a while back but unfortunately my Dr disapproves of anything Iron thats not Ferrograd (ferrous fumerate) Any feedback on this-does it work ok for rny-ers? Any other alternative? And dosage?my iron stores are way down(8)&need something fast acting.Tried Poly fe(thanks Angela) but very constipating. We are visiting the States now so could buy a stock to bring home(so much cheaper here) Glad of any help.
  11. Thanks Cinwa.Very interesting - in the meantime, I have ordered the Polysaccharide from Amazon so hopefully that will sort me out. I can't believe how exhausted and brain tired I feel. I will NEVER let it get to this level again. I really appreciate the advice given by you and all the other experienced members. The Drs here are totally ignorant about RNY'ers needs and indeed the surgeon /nut also. Its only due to diggin around on this site that I have become as educated as I am
  12. I thought Ferrous Sulphate needed stomach acid to be absorbed properly? My Dr also suggested it but when I checked, Carbonyl or Polysaccharide were more recommended.
  13. Thank you all for those gems of information. I had all this at my fingertips 11 years ago when I had the bypass.Its surprising how quickly we forget......
  14. We are coming to the USA in May to do a New Orleans-Charleston road trip(SO excited) Supplements are really expensive over here so I intend to buy some iron and vit D. Can anyone recommend a really good iron if your iron stores(ferritin) is low? I have bought at Wal-Mart,CVS and GMC in the past. Glad of any advice please?
  15. Hi all, I have religiously avoided taking anti inflammatories/aspirin/nsaids since my rny 9years ago.However, I am having a particularly bad time with sciatica at the moment, and Dr yesterday insisted I take a new NSAID tablet with a stomach protector built in. He claims it contains the same strength omniproziole as a separate tablet like Losec or Nexium would give me combined with anti inflammatory. Anybody got any information regarding this new tablet.?? I have started them as I cant walk with the pain otherwise...just want to be reassured (Drs in Ireland not very knowledgable about rny
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