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  1. Hey gurl! how is everything going?? i haven't heard from you in like 4 months. hope all is well! talk to you soon!

  2. Protein & Vitamin problems

    I am exactly 2 months out and i am having a very hard time with my Protein & Vitamins. I hate the way they both taste. The protein smell makes me yack. I tried mixing it into things adding things to it.. i just get sick. Also with the vitamins i hate the fruity taste. It makes me gag terribly. I am worried and dont know what to do. I heard there is a mint flavored multi.. but who makes it? Has anyone else had a hard time? HELP!
  3. Meat Pie (or meat stuffing) recipe

    What are the nutritional stats on this?
  4. 11 months out

    What is your meal plan like? Just curious?
  5. Christmas Cards

    Id love to do this as well. Its nice to get the cards. If someone fills me in maybe ill take on the responsibility!
  6. I have 2 tubs of unjur unflavored. One opened used once and one unopened. I wouldn't mind trading for other flavored proteins. Or someone could just buy them. Taking best offers. Also i have a lot of very trendy plus size clothing size 26-24 looking to sell to make money for some new stuff. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks Amanda __________________ Amanda /340/305/270/165 Highest/SD/Current/goal GBP 09/29/09 Dr. Roye RI Hospital
  7. Crackers

    Thanks for the advice.. They are on my post opp 4 week diet plan so i think there ok... I was wondering Brands people have had luck with!?
  8. Crackers

    So i have a quick question. Now that i am on soft solids i am able to have crackers... i was wondering what people think are the best tolerated? Thanks
  9. Food animosity towards your partner.

    Ok weird i know but i am seriously having such a hard time with this. For the most part my Boy friend has been good about watching what he eats around me but still its hard.. He is eating better but not... the best that he could. I have had the most intense cravings like out of this world BAD, and still he'll eat Chinese, Wendy's pizza and so forth around me... and i feel like sobbing every time. I don't know if i am being selfish becuase i cant have it or ridiculous becuase its affecting me so much! GOD!!!! I know i have to deal but (sigh) Has this happened to anyone...
  10. Just wanted to say HI... Its been a while... How are you?

  11. How fast did you drop the weight?

    Thanks to all of you who commented. I really do appreciate the support. I am pleased with the 20 pound loss and will try and remember that I cant compare my loss to others. SO WOOT 20 POUNDS GONE FOREVER!
  12. How fast did you drop the weight?

    I am exactly one month out today and i have only lost 20 pounds? Isn't that kind of slow.. I see people losing 30+ pounds there first month? Plus i haven't lost in like a week!!! Am i doing something wrong? *sad face*
  13. List of good protein sources

    WOW You make a good point... Thanks for the nutrition info, its much appreciated!!!
  14. List of good protein sources

    No i understand... However this was one of my favorite things post-opp so to have it once in a great while is a nice treat!
  15. List of good protein sources

    Question has anyone eat the Chef Boyardee and at what phase? Also how did it sit??